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Transcript: Training INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Workday, Inc. is an on‑demand (cloud-based) financial management and human capital management software vendor. Built in analytic across Financial, HR & Payroll Streamline business processes based on industry best practice Reduce paper and manual processes Always on the current version of software User friendly and intuitive software In Workday, data can be entered using “tasks” and viewed using “reports.” The Workday Home page displays work lets that provide access to tasks and reports. Because the Home page is highly configurable, your organization may display different work lets. WORK LETS A compact report displayed as an icon (a tile or a bubble) on any landing page, providing easy access to tasks and information that are used regularly. Examples: My Leadership Roles, Open Positions, and Anniversaries. Your Worker profile Your Worker Profile displays information about you and your job across multiple tabs. Your Worker profile You can view Worker Profile by clicking your picture/name in the upper right corner and then select View Profile. Your profile displays your personal information including job details, compensation, benefits and pay. You can also view your job history, support roles, worker history, etc. The Search bar You can use the Workday search bar to navigate many different functions. The Search bar You can search for people, organizations, initiate tasks, run reports and much more. You can also locate any information to which you have access. For example: you can type “address” in the search field to bring up multiple tasks pertaining to addresses – home, work and email addresses. Build preferences into your Workday Home page Click the gear icon to configure the Work lets that appear on your home page Configure Workday Configure Workday Workday gives you the ability to configure your own favorites, preferences, and inbox filters, allowing you to organize and prioritize notifications and actions to fit your individual needs. Your inbox Your inbox displays the action items that require your attention to complete and the notifications you have received. You can also view the processes you have previously completed in archives. Your inbox Helpful Hints Related Actions You’ll find them throughout Workday. Click the Related Actions button to access more actions/options On any screen, when a pop-up dialogue box is on screen. Click anywhere else on the screen to get the pop-up dialogue box to Helpful Hints Inbox: you’ll be notified when you have an action in your inbox that requires your attention. Notifications: are sent to you just as an FYI REAL TIME EXAMPLE


Transcript: Workday By: Linda Hogan Work day Poem “Workday” I go to work though there are those who were missing today from their homes. I ride the bus and I do not think of children without food or how my sisters are chained to prison beds. I go to the University and out for lunch and listen to the higher-ups tell me all they have read about Indians and how to analyze this poem They know us better than we know ourselves. I ride the bus home and sit behind the driver. We talk about the weather and not enough exercise. I don’t mention Victor Jara’s mutilated hands or men next door in exile or my own family’s grief over the lost child. Continued When I get off the bus I look back at the light in the windows and the heads bent and how the women are all alone in each seat framed in the windows and the men are coming home, then I see them walking on the avenue, the beautiful feet, the perfect legs, even with their spider veins, the broken knees with pins in them, the thighs with their cravings, the pelvis and small back with its soft down, the shoulders which bend forward and forward and forward to protect the heart from pain. Sypnosis Workday by Linda Hogan is about someone who carries out their daily commute to and from work all the while, thinking about the tragedies of exile, imprisonment, hunger, and many other struggles in the world that exsist outside of our typical daily lives. Sypnosis About the Author Author Background Linda Hogan is a Chickasaw poet, novelist,essayist,playwright and activist . She was born in 1947 in Denver, Coloarado and was brought up in Oklahoma. She taught at the University of Minnesota from 1984 - 1991 where she educated her students in American Indian Studies. She was a professor at The University of Colorado where she taught American studies and American Indian studies. Her Works Subtopic 1 She is the author of many poetry collections such as: Calling myself Home (1978); Daughters, I Love You(1981);Eclipse (1983); and Seeing Through the Sun (1985) which won the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation She is also the author of The Book of Medicines which was a finalist on the National Books Critics Circle Award Some of her famous novels are Mean Spirit made in 1990 Solar Storms in 1995, Power in 1998 and People of the whale in 2008 Her inspiration for her works stem from her political beliefs such as eco-feminism and her interests in Native American culture and history. Subtopic 2 Linda Hogan Characters Character Description Main character: The narrator Sub chracters : the bus driver, higher ranked workers at the unversity (higher ups) Main character Main The main character is someone who is observant of her surroundings. She is looking at everyone around her studying what they are doing. On the outside she may appear normal to everyone else but underneath she is thnking about what is going on in the world and keeps hersef informed with knowledge of the struggles other people are going through. Other characters Other Unlike the main character, the other characters like the bus driver and the people at the university are ignorant of the misfortunes of the world and what is happening to other people. They seem to live by what only what they know in thier community and are unaware of the unfortunate things happening to people in other countries around the world. Epiphany Epiphany The epiphany of this poem is how we carry out activities in our daily life not knowing what is going on in the world. When we live our normal, everyday lives, we fail to see how that is not an option for different people who are imprisoned, or hurting while we can come and go as we please. The poem is teaching us to gain awarness of what is happening outside of our respective communities and to think about those who are in pain and don't get to live their normal lives like we can Thank you! Sources “‘Workday’ –.” Live in the Layers, 8 Apr. 2013, Poetry Foundation. “Linda Hogan.” Poetry Foundation, Chickasaw Press - Linda Hogan. Hirschberg, Stuart, and Terry Hirschberg. Discovering the Many Worlds of Literature: Literature for Composition. Pearson/Longman, 2004.


Transcript: Reduce Errors in Data Improve Insights Save Time VLOOKUP Overview Workday The Basics Work Smarter VLOOKUP Overview Fun with VLOOKUP Excel Functions Pull in Data from Different Sources VLOOKUP Overview The Basics =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]) =VLOOKUP(what, where, return_what, [exact or appx]) Fun with VLOOKUP Work Smarter range_lookup: exact or approximate FALSE: the reference values must be exact TRUE or omitted: the reference values can be approximate Like the Price is Right, next closest value less than lookup_value wins Errors and Issues VLOOKUP Agenda Agenda The Basics lookup_value: what The value searched for in the table_array Must be in the first column of table_array Values can be numeric, text, cell reference to a value, or a logical value When VLOOKUP Disappoints You When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Agenda When VLOOKUP Disappoints You VLOOKUP Overview Excel Function Training: VLOOKUP Lisa Marie Canty September 23, 2014 The Basics Fun with VLOOKUP table_array: where Selected range of cells (2+ columns) the function searches to find the data The lookup_value will be in the first column Values can be numeric, text, etc. Predefined formulas =FUNCTION(argument) When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Work Smarter The Basics When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Work Smarter VLOOKUP Overview Fun with VLOOKUP Work Smarter VLOOKUP The Basics The Basics "Vertical" lookup Searches a list for a value and returns a corresponding value col_index_num: return_what The column number in which the desired value searched for resides in the table_array Example: col_index_num 2 returns values from the second column in the table_array Agenda Excel Functions Sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to. - Nicholas Sparks, A Bend in the Road

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