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Transcript: WMU School of Medicine Thank You! Process Level Organizational Level Process Level Job/Performer Level Levels of Analysis Curriculum Workflow Assessment and Feedback Finding Each single procedure needs to be analyzed step by step and grades must be given to students in a fair but realistic manner. Performance of each procedure by the student. Recommendation The chain of teaching & learning consists of: 1) demonstrating the procedure, 2) supervising and analyzing the student’s performance, and 3) providing feedback to the student. Students need to know, exactly what is expected from them. A clear and detailed checklist of behaviors within each procedure needs to be developed and presented opportunely to the student. Job Level Job Level Process Level Finding Resources (Curriculum, inventory, lesson plan) High quality laboratories equals appropriate resources Access to all the materials required for and appropriate demonstration of the methods within each class Sufficient number of materials for correct individual learning Recommendation Prepare each semester and class in advance Parts of the organization involved in this goal, like the Management (Deans and Chairs), Teaching systems - biomedical sciences and clinical, and Supportive administration - medical education and medical library. The lab instructor needs to review the Curriculum at least three weeks before the start of the semester and review the lesson plan at least one week before each class. The essentials task Check the current availability of the inventory/lab materials. Reserve the lab physical space. Prepare materials for each lesson accordingly with the written curriculum and lesson plan (correct # for the size of group). Process Level Findings Successful curriculum has direct ties to graduate placement, quality of faculty, and quality of student applicants Every SoM function has at least one direct output related to the curriculum Recommendation Effective curriculum workflow involves every member of the School of Medicine Deans, Chairs, Support Administration, Faculty Curriculum changes should occur in a step by step fashion Ashley Ayikwei, Alejandro Ramos, Ivan Martinez, & Brandon Ring Job Performance Monitoring Findings Duties of the lab instructor are several, and require a correct teaching of all the different procedures and a fair evaluation of student’s performance. Who supervises lab instructor? Recommendations Create a position within the school with the title of “Chair of Lab Department”. Direct supervision of performance of the lab instructors. Supervision of the correct implementation of the different regulations by the lab instructor. Supervision of the correct evaluation of the students by the lab instructor designing with him/her the appropriate behavior’s check-list for each procedure. The figure of the Chair of Lab Department will represent an opportunity for students to ask for a second person to evaluate them when disagreements arise among them and the lab instructor. The objective of this position is to support the activities of the lab instructors but also ensure the quality of the activities done by them. Organizational Level Education and Training Findings Team-Based Learning assessments Determining medium Establishing outline Deciding on relevant items Accounting for type of course and related materials Incorporating learning objectives (previous, current, and future courses) Selecting adequate assessment method (knowledge and skills) Recommendation Instructors must: Encapsulate extent of knowledge learned within course Ensure that course objectives and critical points of overall curriculum are covered well Base type of assessment on knowledge type e.g. practical lab knowledge assessed by student engaging in behavior Novel attempts at assessment encouraged Complete outline for assessments within 2.5 weeks of receiving curriculum Assessments must: Ensure students gain requisite knowledge/skills Provide WMUSoM with means to monitor internal teaching/training proficiency Indicate what areas of curriculum students need more focus on Be as objective as possible Be revised continuously Chairpersons must: Collaborate with faculty as needed Ensure completion of assessment outlines before start of courses Hygiene and Safety Training Finding Probably, one group of the most important procedures that an MD learns is related with hygiene and safety. Evolution of Medicine equals safe lives. Hygiene and safety procedures are taught within the laboratories of every medicine school around the world. Recommendation Implement a “Zero tolerance policy” Students must follow the lab regulations; supervision of the correct behavior from students is probably one of the most important responsibilities of the lab instructor. Appropriate behavior from the students within the lab is directly related with the feedback and grades provided by the lab instructor. “Primum Non Nocere” “First, do not harm”. Stress ? The lab instructor must have a clear

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