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Xiaomi UVAS presentation

Transcript: Xiaomi Corporation Company's Profile Company's Profile Chinese electronics company April 2010 Lei Jun Initially started as a software company Developing a custom ROM for Android smartphones called MIUI. Producing high-quality, affordable smartphones. About Xiaomi Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018. Sub-Brands Xiaomi Redmi POCO Mi Home Mi TV Black Shark Amazfit IoT (smart home system) platform at its core. About Xiaomi The "MI" in logo stands for “Mobile Internet”. It also has other meanings, including "Mission Impossible", because Xiaomi faced many challenges that had seemed impossible to defy in their early days. Logo Product Offered Product Offered Products in Pakistan: Including smartphones tablets laptops smart home devices audio accessories wearables High-quality products at affordable prices Gain a significant market share in the country's smartphone industry. Pakistani Market Pakistani Market Entered the Pakistani market in 2016 Online marketplaces like & Telemart. In 2017, First authorized Mi Store in Lahore Expanded its distribution channels by partnering Local retailers In 2018, Second Mi Home store in Karachi In 2019, Xiaomi established a manufacturing plant in Pakistan in partnership with Descon. Local Partnerships Partnerships with several local companies to promotion and distribution Smartlink Technologies is the official distributor of Xiaomi smartphones in the Pakistan is an online marketplace that sells Xiaomi products. Xiaomi has also partnered with local telecom operators Zong, to offer its products to their customers. Local partnerships Smartlink Tech Established in 2016, Smartlink Technologies (PVT.) Ltd is a brainchild of a pool of professionals whose strong vision and even stronger conviction paved the way for an exclusive partnership with Xiaomi. We were the first official distributor of Xiaomi smartphones and Eco-products in Pakistan. Still, we are the major importer of Xiaomi in Pakistan. We also pride ourselves in acquiring Apple Authorized retail contract by Mercantile Pakistan and the official retail distribution of Infinix Transition group. Smartlink Tech is an online marketplace in Pakistan that sells a range of products from Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company. is the official online store for Xiaomi products in Pakistan and is operated by Smartlink Technologies, which is the authorized distributor of Xiaomi products in the country Zong Zong Zong is a mobile network operator in Pakistan, providing mobile voice and data services to millions of customers across the country. The company was launched in 2008 as the first 4G LTE network in Pakistan, and it is currently the third-largest mobile network operator in the country in terms of subscribers. Marketing & Ads Marketing and advertising channels to promote its products in Pakistan social media digital advertising outdoor advertising The company also sponsors local events and engages with influencers to reach out to its target audience Marketing and advertising Social Media Xiaomi utilizes social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach its target audience in Pakistan. The company creates ads that highlight the features and specifications of its smartphones and other products, and targets users who are interested in mobile phones and technology. Social Media Digital Marketing Digital Advertising Digital marketing strategies in Pakistan to promote its products and increase brand awareness. Here are some ways Xiaomi does digital marketing in Pakistan: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Content Marketing Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Advertising Here are some ways Xiaomi does outdoor advertising in Pakistan: Billboards Transit Advertising Digital Signage Event Sponsorship In-Store Signage Sponsor Events Sponsor Events Here are some ways Xiaomi does event sponsorship in Pakistan: Music Concerts Sports Tournaments Tech Conferences Cultural Festivals Social Initiatives Sources Xiaomi Market me china The Express Tribune Business Recoder Pakistan Today The Marcom Avenue IIDE Sources


Transcript: A Chinese electronics company Most known for it’s smartphones Founded in 2010 by Lei Jun Along with 8 other founders The third world’s largest smartphone distributor World's most valuable technology start-up company Uses social media to promote products Weibo and WeChat Expanded into other countries Such as India and Singapore Source: China IDC @ Xiaomi Mi1 S. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed 10 April 2015). Xiaomi Mi2 Specifications. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed 10 April 2015). Xiaomi Mi3. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed 10 April 2015). Xiaomi Mi4. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed 10 April 2015). Xiaomi, 2013. 100% Committed to the Community. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 4 April 2015). Lei Jun. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 4 April 2015). Xiaomi’s Vision. 2014. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 4 April 2015). Hugo Barra. 2013. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 3 April 2015). Xiaomi’s Service Centre. No date. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 3 April 2015). Xiaomi is the 3rd Largest Smartphone Vendor in the World!. 2014. [Image online]. Available at:, (Accessed: 4 April 2015). Xiaomi has different strategic approach in order to compete with rivals. Lack of customer groove-in/brand loyalty. Xiaomi is more of an experience. Service centres Constant communication via social media with consumers. Marketing Strategy References Background From Made in China to Created in China Manufacturing was the main Apple, Samsung Everything you can think of Shanzhai Late-comers Copy of existing products Xiaomi, Coolpad, Huawei joined Innovation Emerging middle-class Higher purchasing power High saving rate Customer experience Business Environment Xiaomi's Market Shares in Comparison to other Brands Mi 1 2011 7 mil Expand production To meet the demand Convincing investors to invest in plants and machinery To improve production capacity Revise communications strategy Particularly with other countries Align with Western mobile networks Adjust their Interface to Western requirements Sign cross-licensing agreements To reduce litigation risks Increase spending on R&D and licensing To improve their portfolio of patents Xiaomi's smartphone sales in millions of units Marketing 4P’s Xiaomi aims to ‘create remarkable hardware, software and Internet services for – and with the help of – our Mi fans’. Building business on services Excellent customer experience Loyal fans priority High quality in focus The Story Apple - fans all over the world Brand Interface Samsung - leader of Android Operation system Specification Brand value Xiaomi Price Involvement Mobile Industry in China A goal of 100 million handsets to be sold by 2015 To begin exporting their handsets to Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey and Mexico in 2015. Recommendations “At first, their questions were, ‘How do you think we should go about expanding internationally?’ And that evolved into, ‘Maybe you should come help us.’” Hugo Barra, the Vice President of Xiaomi Global Xiaomi's advantages over competitors Any questions? Evaluation of Current Strategy Mission Evaluation of Xiaomi’s business strategy the bigger, better Apple? References Marketing 4P’s Lawler, R. (2013). Xiaomi unveils new Android-powered 5-inch MI3, 47-inch smart TV in China. Available at:, (Accessed: 12 April 2015). Millward, S. (2013). Xiaomi opens biggest ever service center in Beijing, looks like a store. Available at:, (Accessed: 12 April 2015). Nivedit Majumdar (2014). ’Understanding Xiaomi’s Marketing Strategy’, Linked In, 5 August. Available at: (Accessed: 27 March 2015). Nunes, P. and Downes, L. (2014) ‘Big Bang Disruption: How China’s Xiaomi Manages Catastrophic successs’, Forbes, 4 April [Online]. Available at:


