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Transcript: Training INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Workday, Inc. is an on‑demand (cloud-based) financial management and human capital management software vendor. Built in analytic across Financial, HR & Payroll Streamline business processes based on industry best practice Reduce paper and manual processes Always on the current version of software User friendly and intuitive software In Workday, data can be entered using “tasks” and viewed using “reports.” The Workday Home page displays work lets that provide access to tasks and reports. Because the Home page is highly configurable, your organization may display different work lets. WORK LETS A compact report displayed as an icon (a tile or a bubble) on any landing page, providing easy access to tasks and information that are used regularly. Examples: My Leadership Roles, Open Positions, and Anniversaries. Your Worker profile Your Worker Profile displays information about you and your job across multiple tabs. Your Worker profile You can view Worker Profile by clicking your picture/name in the upper right corner and then select View Profile. Your profile displays your personal information including job details, compensation, benefits and pay. You can also view your job history, support roles, worker history, etc. The Search bar You can use the Workday search bar to navigate many different functions. The Search bar You can search for people, organizations, initiate tasks, run reports and much more. You can also locate any information to which you have access. For example: you can type “address” in the search field to bring up multiple tasks pertaining to addresses – home, work and email addresses. Build preferences into your Workday Home page Click the gear icon to configure the Work lets that appear on your home page Configure Workday Configure Workday Workday gives you the ability to configure your own favorites, preferences, and inbox filters, allowing you to organize and prioritize notifications and actions to fit your individual needs. Your inbox Your inbox displays the action items that require your attention to complete and the notifications you have received. You can also view the processes you have previously completed in archives. Your inbox Helpful Hints Related Actions You’ll find them throughout Workday. Click the Related Actions button to access more actions/options On any screen, when a pop-up dialogue box is on screen. Click anywhere else on the screen to get the pop-up dialogue box to Helpful Hints Inbox: you’ll be notified when you have an action in your inbox that requires your attention. Notifications: are sent to you just as an FYI REAL TIME EXAMPLE


Transcript: Presented by THE GATSBYS W1 Introduction Purpose Identify a relevant HRIS technology for the company Examine Workday Agenda Agenda HRIS Solution Cost Training W2 Work Day Finance Human Resources Planning HRIS Solution Finance Finance Streamline your process Drive strategy and growth Stay on top of risk HR Human Resources Manage your workforce Give every employee a unique experience Plan and analyze your workforce Planning Planning Financial Workforce Operational Sales W3 Cost Obtain by getting a quote from a sales rep Cost W Payroll Payroll $100 - $200 per employee Minimum 3 year contract W Customization Customization Minimal (1-2 systems) $2500 Standard (3-5 systems) $10,000 Full (5+) $25,000 W Data Migration Data Migration 1,000 records ($500) 10,000 records ($2,500) 100,000 records ($10,000) 1,000,000+ records ($25,000) W4 Training Learn In-Person Training Learn Remote or Virtual Learn Independent Learn On-Demand Workday Pro Workday Pro Customer Focused Accreditation Program Exceptional Technical and Functional Expertise Adoption Kit Adoption Kit Job Aids Videos and Video Scripts Webinar Guides and Communication Materials Touch Points Touchpoints Kit Diagrams Heat Maps Organizational Details W5 Conclusion Final Thoughts Functions: Finance Human Resources Planning Cost: Depends on the number of employees, systems and records Training: WorkDay Pro Adoption Kit WorkDay TouchPoints Kit R The code for the topic. Reference Workday payroll reviews, pricing, Key Info, and faqs. The SMB Guide. (n.d.). Retrieved October 13, 2021, from Lavi, S. (n.d.). Workday - why rated 6/10? (Jun 2021). ITQlick. Retrieved October 13, 2021, from


