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Transcript: Most Common Type of Vegetation Grass grow from the base, not the top. Stems that are above the ground are called stolons, and stems in the ground are called rhizomes. As the stems spread out shoots grow up and produce leaves. The deep spreading root systems often mat together thickly making sure that even in droughts the plants are able to get water. The most common type of vegetation in grasslands is the Big Bluestem Grass, and is also known as the Turkey Feet or the Beard Grass. It is known as the Turkey Feet because it looks like a foot of a turkey. It is known as the Beard Grass because they can grow as big as approxamately three to ten feet tall. Other types of vegetation that there are in grasslands are the Prairie Clovers, Salvia, Wheat, Barely, and Coneflowers, although these are not as common as the Big Bluestem Grass. There are several different types of soils that are in grasslands. There are Black Soils and Clay Soils. These are just two types of soils from grasslands that are from different parts of the world. Black Soils contain large quantities of nutrients and also has a excellent water holding capacity. Clay Soils has a tendency to crack and break apart, but also has abilities to retain water. It also releases water during dry climates, which helps the plants and grasses that need it. Bibliography Grasslands During the summer the yearly temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the winter, the temperature is under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Common Types of Animals Yearly Temperature The average rainfall every year is approxamately around ten to fifteen inches. The most common type of animals are animals that live in herds together. A few examples are zebras, bison, sheep, and elephants. By: Miles Vera Aspen Jung How Much Sunlight Grasslands Annually Recieve ~ ~ ~ Yearly Precipitation How Plants and Animals Adapt to Grasslands The grasslands receive 80% sunlight yearly. How the Soil is Like in Grasslands

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