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Steven WPI Interview Presentation

Transcript: by Steven O'Driscoll My Journey Senior Academics: GPA: 3.71 Senior Schedule: AP Biology AP Literature AP European History Honors Calculus Honors Physics Wind Ensemble Jazz Workshop Senior Steven O'Driscoll Senior Stats Achievements: Varsity Student/Athlete Nation Honors Society Peer Educator Tri-M Music Honors Society Candidate My Youth I loved Legos I loved building things I Loved Star Wars I loved Lego Star Wars Video Games I loved Pokemon and the idea of Evolution I loved being a mentor to others As A Youngster Holding a Lego Block FIRST Robotics FIRST Robotics Use Lego Mindstorm Technology to design, build, test, and program Lego Robots Apply real-world math and science concepts Learn critical thinking, team building and presentation skills FIRST LEGO LEAGUE FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Provides Hands on Programming Offers Real Time Problem Solving Obtain Shop/Mechanical Skills Take On New Team Challenges Each Year Meet Interesting People from Around the World NORWELL ROBOTICS TEAM 348 NORWELL ROBOTICS TEAM 348 Engaged elementary students in First Robotics Demonstrations Inspire students to think critically with hands on learning of STEM subjects Emphasize the importance for students to think critically and scientifically for problem solving STEM Mentoring STEM Mentoring My Interest? What sparked my interest? The movies "Patriots Day" and "Stronger" Scientists push towards patients controlling prosthetics with their mind Scientists get closer to giving patients feeling in these prosthetic enhancements Inspiring Stories Inspiring Stories Jeffery Bauman barely survived the Boston Bombings and was able to walk again with prosthetics Heather Abbott, a Boston Bombing survivor, creates a foundation that helps Vindal Lopez afford prosthetics for his legs Chris Tracht, High School amputee runner breaks Paralympic Records with help of prosthetic leg Biomedical Engineering is state of the art at WPI and advancements are being made in WPI laboratories every day The campus is in the city and also apart from the city which is a great convenient environment in my opinion The WPI Plan is a great way to focus on specific parts of my field with 4 rigorous terms per year The competitive Cross Country and Track teams are very supportive school student-athletes and drive to succeed Why WPI ? Why WPI ? Here I Come! WPI HERE I COME!

WPI Presentation

Transcript: hi By: Will Jackson Period 1 Introduction Introduction 1. WPI was founded in 1865 by Ichabod Washburn. 2. The average GPA of freshman students is 3.86. 3. The average class rank of freshman students is the top 9%. 4. The SAT range (middle 50%) is 1310-1480. 5. The ACT range (middle 50%) is 27-32. The Beech Tree in one of the WPI plazas. Interesting Facts Interesting Facts 1. WPI has a unique school year plan that involves shorter terms, but faster classes. 2. When trying to join WPI including your SAT or ACT test scores are optional. 3. WPI has a secret society called Skull that was founded in 1911. 4. The mascot is called Gompei the Goat; who was named after the original goat keeper. 5. One of their football fight songs is a series of numerical expressions. 6. The school colors crimson and grey are reflected by the bark and leaves of the large beech tree on campus. (Shown on previous slide) 7. It is rumored that there is ghost in the building Higgin’s House where a former occupant died. 8. Each year the freshman and sophomore classes face off to see who can win the bronze statuette of Gompei. Rankings (From website): 1. #61 (Tie) in national universities ( 2. #18 (Tie) best undergraduate teaching ( 3. #49 best value schools ( 4. #1 Faculty that combines research and teaching (The Wall Street Journal 2016) 5. #5 Best Career Services (Princeton Review 2017-18) 6. #5 Chemical engineering major in the nation (College Factual 2016) Academics Academics One of the many labs within WIP WPI gives students access to multiple programs and counselors to assist them. THis Includes the Insight Program Student Support And Academic Support Student Support And Academic Support The main plaza of WPI New Student Assistance: 1. For the first 2 terms of the first year students are given access to an Insight Team. 2. Insight Teams help you with both personal and academic problems. 3. The teams consist of around 20 students and 3 counselors. The 3 counselors each handle a different job within the team. 4. The counselors include the: Peer Community Advisor (CA): Plans/leads social events and educational programs for group. Peer Resident Advisor (RA): Student that helps with personal concerns and policy awareness. Insight Advisor (IA): Faculty/staff member that regularly meets with students in a social setting to give academic guidance. Insight Program Insight Program 1. Student Services: 2. WPI has 11 different student service programs. Including: 4 health programs (mental and physical health, depression, disabilities) 3 programs that help people from other countries or with different religions 2 programs that help students (counseling and career development) The Insight Program The LGBTQ+ program Student Service Programs Student Service Programs WPI has a diverse student population and multiple programs to include everybody: 1. Collegiate Religious Center 2. Disability Services 3. International House 4. LGBTQ+ Support 5. OASIS Cultural Support 6. Women’s Support 7. Connections Program 8. Office of Multicultural Affairs Student Body and Diversity Student Body and Diversity Some of WPI's Rotaract Club members 1. WPI Office of Student Aid and Financial Literacy helps lower the cost of college by: Need- based financial packages Merit- based scholarships On-campus employment Loan programs and payment plans for parents 2. The website estimated the first year cost of going to WPI: Living on campus: $65,046.00 Commuting: $52,328.00 Financial Situation and Financial Support Financial Situation and Financial Support 1. I have always been interested in the Computer Science or Computer Security programs. 2. One of the jobs that I am interested in that this degree helps with is being a Computer Systems Engineer. 3. WPI is also strong in other areas such as Mathematics, engineering and some business related programs. 4. Since it is a largely engineering and technology focused school it got the 2016 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for innovation in Engineering/Technology Education. Specialty Specialty WPI's bioengineering building. 1. WPI has a Career Development Center. 2. The CDC can give advice on things such as: Resume crafting Interviewing Cover letters Marketing your skills Career plans for all grades Job offer negotiations The CDC can also help with searching for jobs. Networking Opportunities Networking Opportunities One of the main buildings on WPI 1.WPI does have a student government. 2. The student government helps the school decide on things to improve the school. 3. THey have 30% greek life. 4. THey have over 100 programs including: Alpine Ski Team Tennis Team Fencing Team Chess Club Student Comedy Productions 5. Some of my favorites include: Robotics Club Cyber Security Club Satellite Development Club Social Atmosphere Social Atmosphere One of WPI's many football games 1. WPI has a Student/Faculty ratio of 13:1 2. WPI has multiple housing and dining options. 3. They also have the Rubin 1.

