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Wheel Of Fortune Powerpoint Template For Mac

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Wheel of Fortune

Transcript: The category is what is the part of speech of narrative? Grammar Rules Definition bonus round questions formating what was the language that narritive was first created in wheel prizes an essentional element for a narritive RULES The is catagory is What is Narritive A STORY . The category is what is an example of a narrative? Responsible for: The Answer is A NOUN What is one thing narratives are not? Antonyms The answer s Latin Wheel of Fortune Helped with format What point of view are narratives written in? Andres Parada The Answer is... Narritives are written in FIRST OR THIRD narrated - can only GUESS FULL phrases Hint Movie by Shayan G. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - If you miss guess without any points you will be eliminated and someone else will be picked. .Some formatting What is another thing narratives are? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - spin the wheel before guessing to get number of points the guess is worth.... If you guess wrong you will get 30 points subtracted to your score. - we will pick 3 random people from the audience This category is what is a synonym of narrative? MADE BY The answer is... .What it is not .What it is .Part of Speech .Spell check .Grammar check What is the language that narritive was first created in? _ _ _ _ _ songs TOMMY The answer is rambling Shayan Examples rambling The answer is songs This category is what is an antonym Helped with climax HARRY POTTER Video(slide 5) Synonyms Narratives are also CHRONICLES 1 for the middle amount of points And 1 for the least amount of of points but you have to to have some points There are 3 prizes 1 for the most points The answer is tale . Part of speech The Answer is The answer is climax What is one essential element for narrative ?

Wheel of Fortune

Transcript: Shown with a ship's rudder to steer the fate ball/globe- the chance/ instability cornucopia for plentiful luck whether good or bad Nemesis Four Stages of life left- regnabo (I shall reign) top- regno (I reign)-crowned right- regnavi (I have reigned) bottom- sym sine reno (I have no kingdom) Italian Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae) Also represents modern day justice- blind and veiled Parts of the Wheel The Goddess Nemesis and Tyche are known to be companions who compensate for each other Too much of a good thing Both make sure that mortals have neither too much bad/good luck Represents the goddess of fortune and luck Known as one of the three Fates Yin and Yang Definition Ancient concept that refers to the unpredictable nature of Fate Some describe it as the ever changing position of the wheel where people will randomly gain or suffer same concept as the TV show- bankrupt vs win a trip Greek goddess of Revenge meaning to give what is due- distributor of fortune Also goes by Adrasteia meaning the inescapable Greeks believed that fate was vengeful and remorseless old times- neither good or bad until someone added resentment to the mix thought to be the child of Zeus/ Oceanus/ Nyx possible mother of Helen of Troy Fortuna Annonaria - gave luck to the harvest Fortuna Redux - brought one safely home Fortuna Victrix - gave victory in battle Fortuna Huiusque Diei - fortune of the present day Fortuna Privata - fortune for the individual Fortuna Publica - fortune for people Known by many names Fortuna (Roman) