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Yoga Presentation

Transcript: Introduction There are many types of yoga that come with their own spiritual values. -Bhakti yoga involves the art of devotion or complete faith. -Karma yoga involves the art of devotion to work. -Ashtanga yoga involves the art of personal dicipline. -Hatha yoga involves the art of postures and mental focus. There are many poses from sitting to standing to inversions to bending. They all have their own values. The main difference between sitting and standing is that sitting has to deal with meditation and increased flexibility in the lower back. Standing focuses on your posture on the diversion of your weight. Inversions deal with the cobra pose and bow pose. Bending is the opposite; bending is used to restore energy. Yoga Yoga is known as the art of meditation, breathing, relaxation, and spirituality. Yoga helps increase your flexibility and strength as well as posture. The exact origin of yoga is not well confined but there are little pieces of how it started. For example, there are yoga poses carved in stones. Yoga started in the East and their primary goal was to focus on applying and understanding the world. As yoga developed, so did it's meaning. Now yoga is referred to as the focus of self-enlightenment. Yoga has its own insights to help the body. These include: 1. Heart- exercises help heal wounded or stressed hearts. 2. Mind- exercises help increase concentration, visualization, and awareness. 3. Circulation- exercises help improve blood transportation. 4. Muscles- exercises help develop healthier joint strength. 5. Energy- exercises help refine and renew strength and stamina. 5 Examples of Sutras (Spiritual Insights) Conclusion Yoga has many benefits regarding in its mental and physical stages. Mental Benefits: 1. Stress Reliever 2. Freeing Spirit 3. Sharpening Concentration Physical Benefits: 1. Increased Flexibility 2. Posture Correction 3. Improved Muscular/Skeletal Conditions One of the most famous postures is the cobra pose. The cobra pose is a great posture to relieve back pain and in the abdomen. Another pose is called the sun salutation. In this pose, strength and flexibility are greatly increased. The half lotus strengthens the back. Another pose is called the child pose where your body is relaxed. Yoga Postures Benefits By: Sayeh F. 4/17/13 Period 1 Works Cited Types of Yoga Yoga Poses Ever since we started this unit, I found a sense of enthusiasm in yoga. I've realized that this type of exercise has many benefits from mentally to physically. It can heal a wounded heat to repair a back pain. Even though we haven't found the exact origin of yoga, we know that it was started in the East. It has made its way around the world and it has helped many people. Its a stress reliever and a concentration helper. In conclusion, I am very glad that we had this unit on yoga.

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