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Windows 8 Powerpoint Template

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Windows 8

Transcript: Windows 8 Designed for touchscreen based computers: not very user-friendly to other types of computers -Mark Sutherland, president at Kaseya Microsoft began developement of Windows 8 before the release of windows 7. Winndows 8 Enterprise - for multiple intallations Task manager is targeted to the needs of its users User interface can be difficult to navigate through Sterling Roberts Bad Reactions to Windows 8 The purpose is to have the same operating systems on tablets and computers Windows RT - mobile devices Hanna Kientzy Pros of Windows 8 "A vast proportion of businesses are still running on XP, having failed to transition with the release of Windows 7. With just under two years of support left for the 10 year old system, thought immediately needs to be given to life after XP. Whether these companies want to move to Windows 8 or begin with Windows 7, some form of transition will be necessary." Good Reviews of Windows 8 Two new ways to authenticate (Passwords) Improvements for touchscreen devices Facts you want to know "Windows 8 will modernise access control and data management, while simultaneously improving data security within the enterprise. The launch of the new OS also brings fresh capability for the management of virtual smart cards and DirectAccess, allowing enterprise users to establish their identity using the machine as a token-for-network logon, negating the need for tens of passwords which fail to live up to the current threats we face. It also simplifies the user experience and provides higher assurance, reducing help desk costs. " New parent controls are offered through family safety software. -Joseph Souren, VP and GM EMEA for Wave Systems Microsoft's advertising budget was $1.5 Billion Windows 8 pro - professional companies Windows 8 is available in 4 different editions Abraham Pascoe 4 million people upgraded to windows 8 the weekend after it was released Leanna Patton Cons of Windows 8 Normal Password Has SkyDrive integrated as an App 40 million copies have been issued since its release date Faster start-up More Facts Removed the ability to run DVDs Has the ability to create and use apps Picture Password Safety and Security Windows 8 currently costs $40 to upgrade from XP vista or windows 7 The released date was 26 October, 2012 Windows 8 - mainstream users

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