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Year End Report Powerpoint Template

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Year End Report

Transcript: Name Jennifer Wang Block: 2-3 Year End Report What is marketing What is marketing 1) Marketing Seeks to satisfy the customer and their needs/wants. 2) Marketing benefits the organization, the customer and society. If done ethically. 3) It can benefits you as a student, as a consumer and as an employee. 7 P's Of Marketing Methodology Detail 1 1. Product : The Product should fit the task consumers want it for, it should work and it should be what the consumers are expecting to get. 2. people : All companies are reliant on the people who run them from front line Sales staff to the Managing Director. Having the right people is essential because they are as much a part of your business offering as the products/services you are offering. 3. Physical Environment Almost all services include some physical elements even if the bulk of what the consumer is paying for is intangible. 4. Place : The product should be available from where your target consumer finds it easiest to shop. This may be High Street, Mail Order or the more current option via e-commerce or an online shop. Detail 2 5. Price : The Product should always be seen as representing good value for money. This does not necessarily mean it should be the cheapest available; one of the main tenets of the marketing concept is that customers are usually happy to pay a little more for something that works really well for them. 6. Promotion : Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling and, in more recent times, Social Media are all key communication tools for an organisation. These tools should be used to put across the organisation’s message to the correct audiences in the manner they would most like to hear, whether it be informative or appealing to their emotions. 7. Process : The delivery of your service is usually done with the customer present so how the service is delivered is once again part of what the consumer is paying for. Value/Utility Key players Form Utility: associated with producti... Form Utility: associated with production-the physical or chemical changes that make a product more valuable. Palce Utility: exits when a product is readily accessible to potential customers. (online apps or shops) Time Utility: having a product available when you want it. (online, can shop anytime.) Information Utility: created by informing prospective buyers that a product exists. (television shopping) Possession Utility: created when ownership is transferred to the buyer. (Store's window, Direction) Satisfaction Utility: created when the customer is pleased with the product or service and it meets the individual's expectations. (Apple Store, Google Store and Anroide Store.) can help an organisation to meet legal and regulatory requirement for reviewing specific information within a set timeframe and this is often the motivation behind implementing deta classification. Product Classification Product Classification Timeline New Product Development Idea Generation Idea Screeming Texting Marketing Concept Develpoment Marketing strategy Product Design Results Product Management Strategies Improving Expand Innovation Analysis Retailer Subtopic 1 Introduction Subtopic 2 Brochure Subtopic 3 Apps and Online Order Marketing Research Conclusion Conclusion What’s next What’s next This year we learn what marketing is , and we made business card marketing research, we choose a retailer and connect with the companies. l learn how the company work and how the product produce and process. Also we have trade show, and presetated to the poeple. Thank you Thank you

