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World Map Template - Emmah Mardaus

Transcript: Cuba China The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, occurred on November 9, 1989, with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Kriti is the most popular vocal forms of South Indian music The water drum is one of the most important traditional Ojibwe instrument. It has an important meaning of life and creation. Minnesota Bali Navajo Beijing Andes Mountains China has the largest population in the world, with over 1.3 billion people. West Africa Brazil Hungarian musical instruments reflect the diverse influences of this roads nation. . The earliest Hungarian folk songs show many Central Asian characteristics, including the pen­tatonic scale Tala is the Rhythmic Dimension of India’s Music Raga Shivranjani is a light classical Raga. Many Indian musicians have also written compositions involving both Western and Indian instruments and concepts. Norteño is a genre of Mexican music. The accordion and the bajo sexto are the instruments of norteño. This genre of music is extremely popular in both the United States and Mexico among the Mexican community. Sioux Russia The Ojibwe tribe had the many values of generosity, honesty, strength of character, endurance, and wisdom that was important to their culture. Many instruments originate in the Middle East region Percussion instruments play a very important role in Middle Eastern music. All over the Middle East, you hear songs of praise and prayer. The people of Uganda have many uses of music, like for worship, hunting, fishing, and marriage. Iran Solo performances embody the classical tradition, and musical expression may be correspondingly introverted Bulgarian music is part of the Balkan tradition, which stretches across Southeastern Europe. Bulgaria has several rich and distinctive folk music tra­ditions that trace back to the mythological Greek musi­cian, Orpheus. Bulgarian instrumental playing styles are known for their especially florid ornamentation. Cuban music has been hugely influential in other countries, with its contribution to the development of jazz and salsa. Java India follows a Caste System. Minnesota has a wide spectrum of different music. They have the musical sounds from Bob Dylan, Prince, and Native American songs. Hungary Bulgaria In the 10th century, Central Asians brought to China a love of epic storytelling with musical accompaniment A large, barrel-shaped drum with riveted heads, the dagu, is commonly used in folk music, religious music, and some repertories of court music. The jingxi theater, better known in the West as Beijing Opera or Peking Opera, was the most popular of the regional opera styles. The instrumentation of the jingxi orchestra varies according to the troupe and the needs of a particular drama. Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. There are three major types of Brazilian music. The three most popular kinds of Brazilian music are samba music, boosa nova, and the Afro-Brazilian hip hop. This region is rich in natural resources such as cocoa, diamonds, iron ore, gold, uranium, coffee, rice, cotton, fish and petroleum. West Africa is home to the Jalolu, who play the Kora and the Balafon. During a wedding ceremony a song called "FulaDugu Denba tulon ke" is played with Djembe drums. Indonesia has the world's largest muslim population Mexico Most people in Iran aren't Arab, they're Persian and most speak Farsi. Russia is a large and culturally diverse country, with many ethnic groups. Each ethnic group have their own locally developed music. Traditional Russian music specifically deals with folk music traditions of the ethnic Russian people. The traditional Navajo music usually includes drums, rattles, rasp, flute, whistle, and the accompaniment of vocals. Japan Middle East Indonesia Communism The Japanese shamisen is a fretless long-necked lute. the koto became better known in Japan thanks to Yatsuhashi Kengyo. The most common rhythm seen in a Taiko performance is called ju-ichi. The katarimono are native songs that make up a large portion of the traditional repertory for the shamisen. The Yoshida Kyôdai are Japanese musicians and have released several albums under the Domo label internationally as the Yoshida Bro. Ojibwe Javanese gamelan music is refined and often moderate and contemplative in temperament. A typical Javanese gamelan piece last from three minutes to thirty. Javanese treat their instruments with respect. Instruments are deliberately detuned from one another in Balinese gamelan. Competitions at the Bali Arts Festival are not small affairs for connoisseurs, but elaborate, exciting events attended by thousands. All the gamelan parts interconnect, not through controlled individual elaborations through memorization of set parts. India The Sioux tribe had traditional dance songs, which generally began in a high pitch, led by a vocalist who sung a phrase that is then repeated by a group. Colombia’s great claim to fame is cumbia, the national dance rhythm, syncopated and multilayered with won­derfully light melodies. Columbia The

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