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Transcript: Issues Married to Marcus Woman Three Children, two girls and a boy: Faith, Hope, and Martin I believe that everyone deserves an quality education. People with less money should be able to receive the same education as people in the more wealthy areas. Abortion I believe that a woman has the right to choose what she will do with her body, but I don't think that anyone should get an abortion. If you were meant to have a baby you should, and even then if you can't bare to keep the baby there is still the option of putting them up for adoption. WONDER WOMAN 4 President ! Early Years Born in Los Angeles, California. Mother: Mary Anne Father: Jesse 2nd of 3 children Older Brother: Jesse Jr. Younger Brother: Jimmy Education I believe that there should be background checks before a person can get a gun. We wouldn't want a gun getting in the wrong hands. My Views Affirmative Action Justice League Family Life Education I think that affirmative action should remain because if it didn't then majority groups would be less likely to pick minorities to be part of their organizations. Immigration I think that if a minor is brought to the United states as a baby and is raised here they should not be able to be deported because this is the only home they know. But if they came here illegally and were aware of what was going on they should be called out. Political Party Gun Rights All About Me... Drugs TOGETHER WE CAN DO WONDERS! Went to Harvard University Majored in Political Science and Government Served one term in the Senate. I believe that what anyone does in the privacy of their own home is their business, but once you put someone else at risk it becomes our business.

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