Transcript: Reduce Errors in Data Improve Insights Save Time VLOOKUP Overview Workday The Basics Work Smarter VLOOKUP Overview Fun with VLOOKUP Excel Functions Pull in Data from Different Sources VLOOKUP Overview The Basics =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]) =VLOOKUP(what, where, return_what, [exact or appx]) Fun with VLOOKUP Work Smarter range_lookup: exact or approximate FALSE: the reference values must be exact TRUE or omitted: the reference values can be approximate Like the Price is Right, next closest value less than lookup_value wins Errors and Issues VLOOKUP Agenda Agenda The Basics lookup_value: what The value searched for in the table_array Must be in the first column of table_array Values can be numeric, text, cell reference to a value, or a logical value When VLOOKUP Disappoints You When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Agenda When VLOOKUP Disappoints You VLOOKUP Overview Excel Function Training: VLOOKUP Lisa Marie Canty September 23, 2014 The Basics Fun with VLOOKUP table_array: where Selected range of cells (2+ columns) the function searches to find the data The lookup_value will be in the first column Values can be numeric, text, etc. Predefined formulas =FUNCTION(argument) When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Work Smarter The Basics When VLOOKUP Disappoints You Work Smarter VLOOKUP Overview Fun with VLOOKUP Work Smarter VLOOKUP The Basics The Basics "Vertical" lookup Searches a list for a value and returns a corresponding value col_index_num: return_what The column number in which the desired value searched for resides in the table_array Example: col_index_num 2 returns values from the second column in the table_array Agenda Excel Functions Sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to. - Nicholas Sparks, A Bend in the Road


Transcript: Your Journey to Success 1. Associates: Request a leave in Workday using the Time Off worklet once the need for leave is known. Educational and Personal leaves will require Manager approval. Any other leave type may result in additional approval and requests from the Benefits Team. The HR Technology team does many audits on a daily or weekly schedule to ensure the data within Workday is accurate. Some examples of these audits are: Missing Training Cafe Missing or Duplicate SSN Missing Date of Birth Missing Gender Missing Ethnicity Cafe Manager Security Audit Navigate to the "Candidate Links" tab on the candidate profile and send the candidate this unique link. • Any associate who needs to miss more than five consecutive days from work, other than scheduled vacation time, should be placed on a Leave of Absence status in Workday. • An associate who will periodically miss work due to a medical situation related to themselves or a loved one may qualify for a Reduced Schedule/Occasional Leave. Cafe BOH Bag U People Portal Benefit Vendors WOTC Direct Deposit Tax Elections Managers: Use the “Team Time Off” Worklet GMs can access this worklet on their home page. (Note: AMs will need to access the reports by entering the reports name in the search box.) Additional Job Audit Minimum Wage Audit Blended Rate Audit Market Alignment Audit Additional Job Audit Delivery Team Member Audit This usually means the candidate doesn't have an account. Have them click "Create Account" and use the email they applied with to create a Candidate Home Account Email Any associate who doesn't complete their onboarding tasks within 72 from the hire date in Workday will not be able to clock in. States Please send us: My candidate didn't receive the link to provide additional information. Onboarding Cafe Hourly Performance Assessments Retail Merit Process Easy to Run Reports to see the stages of the assessment process Helped to identify star performers in each cafe Support Center IGP now held in Workday Shift Supervisor Self-Assessment Data Integrity Title Where does the data held in Workday go? Recruiting Performance Management and Succession Planning for Retail Management Workday Finance (Expense Reports, P&Ls and Financial Reporting FDF Time Tracking Onboarding as a part of the job change process LinkedIn Referral Integration Recruiting Labor Reporting Who can request a leave in Workday? Workday Data Hired Before 12/17/2014 (Pre-Workday) Termed Associate files: We need all terminated associate files. When sending in files, please include: • All new hire paperwork • I-9s • Training plans • Performance reviews/documentations. Each associate should have his/her own file labeled with the following information: First Name, Last Name and Associate ID Number. For salaried managers: Please send in all paperwork including information stored outside of file (i.e. I-9). When sending files back please send them via UPS attn: Associate Files Use the Suggested Use of Labor Reports task to identify how to use the reports in the "My Reports" Worklet. This Worklet contains multiple reports: 1. “All Time Off” will show all requested time off including Pending, Denied and Approved time. 2. “Approved Time Off” will show all time off that was approved, including time off corrections. 3. “Time Off Summary” will show the vacation balances for the cafes associates (hourly staff only). If the GM would like to know AM vacation balances, they need to go through the JV Jessica Bright Jessica Bright Jeff Gauerke Jeff Gauerke Kayla Mitchell Robert Annis Kayla Mitchell Jayson Lockwood Jim Dziewik Jim Dziewik Jim Dziewik Kyle Miller Kyle Miller Kyle Miller Cindy Whitfield Cindy W/Barb M Barb Muellerleile Barb Muellerleile Jayson Lockwood Barb Muellerleile Use the Suggested Use of Labor Reports task to identify how to use the reports in the "My Reports" Worklet. Name Coordinator/Manager Ceridian Wage Services Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Temp, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll GL Coordinator, Payroll GL Coordinator, Payroll GL Coordinator, Payroll Tax Analyst, Payroll Sr. Manager, Payroll Acct/GL Manager, Payroll Manager, Senior Accountant

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