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Transcript: -The other day our whole class won a prize to go to a treasure island in the middle of the Pacific. So on the last week of Term 3 we were off we hopped on the Treasure ship and set sail.Just as the Lookout’s spied the Island, disaster struck there was a terrible grinding sound and the next thing I heard was the Captain Shouting Abandon Ship!!! I woke up and remembered at once. today was the day of the school trip. I jumped out of bed and cracked my head on the bunk bed. I didn’t really notice the pain because I was so excited I ran out of my room and slid down the stair rail to the kitchen because it was a really special day Mum made me a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch. She also gave me a spare one to give to the poor boy who never had any lunch and ate the porridge in the Garbage tin out the back of the most Cursed Hotel in New Zealand called the Pirates Cove Holiday Inn. I hopped on my Pink tricycle with the purple and yellow basket and raced around the corner straight into the my classmates Tanya and Izzy also known as the Ugly sisters to the rest of the school but no one ever said it to their faces otherwise they would be walking home with a black eye and our clothes would be ripped up like rags. I screamed and said to the Ugly Sisters “Watch out behind you there’s a rabid dog” then the Ugly Sisters said “ that dog had better watch out We’re really angry at the moment”.Just at that moment a Chihuahua sauntered around the corner and the Ugly Sisters took one look at the small pitiful dog and started screaming “ARRGGHH get it away from us ”the Ugly sisters then ran all the way to school (which is the first time in history that they had ever done that). So I then walked to school and when I walked in the classroom everyone was buzzing with excitement. We took all our gear and ran to the school hall where the bus was waiting for us. The Bus driver wanted to come to the island with us, but we told him that we didn’t have any spare tickets. So he would have to wait for us to get back to share our adventures with him. The bus took us to the Wellington Harbor where we had lunch at “Burger King” We then got on the ship with our bags and set off to Bounty Island. Then 1.6 kilometers away from the Island the ship started doing weird things it started rocking then there was a terrible ear splitting sound and then the Captain shouted Abandon Ship.“ What's happening I thought to myself . The girls keeped on raping “green green we are the girls who like to clean”. Suddenly up in the sky is it a bird is it a howler monkey no its lorenzo and superman in the sky. He has come to save us and lorenzo in tights. They have come to save us and it looks like lorenzo doesn't know how to fly because he is falling from the sky, fast. “Help me Lorenzo said my cape is stuck in my tights. In the end superman fixed the ship and we sailed back in time to start a new day. And we will always remember our trip. BOUNTY ISLAND Page 2 Page 3 Introduction Written by Matthew, Lachlan and Max T The next thing I remembered was the cool Ocean wave washing over me and the hard, stony sand on my toes.I don’t know how we ended up here and also how we survived that shipwreck on the Coral Reef. All I remember was the Captain Shouting Abandon Ship and then I remember nothing else until now. I can see the ship in the distance smashed against a coral reef and there are bits of wood floating around it and ropes hanging off the coral. We must of grabbed our bags and jumped off because it is all here with us but then we must have blacked out when we all jumped over board. Mrs Stevens calls the roll and finds that everyone's here apart from the Ugly Sisters. Just then a scream echoes around the island and the Ugly sisters come out of the forest with Two howler monkeys hanging from their bottoms. “Get them off, get them off” they yelled, Mrs Stevens grabbed the howler monkeys and threw them back into the rainforest. The ugly sisters started running around yelling “monkey germs, ewww yuck”. Mrs Stevens said “stop being girls”.The Ugly Sisters then thought to themselves if we can’t be girls then we would have to be boys. So they started acting like boys,so they started rapping.”We are boys, boys me and you, we we like to play with our cool toys toys”. Page 4


Transcript: Guidelines for Freewriting 2. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Write down whatever is in your head on the page. Freewriting is a way of training yourself to receive and transmit fresh ideas automatically. Just as your body knows how to breathe without conscious effort, your mind knows how to channel inspiration without you thinking about it. But first you may need to break some bad habits that interfere with your ability to send and receive. The goal of freewriting is to move from conscious, deliberate writing to automatic, subconscious writing. The point of freewriting is not to generate something worth handing in – it is simply to generate ideas. You take the time to work through all the ideas floating in your head and write them down on paper. Your first freewriting experiences may generate very little that you can put into a good writing piece, but you’ve begun writing and that it is the first essential step. 1. You will be given a prompt to write about. Continue writing until the designated time has run out. Do not stop until that point. USES OF FREE WRITING 4. Again (because this is important) don’t think about editing, or correctness. Don’t even think about what the next word on the page should be – just write what comes to mind, even if it doesn’t relate immediately to what you were saying before. 3. Don’t rush, but don’t go too slowly either. Write the words as they come to you without editing. 5. If you run into a dead end or draw a blank, keep writing the same word or phrase over and over again until something else pops into your mind. One idea is to take a quick glance around the room and choose one object to describe. When the time has run out, look over what you have written and circle or underline ideas or phrases that you like or that you think that might be useful. • Generates ideas • Moves you past “writer’s block” • Allows you to write without worrying about “right" or “wrong”. • Helps you to generate more words more freely FREE WRITING Freewriting is writing that is free – free from the burden of evaluation, correctness, and judgment. No one will look at it if you don’t want them to. LET'S BEGIN. Write about a topic that people don't usually like talking about. (Can be in the form of a poem) Logo

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