Year End Report

Transcript: Head Count September - December Q&A YEAR END REPORT AGENTS UNDER MY TEAM WITHIN THE ENTIRE YEAR (Newbies, Tenured, EOC, Resigned, Transferred) Total Yearly Head Count: 27 Agents CURRENT AGENTS CURRENT AGENTS: Elvira Corpin - Tenured Arvin Mark Guinto - Tenured Rogelio Vasay - Tenured Rowelyn Fuentes - Tenured Junrey Pagat - Tenured Cherie Lou Aquino - Tenured Danilie Rose Damolo - Tenured Raymundo Lambus - Tenured Stacy Catalan - Tenured Norsaif Disomimba - Tenured AGENTS HANDLED IN THE ENTIRE YEAR Alwin Jumsali (Tenured) Arvin Mark Guinto (Tenured) Boybitz Barontoy (Tenured) Cherie Lou Aquino (Tenured) Chesiel Lyka Arsua (Tenured) Eden Naquines (Tenured) Elvira Corpin (Tenured) Ericka Lane Mamaril (Tenured) Junrey Pagat (Tenured from Swell) Keshia Mae Therese Espinosa (Tenured) Kevin Tomarong (Tenured) Lian Mae Montecalvo (Tenured) Merry Cris Ayapana (Tenured) Norsaif Disomimba (Tenured from Swell) Raymundo Lambus (Tenured) Rogelio Vasay (Tenured) Rowelyn Fuentes (Tenured) Raymundo Lambus (Tenured) Stacy Catalan (Tenured) Therese Glocar Pacaña (Tenured) Alemar Adriano (Tenured from Swell) Jean Marianas (Tenured from Swell) Raymond Poster (EOC) Neljoen Piala (EOC) Emmanuel Mortales (EOC) Angelou Dinoy (Resigned) Andrea Grace Arioste (Resigned) NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS 3 COMPLAINTS: Upon receiving the reports for the complaints, I had the agents listened to their calls and asked them what transpired. Agents were given both positive and negative feedback about the call and already advised agents on what to do moving forward to avoid these circumstances. Amplify ll PetLab ll 232069 Theresa Emmert - The customer called in to inform us that she placed an order last week and was charged however, no account was created. Customer isn't aware if the product is still coming or not because this is the second time that she called us. Customer was already promised by previous agent that we will give her a callback but she didn't hear from us. - Client forwarded these details for us to listen to the call. Danilie Rose Damolo Amplify ll PetLab ll 232069 Theresa Emmert Raymundo Lambus - The customer called in to inform us that she placed an order last week and was charged however, no account was created. Customer isn't aware if the product is still coming or not because this is the second time that she called us. Rep promised customer that we will give her a call back but no one called the customer back. - Client forwarded these details for us to listen to the call. Amplify ll PetLab ll 256832 Veronica Krakowiak Arvin Mark Guinto - The customer called in saying that her dog got sick because of our products and wants to speak immediately to a Supervisor. - Rep failed to de - escalate the call. - Failed to show ownership of the call. - Client wants to get the transcription of this call. TOTAL SUBMISSIONS SUBMISSIONS AND AVERAGE AVERAGE RAYMUNDO LAMBUS NORSAIF DISOMIMBA ROWELYN FUENTES ROGELIO VASAY ANGELOU DINOY CURRENT NON-PERFORMING AGENTS 1. CRM Updates: Cancellation, Refund, Notations 2. Save Attempts/Offering Save 3. Product Knowledge: Providing Appropriate Resolution 4. Tone of Voice 5. Rudeness MOST COMMON ISSUES ENCOUNTERED BY YOUR TEAM SOMETHING PERSONAL 1. Evaluating 12 calls total for each agent each week. 2. Real time coaching with agents. 3. Getting to know the new agents under my bucket. 4. Coaching technique for each agent's different personality. 5. Being firm and more strict to my agents. 6. How to catch up and to be updated with the new processes most especially with Amplify. CHALLENGES YOUR FACING AS A QA CHALLENGES YOUR FACING AS A QA 1. I'll do my best to evaluate 25 calls per day. 2. I will approach those agents who has "Negligence", "Misinformation" and who are low performers real time. 3. I will do my best to be more confident and firmer on our future coaching sessions. 4. I will still work on doing a research for effective coaching methods for different individuals. 5. I'll try to take at least 3-5 calls per day for Amplify. 6. Time management. ACTION PLAN 1. Time Management 2. Attendance 3. Product knowledge and processes for Amplify 4. Staying awake 5. Accuracy in evaluating each call. THINGS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE AS A QA THINGS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE AS A QA 1. I make sure to reach at least 20 - 25 calls each day except Thursdays (Coaching Day). 2. I make sure to go home on time to rest well earlier and wake up 3 hours before my shift and I also stay away from my phone when I am about to sleep. 3. Verifying information from TLs and STLs. 4. Standing while listening to calls or drinking more cups of coffee. 5. Taking calls 30 minutes - 1 hour each day. WHAT I AM DOING ABOUT IT WHAT I AM DOING ABOUT IT Wireless Headset SUGGESTIONS ACTION PLAN ACTION PLAN 4. I will focus more on agents that are performing less and will do real time monitoring as much as possible. - Mock calls for agents with regards to offering save. 2. Probe rep's struggles in applying the changes that should be done on the customer's account.


Transcript: THAT IN ALL THINGS, GOD MAY BE GLORIFIED! Binding/Preservation MUSIC LIBRARY The Technical Services Section aims to perform the following objectives: 1. To select and acquire library materials, particularly books whether through purchases or donations/solicitations 2. To organize library book collections through cataloging and classification 3. To produce and maintain necessary bibliographic file such as the card catalog and shelf-list file 4. To preserve the reading materials and other book collections for further library use 5. To monitor listings and actual display of book collections that are used in the library 6. To discard or dispose those items from the collection that appears to be obsolete, dirty or too worn out for use and to ensure that it is properly reflected in the inventory of books 7. To give faster information retrieval through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) SY 2014 -2015 Sta. Isabel College Music Faculty and Students Library Orientation Technical Services SCHOOL OF MUSIC LIBRARY User Assistance Routine Activities Acquisition & Subscription Circulation Readers Services Study Spaces Collection Development Continuing Resources Printing Second Semester Statistics Cataloging & Classification First Semester Statistics Della Besa Collection Exhibit Photocopy Media Services Other Services : Circulation Services - assists library patrons with the location and circulation of library materials. Functions include check-outs and check-ins of materials, collection of fines and other charges, reshelving of library materials, and maintaining order in shelving areas. Library Orientation Study Spaces - discussion/study room, carrels Media Services - audiovisual materials and equipment, internet Ring bind Library Orientation YEAR-END REPORT Technical Services Borrowing, Returning & Renewal Readers Services

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