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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Transcript: B. Party Practice What did the 19th Amendment do? D. The restraints between the government branches D. Prohibited the sale of alcohol B. It allowed African Americans the right to vote A. Due Process A. 5 D. 19th Question 32 B. Most don't make it to the states Good Luck!! :) B. The Preamble Question 2 C. Federalism Question 13 Question 16 A. 17th C. Rule of Law D. we can propose new articles A. Central Government Question 24 Question 8 B. we can add new articles to it C. Over 300 years old B. The Bill of Rights A. Passing a law to regulate gas prices Question 4 D. Judicial Review B. Changed the voting age from 21 to 18 C. unpassed A. Congress could pass every proposal for amendments B. Being apart of the legislation process A. 3 Question 35 B. Ratified by a 2/3 vote in Congress D. Ratio of State Representatives based on state population D. an executive agreement D. 27 Which Supreme Court case clarified that the Judicial Branch has the power to decide if laws are constitutional? Final Round! B. 18th A. The right to have the proper course of the law when being punished D. None of the above Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Question 37 Question 3 C. The right to yell when being arrested B. More than 220 years old A. The Articles of Confederation Question 28 D. Brown v. Board of Education Which amendment makes it possible that a presidential candidate can lose the popular vote but still win the election with the electoral vote? Question 25 A. The President Pro Tempore Question 7 A. as a veto D. Federalism Which of the following is not mentioned in the US Constitution, but still affects the meaning of the Constitution? B. 27th How many articles are there in the US Constitution? Question 19 We would classify the fact that the President has an advisory Cabinet- even though this is not mentioned in the Constitution- as a: B. a Treaty Question 15 When a court rules that a law is "unconstitutional", we call this: Question 18 Question 27 C. they were a bunch of lazy old dudes Who wasn't originally in favor of the 2-Party system? "Checks and Balances" are known as: C. flaw in our written Constitution What was so important about the Twelfth Amendment? We can use the "Formal Amendment Process" as an example of: A. They are ratified by state legislatures Question 9 C. Congress Question 12 B. 15 Bonus Round! Get 5 extra points if you answer correctly D. The right to enjoy being arrested C. Gave women the right to vote What do we call a pact made by the President with the head of another foreign country that requires the approval of the Senate? B. The balance between Central and local governments D. Most become regular laws A. The Executive Branch's power over all D. 5 B. 2 B. Separation of Powers A. The Branches of Government B. The court system publicizes too many details D. Freedom of Assembly What is the problem with many high profile court cases? D. Checks and Balances B. null and void D. The Secretary of State A. The Framers Who takes over the if the President and Vice President fall ill or are unable to assume office? A. Madison v. Malibu C. Power of the Courts to enforce this amendment Question 29 A. Popular Provision B. Limited Government D. The Bill of Rights Question 17 A. Debt from the Civil War D. the 18th B. Double Jeopardy Question 38 C. not a law D. 11 B. The legality of your punishment The Framers made the Constitution in an outline form so that: C. Most are rejected by the states The Amendment that officially ended slavery was the: What happens to most proposals for amendments made in Congress? B. Ratification A. Custom C. Double Provision The 8th Amendment covered which of the following? : Bonus round! Get 5 extra points if you answer correctly! B. Articles C. 7 A. Amendments D. Proposed by a national convention D. 21st When a government action is found to be unconstitutional, this means it is declared: D. The sovereign power of the people Question 23 C. an advisory group to the Senate B. The Speaker of the Senate B. Rights as a US citizen and equal protection Question 33 Question 21 Question 6 Before an amendment is ratified, it is: Question 40 C: a signatory C. Proposed by a 3/4 vote of the President's cabinet C. 29th D. Proposals In Formal Method 1 of the amendment process, the first step says the amendment is: B. Appropriate punishment based on crime A. Congress's power to enforce amendments The fact that person cannot be tried for the same crime twice is referred to as: D. Sending troops into combat by using only executive orders A. 23rd D. We don't know when it was created so nobody knows D. an advisory group to the President A. Political Parties B. provisional When the President vetos a bill that Congress is trying to pass, it is an example of: A. Gave equal voting rights to men of all race and color regardless of their background in slavery A. Freedom of Speech What do we call the introduction to the Constitution? B. a change made to the Constitution B. Marbury v. Madison C. The Null and the Void If

Who wants to be a Millionaire!

