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Transcript: Bibliography The whiteboards purpose is to be able to have many thoughts and not halve to erase the last idea and you don't halve to keep using multiple pieces of paper and waste. Almost every school in the world has a whiteboard in their class room, and if they don't have a whiteboard they have another type of whiteboard they have a chalk board. The whiteboard is one the most used things in human life. It is used for erasing and writing. Many people use it for school or teaching. What is the whiteboards purpose? WHY PEOPLE USE IT Electrical things Non-electrical things The differences between electric and non-electric supplies are 1 of them has cords and wires and the other doesn't use any wires or cords and they are sometimes easier to use and with the computer sometimes it's harder to use than other non-electrical things Whiteboards Examples Who invented the whiteboard? Albert Stallion was the man who invented the whiteboard. The whiteboard was invented in..... Computers Phones Machinery projectors etc. By: Kerigan Phillips Dominick Gutierrez What is the reason for a whiteboard The differences between electric and Non-electric We all agree that whiteboards are better!!! Whiteboards Markers Paper Tables etc. They use for a writing tool. Its mostly used in schools cause teachers use it. The whiteboard was invented in the early 1950 to the early 1960. Whiteboard


Transcript: New Features Screen Overview 8-23-11 Planning meeting What Products to Include: OPGW - Curt at ACA - Contacted ADSS - Editable/Data Table/Saveable - Curt CW - Fushi-Copperweld Yance Syarif (Cece) - AFL selling now and Commscope AWAC - Southwire strandings All AW - USAC Steel - National Strand/DW - Don Meiser Expand Multiplex listing? Easier build for plexing as custom? Action Items #1 - #2 #3 Data Mgt Future data formatting and issues Ease of adding new conductors one by one Data security Data editors in admin mode Custom Data editors Custom data not overwritten in updates Breakout TW & RW in 3M tables - Metric (SI) and Imperial/US Customary (US) units US - US US - SI SI - SI Saving and loading files - units don't import correctly Changing units after making selections - all do not convert - Edit all std data tables (condutor, loadings, charts, etc) - Break out all custom data - Bugs Messenger Cable stringing charts not matching RS charts SW logo not on all strining charts See issue's report in Xcel sheet Compile all issues into the Xcel sheet - Revise reports - Run Conditions Highlight lines and add notes to lines of output formated output so can be edited in a word document SAG10 v4.0 - Pre-stress Develop Business rules ACSS, do we address other conductor types - .wir file Generator? - Stringing Tables for mult. RS - Graphical update for inclined spans - Review offset clipping and other modules - Win7 64 bit compatibility - Expanded start screen showing setup & output options - Hand-shaking with Vibrec and others? Report output? - New security - New Licensing model - single user, multi (seats, site, etc) - Limited time free support, then pay after that - training? Issues Data Testing and cleanup Validation/Plot of existing curves in SAG10 Clean up tables - no data or chart number need to delete Check if all conductors have valid charts Clean up conductor tables, check codewords How does Cast/Rolled work - Paul Marker ball effect on stringing spans - Paul Conductor data breakout meeting - Drew Compile known issues into Xcel - All Chart Breakout meeting - Drew Followup USAC/AFL - Mark Followup National Strand/DWire - Ridley Prestress Business Rules - Mark/Ridley Curve plot/validations - Drew Screen layouts and flow update - Mark/Drew Consolidate issue worksheets - Drew Drew

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