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Windows 8 Powerpoint Template

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windows 8

Transcript: - is the codename for the next version of the Microsoft Windows computer operating system following Windows 7. Codenames of windows 8 - leading to wide media coverage - we can use to 32bit and 64 bit software Compatibility Windows 8 give strong competition to mobile computing, especially the tablet market OS such as Apple OS and Android. So far it has been quite successful and has got the rival developers moving with new ideas. Windows 8 provides great experience on large screens and is a wonder for palm sized smart phones. The fluidity and ease of access is always there and the apps are well coordinated too. The desktop computers are quite powerful and have fetched wonderful speeds and have witnessed quite a number of futuristic apps already. The Start screen is more innovative and the start menu is definitely totally different than that in previous versions which might not be cheered by all Windows enthusiasts. We can hope that other hidden features of zooming and multimedia control get popularized after the launch. Conclusion 1. Midory 2.Chidory Developer - Metro environment will feature a new tile-based Start screen similar to the Phone smartphone operating system. Metro-Style App. Build Developer New Feature Compatibility - it is faster than the previous version of windows -At the Microsoft Developer Forum in Tokyo on May 23, 2011, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the next version of Windows would be released the following year. Content Paint Play Controversity Official Announcements It has many changes from previous versions, particularly; Piano -In September 2011, Matthew Garrett, a Red Hat developer, alerted for the possible risk of Microsoft locking out alternative systems - are developed with the new Windows Runtime platform using various programming languages; including C++, Visual Basic, C#, and HTML/Javascript. Metro-Style Application - Microsoft Corporation codenames of windows 8 Controversity Official Announcement Conclusion Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8

Transcript: Online Functions Interface Windows 8 Pro $69.99 Log into Windows with a Microsoft account. Can be used to synchronize applications and other devices Skydrive Cloud Storage Internet Explorer 10 Airplane mode Faster Start up with Hybrid Boot mode New lock screen complete with clock and notifications re-designed desktop Windows on the Go. Windows 8 users may create live USB versions of Windows Improved power management with compatible devices File Explorer (AKA Windows Explorer) improved with; detailed statistics, ability to pause file transfers, and ability to manage conflicts when copying files New "File History" function allows incremental revisions of files to be backed up and restored from a secondary storage device Task Manager has been redesigned! Windows 8 Academic Deal! Here is 5 good reasons... 200 copies for $21,000! Each complete with Microsoft Office Suite! Two new authentication methods (pins and pictures) Smart screen filtering integrated on the desktop and secure boot Adjustable Parental controls System Recovery Feature (Refresh and Reset functions) The new and improved version of Windows Operating system! We are proud to introduce to you the new era of Microsoft Windows OS Experience the new desktop features of Windows 8. A sleek and convenient way to keep your documents and programs in order Why upgrade to Windows 8? See Windows 8 In Action! 1)40 million licenses sold of Windows 8(surpassing the pace of Windows 7) 2) Gorgeous new desktop and easier to multitask 3) Greater range of file sharing among Windows users 4) Runs most software from previous versions of Windows 5) More Backup and Restore functions to protect your documents! Microsoft Metro design language (replacing the start menu) Greater ability to multitask Microsoft store and apps Charms bar (AKA toolbar, replacing the start button) Experience Windows 8 Safety and Security What is Windows 8? But Wait! Order Windows 8 Today! Template by Missing Link Images from

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