Transcript: a) a small pruning saw c) brown bags of seeds b) a carpenters plane d) all of the above a) Public Law 100-384 c) Public Law 100-381 b) Public Law 100-383 d) Public Law 100-382 a) gravel Fill in the blank: Like a huge, ominous wave, the dreaded day creeps up the state, ridding it of anyone with more than ________ Japanese blood, which goes back five generations, guaranteeing that not a single drop of Japanese blood will be left to_________ the state. a) Mrs. Mclintock c) farming equipment d) traditional Japanese dish Hows does Kiyo get separated from her family during the train ride to Poston? b) strawberries a) March 15, 1942 c) January 30, 1942 b) February 19, 1942 d) February 20, 1942 a) Ozawa vs. United States c) Kato vs. United States b) Watanbe vs. United States d) Sasaki vs. United States b) Mr. Mclintock d) zori Which man had his picture appear on the front page of the Sacramento Bee, branded as a spy? Who taught Shinji how to read and write English? What did the Teichert Co. specialize? Who was the person that told Kiyo that if the police pulled her over to “call me. I come get you. I tell them you my daughter.” a) The guards take her away b) She walks to another train coach c) She is prevented from returning to her family’s coach d) both b and c a) Mr. Saiki c) Mr. Mizukami b) Mr. Seiji d) Mr. Yamamoto At the temporary camp what does Kiyo’s father do with the tools hidden in the bedrolls? c) hakujin a) Mr. Mizukami c) Mr. Miyagi b) Mr. Matsumoto d) Mr. Maeda Which neighbor is in prison somewhere and his family does not know where he has been taken? What was in the back of the car that Kiyo was driving? c) Mr. Johnson a) Build shelves and a clothes line b) throws them away c) shares them with his neighbors d) both a and c Which Public Law acknowledge the injustice of the internment, apologized for it, & provided for restitution, was passed? What made the FBI agents disband and leave Kiyo’s home during a home inspection? a) Clothes c) Kiyo’s desk b) Kiyo’s diary d) a radio a) 9 c) 8 b) 7 d) 10 a) car a) furoshiki When did President Franklin D. Roosevelt issue Executive Order 9066 authorizing exclusion? The traditional wedding is arranged by... In which case did the U.S Supreme Court upheld the government's right to deny U.S. Citizenship to Japanese immigrants? What percentage of Japanese-Americans produced of the total value of the state's farm resources? b) farming tools What did Kiyo’s father put inside the bedrolls while the family was packing for evacuation? How many relocation sites were in 6 western states & Arkansas? d) Mrs. Johnson a) 1/18th, ruin c) 1/15th, dirty c) 1/17th, pollute d) 1/16th, contaminate b) baishakunin c) second generation citzen a) pile of clothes c) pile of old suitcases b) pile of shoes d) pile of groceries a) 5 % c) 10% b) 8% d) 7% a) Mr. Saiki c) Mr. Tochan b) Mr. Yuen d) Mr. Kawamura A Nisei is a...

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Transcript: What is the title of our ballad? A) The String of the 'Nancy Bell' B) The Yarn of the 'Nancy Bell' C) The Rope of the 'Nancy Bell' D) The Tale of the 'Nancy Bell' Who dies first? A) The midshipmite B) Ryan Coles :) C) The captain D) The first mate What narrative technique is used by this quote. "Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold, and the mate of the Nancy brig. And a bo'sun tight and a midshipmite, and the crew of the captain's gig." A) Coincidence B) Irony C) Suspense B) Suprise Who is the last person to die? A) The naval man B) The cook C) The crew D) The bosun What animal did the bosun resemble? A) Chicken B) Dog C) Pig D) Dragon When is foreshadowing used in the Ballad? A) When the captain is eaten B) When the ship crashes C) When the naval man said, "Oh i am a cook and a captain bold..." D) When we started reading it What was the moral of the story? A) You are what you eat B) If you get hungry you can eat your friends C) Don't talk to strangers D) An apple a day keeps the doctor away Who was this Ballad written by? A) Dr. Suess B) Edgar Allan Poe C) W.S. Gilbert D) Ryan Coles Who was the fifth to die? A) The bosun B) The crew members C) The midshipmite D) The cook How did the naval man kill the cook? A) Black magic B) Dragon's fire C) Stabbed him D) Boiled him What does bosun mean? A) Someone who hates the sun B) The one with immediate control of all the deckhands C) A young midshipsman D) A barnacle on the ship Cook ($1,000,000) Torso ($500,000) Leg ($250,000) Arm ($100,000) Thigh ($50,000) Bicep ($25,000) Foot ($10,000) Hand ($5,000) Ear ($2,500) Finger ($1,000) Toe ($500) Toenail ($100) Why were they sailing? (Background information) A) To go to Norway B) To save Captain Jack Sparrow C) To go to Ramsgate D) The captain hated his wife E) To get away from Ryan the goon

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Transcript: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? d) Flour a) Men c) Eggs, Bread, Chocolate c) a carton of milk c) I'd like fried chicken, please d) I have some money a) A little child c) The tallest mountain is the Everest a) Russia b) Rafael Nadal d) Sao Pablo c) Edinburgh c) Louvre Museum b) Library of Congress in Washington a) Seville Cathedral in Spain The breakfast usually is: d) Man What is the capital city of Scotland? The plural of “man” is: a) Mushrooms What is the biggest library of the world? b) a bottle of cake d) a litter of fish a) Cake, meat, beer What is the biggest country in the World? b) The tall mountain is the Everest What’s the tallest mountain in the world? d) The tallest mountain are the Everest d) Vatican Library c) I have any money d) Gal Monfils a) The taller mountain is the Everest What is the most populated city of South America? a) a glass of beans d) Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Portugal b) British museum What’s the incorrect sentence? d) A few child a) I'd like a cigarette, please b) This is small child b) Fish b) I have a money What’s the correct sentence? b) I'd have a glass of water, please a) British Library in London c) Rio de Janeiro c) Gloves c) National Library of France Choose the correct sentence b) Chocolate, Bread, Sushi Who is, currently, the best tennis player of the world? a) I have many money a) Lleyton Hewitt Choose the most appropriate ending for this sentence. You do want to make a cake, you need... b) Mens Where is the “Venus de Milo”? d) Belfast c) United States c) Novak Djocovic You are hungry, you say: a) Brandenburg b) Notre Dame Cathedral in France c) Mans a) Orsay museum in Paris c) This a younger child b) Buenos Aires d) Metropolitan museum b) China a) Lima d) India c) Westminster Abbey in London Which is the biggest gothic church of Europe? b) Dublin d) Milk, Carrots, Cheese d) I'd like a cup of coffee, please

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