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Workplace Presentation

Transcript: Experienced the workplace Defined my role The Breakroom 1987 Michael J. Fox My "Completion" Preview Why Socialization? Application The process of Socialization basics Research Knowledge sharing Time Technology Advances Eldercare Pharmacy - Flanagin & Waldeck The End Research beforehand Get info from trustworthy people Be true to myself Be conscious of career path: Management Employees play important role Higher socialization = higher satisfaction Organizations should encourage it More face-to-face Leads to trustworthy environment I was not alone Met my bosses Asked questions Learned about the organization "But social breaks are also important to a worker’s — and a company’s — well-being. They reinforce bonds, improve morale and increase possibilities for collaboration." Before entering organization Learning about work Generally Particular occupation Particular organization The Process of Socialization- Basics Research Knowledge Sharing Time Influence of Technology Apply it Moving Forward "Time is a crucial factor in every event, without it there is no change, no growth, no cause and effect..." Eldercare Pharmacy Traditional Face-to-face interactions Paper Today Websites Social Media Google "As technology becomes more sophisticated, the processes of socialization are changing." "Completion" of process New employee is part of the "in" group Encounter Phyllis Korkki NY Times Strategy -Gulick Conclusion Fitting into the Workplace Experience Easily relatable Can be hilarious Michael J. Fox Basics: 3 Phases Deeper by Jessica Preskitt Temporality & Socialization processes are related If Employee knows their career path, they will plan and participate accordingly Enters the organization Let go of old roles/values Adapt to new organization's expectations Gained responsibility Control Room Special projects We missed you The Secret of My Success Time Surface-level Metamorphosis Moving Forward Influence of Technology Going Deeper Anticipatory As an employee Future preparation Better understanding As an employer Ease the process Speed up the process Recap Socialization Knowledge Sharing My Interview First Day

workplace presentation

Transcript: Noah's Super Shop By Nick and Noah New Dress Codes Many people complain about their attire that they have to wear at work.. If we had a new dress code such as Noah's Super Shop offical shirts and sweatshirts with your choice of khakis (Pants or Shorts) we comfortable and ready to get work done. New Dress Codes Perks of New Dress Code We will be comfortable while we do our work (Possibly do extra work) Less complaining about the aprons that we wear now... We will all look good and be in style with our shirts and sweatshirts Perks of New Dress Code Showing Up Late At Noah's Super Shop we all are expected to show up before 8:00 AM... Lets be real here who needs to be at work that early? Not us! We should be able to show up at 10:00 AM if we prove to you that we can finish all work within our shift. Showing Up Late Perks of Showing Up at 10:00 AM We will get the required time of sleep we need (Better Attitudes) You only have to work 2 hours and then you get lunch! 11:00 AM is the busy time so we will all be there before that to prepare ourselves for the rush! Perks of Showing Up at 10:00 AM Provided Lunch Provided Lunch At Noah's Super Shop we all have to run home and get our lunch or find something to eat and spend money. If we had lunch provided for us it would be way faster and easier for us employees. Perks of a Provided Lunch We will eat lunch right away and save us from getting a speeding ticket! It would save us alot of money so we don't have to eat fast food and waste gas. We would have more time to relax instead of rushing to get food and to get back to work. Perks of a Provided Lunch Breakroom Activity Every four hour shift we would like up to 15 minutes to relax calm down from the job. A place where we can check our phones and chill. Breakroom Activity Perks of Taking Breaks If we had a little time to relax every shift we could do our work more effectivly and be stress free. Which would make us, the employees, happier people. Perks of Taking Breaks Car Care Us employees work very stressful hours which means we have no time to take care of our cars. It would be nice if Noah's Super Shop hired a team of mechanics to do so! Car Care Perks of Car Care All of our cars would be nice and clean and would look good sitting in the parking lot. One less thing would have to worry about and we could focus more on our work. We would always be to work on time because our car would never break down! Perks of Car Care

