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Yale University School of Medicine

Transcript: Private Univeristy Four-Year Co-ed WHERE IS IT LOCATED ? Yale University is located at: 333 Cedar street New Haven , Connecticut My major is medicine. Yale University School of Medicine will assit me in medicine because it teaches you every skill you need to become a better person in medicine. Since I want to become a dermatologist, Yale will help me in treating my patients' skin problems Common Application and Yale Supplement $75 Application Fee or Request for Fee Waiver Two Teacher Recommendations School Report (includes Transcript and Counselor Recommendation) Standardized test results, including either the SAT and Two SAT Subject Tests or the ACT Plus Writing Test Mid-Year Report (due when first semester or trimester senior grades become available at your school) HOW MUCH DOES IT COST ? Tuition & fees $40,500 Room $6,700 Board $5,500 Books & Personal Expenses $3,150 Total undergrads: 5,310 * First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 1,343 * Degree-seeking undergrads: 5,296 * Graduate enrollment: 6,391 * Student-to-faculty ratio: 6:1 Urban setting Small city (50,000 - 249,999) Residential campus * 7% In-state students * 93% Out-of-state students * 52% Women * 48% Men * <1% American Indian or Alaska Native * 16% Asian * 7% Black or African American * 9% Hispanic/Latino * <1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander * 49% White * 6% Two or more races * 11% Non-Resident Alien *96% in top 10th of graduating class * 100% in top quarter of graduating class Want To Give Yale A Phone Call ? The Number Is : 203- 432-4771 I would attend this school because it has evertyhing i need for me to become a great dermatologist. this school has all the steps and metarials i'll need to apply to dermatology. My goal as becoming a dermatologist is to perform surgical and cosmetic procedures on skin problems and Yale University School of Medicine will definetly help me reach that goal. The Courtyard where students study, chat , and take naps Children's Hospital Sterling Hall The "Chilling"Spot Population SIZE Found In 1810 ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS WHERE DID I GET THIS FROM ? THE END ! ! ! ! THANKS FOR WATCHING IT Introduction of Yale University

School of Medicine

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School of Medicine

Transcript: Referees Statement Medical Courses at Nottingham A108 Admissions Process Early Clinical Experience Clinical Skills Centre Hospital visits GP Attachments A second degree is an integral component of this course Students Receive a Bachelor of Medical Science degree (BMedSci) and the BMBS required to graduate as a doctor. 105 years spent at Derby before joining the Nottingham Course for the clinical years Talk at ........ in ....... Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Health, Behaviour and Society Study Skills Personal and Professional Development A100 5 year Undergraduate Medicine A101 4 year Graduate Entry A108 6 year Undergraduate Medicine Predicted Grades How are student’s studies going? Are they coping? Extra responsibilities at school Clubs and societies Helping younger students 24 medical schools require this A100 and A108 medical courses Registration & Bursary application is now open Testing began – 1 July 2014 Registration Closes – 19 September 2014 Last testing date – 3 October 2014 2 hours to complete 5 sections Verbal, Quantitative, and Abstract Reasoning, Decision Analysis and Situational Judgement Questions In Nottingham, we have no cut off minimum score Two practice papers available on the website Overview Year 3 Learning Medicine at Nottingham Years 1 and 2 Typical modules A100 Cognitive Components SJT Component 801 – 900 = 9 points - Band 1 = 3 points 701 – 800 = 8 points - Band 2 = 2 points 601 – 700 = 7 points - Band 3 = 1 point 501 – 600 = 6 points 401 – 500 = 5 points 301 – 400 = 4 points Cognitive component weightings are equal SJT Band 4 – applicants are not considered further. A100/A108 Medicine Preparation for applying Entry requirements for A100/A108 UKCAT Why Nottingham A100 A100/A108: Traditional systems based learning A101: Problem based learning UKCAT Personal Statement Read GMC ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’ and ‘Good Medical Practice - Duties of a Doctor’ Motivation insight into medicine Work experience What did you learn? experience of helping others Extra Curricular Activities a sense of responsibility a range of interests A108 A100 2015 Open Day 6 year course - UK applicants only who meet the widening participation and academic criteria 1 year at Derby doing ....... Then join the A100 course in Nottingham Talk at .... in ..... A100 Semester 6 Clinical Phase 1 17 weeks - 3 rotations - Medicine/Surgery/Therapeutics Community follow up project (BMedSci Honours degree awarded to A100 students) A101 GEM students join A101 students The Medical School opened in 1970 at the Queen’s Medical Centre, with the first intake of 48 students graduating in 1975. The intake has steadily risen with 330 joining medicine at Nottingham each year Medicine is taught at two sites – Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham and Royal Derby Hospital in Derby. Welcome to your future Semester 5 Research project (BMedSci degree) in one of the following areas: Lab based Clinical Mixture Treatment and Prevention of Infection course Choice of short taught courses Year 3 Medicine at Nottingham A101 Biochemical processes Biological Molecules Body Processes Body Structure Cells and Tissues Human genetics Core Subjects Clinical Laboratory Sciences Public Health Medicine Human Development and Tissue Differentiation Communication Skills Early Clinical and Professional Development

Medicine Powerpoint

Transcript: From your first day in the dissection lab to the start of your clinical training, student life at UCD School of Medicine is a stimulating, diverse and vibrant experience. When you choose Medicine at UCD, you choose early patient contact, a world-class curriculum and an unrivalled calendar of social and extra-curricular activities. Medicine at UCD Medicine at Trinity College The admissions test selected by the Irish Medical Schools is called HPAT – Ireland (Health Professions Admission Test-Ireland). The test measures a candidate’s logical reasoning and problem solving skills as well as non-verbal reasoning and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and/or intentions of people. The duration of the exam is 2 and 1/2 hours. Medicine Powerpoint Conclusion Course Type: Undergraduate No. of Places: 123 Min Entry Points for 2012: 746* points Duration: 5 Year(s) Full Time Medical education utilises a combination of small group teaching, problem based learning, didactic and bedside teaching. Clinical and communication skills together with ethics are given an important place in the curriculum. Student selected modules and a global health module have been introduced Examines, treats and advises sick people in a local surgery or hospital. Qualification as a doctor opens the door to a wide range of specialisms - General Doctor or Family GP, Surgeon, Radiologist, Oncologist, Anaesthetist, Audiologist, Dermatologist, Paediatrician, Gynacologist, Optometrist, Opthalmologist, Orthopist, General Dentist, Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon and many more. Medicine at UCD Duration: 5-6 years Places: 90 Points: 535-625 Course Features: Modern, modularised curriculum Early and continual patient contact Multiple opportunities to travel Ireland's most extensive clinical network Taught by internationally renowned experts HPAT Admission Exam

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