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Transcript: Wood supplies the solid raw material for products. Many wood products can be recovered for reuse or recycling, thus extending our wood supply in the future. There are 13.2 million acres of old growth in the U.S.. Over half, 8 million acres, is preserved in national parks, wilderness and other set-asides. If you put these 8 million acres together, they would form a band five miles wide stretching from New York City to San Francisco This is a bird called woodpecker, this bird peaks the wood . WOOD Wood Use Wood Energy Wood is an important natural resource. It is prevalent in our everyday lives and the economy. Wood frame houses, furniture, newspapers, bridges, railroad tiles, etc. Wood and wood products are also a store for carbon, helping minimize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Wood is a Renewable Resource WOOD Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. North America has more certified forests than any other part of the world while respecting the values people attach to forests and preserving forest health and diversity for the future. More than two billion people depend on wood energy for cooking and/or heating, particularly in households in developing countries. It represents the only domestically available and affordable source of energy. Private households’ cooking and heating with wood fuels represents one third of the global renewable energy consumption, making wood the most decentralized energy in the world. Wood fuels arise from multiple sources including forests,other wooded land and trees outside forests, co-products from wood processing, post-consumer recovered wood and processed wood-based fuels. Wood energy is also an important emergency backup fuel. Societies at any socio-economic level will switch easily back to wood energy when encountering economic difficulties, natural disasters, conflict situations or fossil energy supply shortages. Different products require different kinds of trees, but in general, a cord of wood 7,500,000 toothpicks 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of paper (depending on the process) 942 one pound books 61,370 standard #10 business envelopes 4,384,000 commemorative-size postage stamps 460,000 personal checks 87,870 sheets of bond stationery (8 1/2 by 11) 1,200 copies of National Geographic magazine 2,700 copies of the average daily paper (36 pages) 250 copies of a typical Sunday New York Times 30 Boston Rockers 12 dining room tables (each table seats 8)

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