Workplace presentation

Transcript: Workplace Co-operative Project: Unlocking the potential of smart buildings Logicalis are a provider of global IT solutions and managed services They both build and manage solutions for enterprise and medium sized businesses in several vertical markets They help businesses reach their digital capabilities and in order to offer the best service, they must be at the cutting edge of digital transformation What do they do? Logicalis "Logicalis sits on the curve of technological change, making technology an asset for society" Produced a report which investigates how technology is currently being used in commercial buildings and the possibilities which could be realised in the future. What did I do? Smart Buildings Report It considered how this technology could be implemented and the sorts of barriers organisations might face: Attitude change Lack of exemplary use cases Additional security threats Aim 1: Produce a report which investigates the use of technology in commercial buildings Aims Aims Aim 2: Use this report as a discussion point to engage with Logicalis' customers and partners. Collate feedback and iterate the report to dicuss how it can derive value for them Aim 3: Work with Logicalis teams to identify key challenges and potential benefits of Smart Building technology to create a go-to-market strategy to engage with customers Approach and structure Approach and structure Smart buildings are capturing the attention of both businesses and academics because they are situated in the popular Smart City narrative An organisation which uses smart building technology will be able to retain more staff and crucially attract talent. We need more corporate understanding of the challenges and potential of smart technology Smart technology could have appplications in every part of our daily lives if it is both accessible to the everyday person Practical applications Why is my project important? 'Smart' is often synonymous with 'sustainable' The potential of Smart Technology Crooks et al (2017) consider the value of smart sensors and data collection to build a relationship between people and smart technology Academic applications Academic applications The opportunity for Smart Building Technology The British Council for Offices observe the changing workplace environment is creating more flexible business models and so linking design, people and technology will be crucial to create high-performing collaborative environments Longitudinal studies into changing working environments (Grunberg et al, 2008) Practically utilising technology Bates and Friday (2017) explore the possibilities of using existing IoT infrastructure to create a living laboratory in Lancaster University Methods to integrate Smart Technology Lawrence et al (2016) considers how to integrate smart buildings into a smart grid from a more technical perspective The 100 hours were completed having achieved: Project outcomes Reflections A report fulfilling the first original Aim An eventual amalgamation of Aims 1 and 2 Conversations set up with existing partners and customers An understanding of how to derive value from the project Demonstrating to customers and partners that they are at the cutting edge of technological change Expanding into the Smart City sector Value to Logicalis Value to Logicalis Bates. O, Friday. A (2017) Beyond Data in the Smart City: Repurposing Existing Campus IoT, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 16(2), pp.54-60 British Council for Offices , The Evolution of the Office: 25 Years of the BCO and Beyond, The British Council for Offices Webste [Online] [Accessed 26 February 2019]. Available from: Crooks. A, Schechtner. K, Dey. A.K, Hudson-Smith. A (2017) Creating Smart Buildings and Cities, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 16(2), pp.23-25 Grunberg. L, Moore. S, Greenberg. E, Sikora. P. 2008. The Changing Workplace and Its Effects, The Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, 44(2), pp.215-23 Lawrence. T, Boudreau. M-C, Helsen. L, Henze. G, Mohammadpour. J, Noonan. D, Patteeuw. D, Pless. S, Watson. R (2016) Ten questions concerning integrating smart buildings into the smart grid, Building and Environment, 108(1), pp.273-283 Stoddart Review. 2016. The Workplace Advantage, Raconteur Custom Publishing [Online] [Accessed 2 April 2019]. Available from: References References

Workplace presentation

Transcript: Gendered Communication in the Workplace Gendered Stereotypes in the Workplace KATIANA Stereotypes for Women sex object: defines women in terms of their sex or sexuality judgements of women workers based on their appearance and actions sterotyping women as sex objects conributes to sexual harrassment also used to define gay men and lesbians who are often perceived primarily in terms of their sexuality mother: both figurative and literal figurative: expect women to take care of the emotional labor for everyone - smile, prepare snacks, listen and support others 75% of women in workplace in "pink collar jobs" literal: women who have or plan to have children are seen as less serious professionals than men or women who aren't mothers. maternal wall: unexamined assumptions by coworkers or superiors about how women will behave once they become mothers Stereotypes for Women child: view of women as less mature, less competent, and less capable than adults. often masqueraded as "protecting women" iron maiden: a female professional who is independent, ambitious, competitive, tough. often perceieved as competent, but unlikeable and unfeminine Sterotypes for Women Stereotypes for Men sturdy oak: self-sufficient pillar of strength who is never weak or reliant on others can hinder men; think it is unmanly to ask for help, male workers will rule out consulting others for advice fighters: brave warriors who go to battle, either literally in war or metaphorically in their professional life stems from childhood training to be aggressive, and win at all costs this then translates into professional expectations to beat the competition. breadwinners: the person who solely earns money to support a family used to justify paying men higher wages than women Stereotypes for Men Why there are more stereotypes about women in the workplace Why there are more stereotypes about women in the workplace Live in a patriarchal society (male dominated) women were seen as the caretakers and men were breadwinners - change in this dynamic brought backlash as women were not taken as seriously as their male counterparts In WWI, women only worked because men were unable to feminine communicators seen as weak, while masculinity is dominant form of communication in the workplace i.e. aggressive, competitive, hard working even if women are masculine communicators, they are labeled negatively (bossy, pushy, bitchy) men have dominated the workforce, and seeing a women start to enter challenges them and thus they stereotype women more Ted Talk with Anne-Marie Slaughter DONYA To Slaughter, what does full equality mean? " I suggest that real equality, full equality, does not just mean valuing women on male terms. It means creating a much wider range of equality respected choices for women and for men. And to get there, we have to change our workplaces, our policies and our culture." To Slaughter, what does full equality mean? What does real equality look like in the workplace? In the workplace, real equality means valuing family just as much as work, and understanding that the two reinforce each other. "As a leader and as a manager, I have always acted on the mantra, if family comes first, work does not come second -- life comes together." -Slaughter What does real equality look like in the workplace? In policy terms, what does real equality mean? Real equality means recognizing that the work that women have traditionally done is just as important as the work that men have traditionally done, no matter who does it. In policy terms, what does real equality mean? How do same-sex couples shed light on juggling work and family? The same-sex perspective helps us see that juggling work and family are not women's problems, they're family problems. How do same-sex couples shed light on juggling work and family? How are they going to divide up breadwinning and caregiving responsibilities? Should one of them stop working or reduce hours to be home? Should they both change their practices so they can have more flexible schedules? Do they even have that option? Is it who makes the most money or who is most committed to their career? Or who has the most flexible boss? Re-socializing men??? According to Slaughter, "we're not going to get equally valued choices unless we change our culture, and the kind of cultural change required means re-socializing men." Men are socialized to believe that they have to be breadwinners and derive their self-worth from how high they can climb the career ladder. Re-socializing men??? Workplace Discrimination EMILIA GLASS CEILING GLASS CEILING - women and minorities hit an invisible barrier that limit them from achievements. It could either be that women are seen as mothers, which can cause the belief that a working mother would not be interested in advancing. It could also mean that women are seen in a sexual way, so that her competence is overlooked. (Gendered Lives) GLASS WALL - metaphor for sex A

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