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World Map Template

Transcript: When COVID-19 came to Canada, the housing prices skyrocketed. They peaked in march and have gone down since then. These prices were very unreasonable but now they are affordable. This is related to housing because affordable houses can reach many more people. The UK has made a trade deal with Australia and there are some concerns about it impacting farmers in the UK. In the article, it talks about how the trade deal can create more opportunities for the farmers. This is related to civic engagement since the farmers should have trust in their government. Thank You for Coming In Pakistan, there is a store where the police get free food. When there was resistance at the store, the police arrested 19 employees. I think this has to do with civic engagement since the police are related to the government and I think it has to do with safety since safety is about everything being fair while this is not. In Ethiopia, there is a famine going on where many people are starving. Since there were soldiers who threatened many citizens, the farmers cannot plant crops which reduces the food supply. This is very related to health since starving is bad for your health There was an election in Peru. The votes were counted and there was a winner but one of the candidates thought that there was fraud so they had to recount the ballots. This is connected to civic engagement because this is politics and people want a say in it. In Australia, there was a bank website outage. This outage hit many major banks and definitely connected to safety. This would be related to safety since this is related to financial safety. With these bank website outages, you could lose your money and your finances would not be very safe. .

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Transcript: Back-to-School Night A Virtual Tour with Jennifer Wolfe House Keeping Who I Am Please fill this out! Your Information! What is AP World History? What's it all about? Themes Thinking Skills Testing AP World History AP Testing Students will take the AP Exam in 2022 Potential to earn up to 3 college credits from one AP course How Does It Work? Google Classroom Approximately 90% of work is given out, graded and given back using Google Classroom. You can be a part of Google Classroom by making sure you have joined the class when you student is logged in, or requesting access by emailing me. Any questions about what is due or what is missing, can be emailed to me. Where & How Work Load Work Load How Busy? AP World History requires: Reading almost every night from a college level textbook Approximately 45 minutes a night Approximately 2-3 hours per chapter Classroom graded discussions. Taking 3 unit exams, 1 per quarter, consisting of multiple-choice questions and one LEQ or DBQ Short Answer Questions (SAQs) will be used to frame lessons. Writing Long Essay Questions (LEQs) and/or Document Based Questions (DBQ) essays Conference Class Deep Conversations Assessments Unit tests Assessments Essays/Writing Assessments Socratic Seminar Quizzes (approximately every 7-10 days) Projects Homework Conference 10% of Quarter Average Points Earned are divided by Total Points Possible Expectations Students will be able to: Expectations 1. Complete all reading and note taking assignments. 2. Participate in class and in graded discussions 3. Participate responsibly with or without a device. 4. Advocate for him/her/themselves 5. Make up all assessments and missing work (1 week after returning to school is the expectation) 6. Use the chat box 7. Add your ideas to online activities 8. Enter all Google Meets muted Asynchronous Instruction Materials Questions & Answers Question & Answer See Description Below What more can I tell you about me or the World History Class? If you would like to ask a question or make a comment specific to your child, please see the link in the description below and add your question to the padlet. If your question is personal in nature, please email me.

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