WPI Admissions Intern Presentation

Transcript: We're excited that you're here! you DEPARTURE! project sites include... Thailand South Africa DENMARK Republic of China England Australia Costa Rica Puerto Rico Italy Namibia it where you want to project sites include... BOSTON, WORCESTER, & NANTUCKET New Mexico WPI project sites include... Hungary VARIOUS CITIES Japan France Panama China London Canada It's your MQP... Project sites include... Massachusetts California New York, NY WPI experience... DOMESTIC D.C. SENIORS COUNTLESS China reat hu&a DOMESTIC NANCY projects BUDAPEST It's your IQP... ! hu&a ? ...what will be doing INTRODUCING THE... MELBOURNE Let's you FIRST YEAR IQP Think about it. you a ...the WHAT'S WPI opportunities curriculum... ...the WINDHOEK go Welcome to study abroad that summer / when you return science, engineering, and technology PRACTICUM SAN JOSE > SOPHOMORES BANGKOK SHANGHAI next prepare for your society SILICON VALLEY STANTEC COUNTLESS ARTS ...from day 1 helping you to understand & solve real-world global issues RIGHT AT SEMINAR MQP INTRODUCING THE... WPI our READY, SET, ? problems ? HONG KONG WALL STREET GLOBAL KANSAI Massachusetts VENICE COUNTLESS you ACROSS THE WORLD element Ireland GLOBAL master a foreign language here / complete a foreign exchange there PANAMA CITY ...complete it where you want to WELCOME ABOARD... THIS COPENHAGEN RELATE... LONDON building the holistic student through exposure to... is what you've been working towards... WALL STREET WPI WASHINGTON Let us show you why should stay! Juniors SANTA FE CAPE TOWN SAN JUAN ARTS project-based ! RIGHT AT you PRACTICUM building the holistic student through exposure to... FOR FOR what are waiting for WPI WELCOME BACK G ALL WHILE BEING... signature LIMERICK choose any discipline to follow...right here at > opportunities / MICROSOFT LABS, MIT LINCOLN LABS, MITRE LABS WPI


Transcript: Student Living On top of great job placement, WPI opens the doors for many great graduate programs. AP Scores WPI has become home to many famous alumni over the years. This list includes the inventor of the segway Dean Kamen, lead singer of the rock band OK GO Andy Ross, BRRHS AP Calculus teacher Robert Ringuette and BRRHS AP Chemistry teacher Virginia Jerome. 99% of all qualified students received some form of financial aid two-thirds of all students complete at least one of their classes in places like Cape Town, South Africa, Hong Kong, China and Panama City, Panama Every year WPI receives more than 7000 applications to their school. 99% of all freshman live on campus at WPI and are guaranteed housing for their first year All dorms include high speed internet and cable T.V. They accept scores from US history Euro History Bio Physics C:mechanics Chemistry English lit English language Calculus AB These sports & activities include •Basketball •Bowling •Cross Country •Flag Football •Floor Hockey •Soccer •Volleyball •Ultimate Frisbee •acapella groups •dance groups •band •chorus •etc... Majors The average SAT score of an incoming freshman is a 2000 Studying Abroad After College Alumnus There are also a number of clubs, fraternities, sororities, and honors groups to join. Cost on top of this there are a number recreational sports that over 85% of all students take place in. Students have gone on to study at M.I.T., Harvard, Yale and many other great Universities. In short WPI is a fantastic school with a beautiful campus, many wonderful opportunities to see the world and the perfect way to get a great education and start the rest of your life. Conclusion Enrollment Attending WPI gives students many opportunities after college. WPI is home to eighteen division three NCAA men and women's sports. Room and board for WPI is on average $12,650 a year WPI has a 57% acceptance rate On top of their many regular majors that they offer, the also offer majors that are only taught at two or three other institutions in the world. Tuition for WPI starts at $40,790 a year WPI accepts only fours or fives on their AP exams 46% of all Undergrad students live on campus With a 90% job placement out of college, students have gone on to work for companies such as Microsoft, IBM, IRobot, 3M and many others. By Trevor Kelly In total there are 3481 Undergraduate students and 1734 graduate students at WPI Sports & Activities WPI has over thirty different locations where you can study abroad. These majors are their very popular Fire protection engineering major and their relatively new Robotics engineering major. Wpi offers many majors in the fields of engineering, liberal arts and pre-professional tracks.

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