Transcript: MI 2011 0.3billion 2012 7.19billion 2400﹪ 2013 18.7billion 260﹪ 2014 40.0 billion 150﹪ . . . 5.2 Sales Forecast Smart phone: MI1 ,MI2 ,MI3 ,RED MI MIUI update ADD-ONS 1.fantastic technical team and investment 2.the way to active the consumers 3.the combination of mature system configuration and cheap price 4marketing mode: E-commerce, reduced the selling cost and make a good control of inventory 5.wonderful public relation. No advertisement on TV, but on internet and Social media MI 4.3 Promotion The market Executive Summary MI MI MI Use the relative low price and online selling way, suitable product to occupy the market , strengthen the brand and extend the other products of XiaoMi company 1.Compared with iphone and Sumsung, lower intergrated performance , 2.Lack of credit (only four years old ) 3.Low after-sales service(WeiBo online customer phone ) Threat 4.1 Product 4. Marketing Mix New product :1999RMB ( 300$) MI 2.2.1 Product offering 1,official website 2,add new model of selling e-commerce Coordinate with Alibaba TaoBao JinDong Coordinate with China mobile, China Unicom ,China net 4.2 Pricing By age :Young generation whose ages are among 15 to 35 By status: The white collar class, the University student By product:The people who is high on brushing the machine and flashing By area:The developing country 1,the fierce competition 2,the public opinion pressure 3.the increasing goods cost 4.the growing speed of company can not keep up with the increasing need of customer Opportunity 1.private Chinese electronics company 2.headquartered Beijing, China. 3.designs, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, and operation system. 4. Since the release of its first smartphone in August 2011, Xiaomi has gained market share in mainland China and has expanded into developing a wider range of consumer electronics. 5.founder and CEO is Lei Jun, China's 23rd richest man according to Forbes. 2.2.1 Market Demographics age between 18 and 30: 70﹪ students and white collar: 55﹪ middle income group: 80﹪ 1.strength duan 20143253 1,pubulic relations stratage( event marketing , Press Releases) 2,Internet promotion 3,Social media promotion advertisement 5.1 Break-even Analysis 2014 12billion (one season ) . . 40billion(whole year) 177﹪ MI unit:million MI 3 subsidiary: 200 $ for unit hard soft 5 $ for unit labor sservice o.5 $ for unit tranportation 0.5 $ for others totally cost : 206 10 11 12 13 paofit -0.5 28.2 675.9 175.1 MI 1, iphone become weaker than before 2, the development trend of smart phone 3,the development of China’s economic 4, loose government policy and the support of government Threat 1.Configuration and appearance of the phone 2.The price (2000 for one, with high performance) 3. Wonderful distribution channel (E-business ) 4. excellent promotion (News conference for introduction to XiaoMi, Internet promotion Social media) 5.Excellent teamwork (The six originator once work as the senior executive in Google micro-soft Motorola King soft respectively) MI MI 3.2 Target Market Weakness iphone nokia, SONY Ericsson MOTOROLA Samsung LG HTC other Chinese smart phone 5.3 Expenses Forecast 3.1 Value Proposition 2.2 The Company The following SWOT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing the Grog Shop Mi smartphone MI MI year amount of selling growth 2011 0.3billion 2012 7.19billion 2400﹪ 2013 18.7billion 260﹪ 2.2.3 SWOT Summary 6.1 Keys to Success 2.3 competition 1. Situational Analysis The Market The Company Competition 2. Marketing Strategy Value Proposition Target Market 3. Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion 4. Financial Break-Even Analysis Sales Forecast Expenses Forecast 5. Control Keys to Success Contingency planning 1,prepare enough inventory 2.develop own capability of independent inovation marketing growth 1.high-performance smart phones the design concept : always believe something wonderful is going to happenp 2.operate the Mobile terminal technology and components to every product 3,big share on the market 4.on-line selling marketing model 5.MI1 .MI1s. MI for young .MI2. MI2s. MI3. Red MI MI Content 6.2 Contingency Planning MI

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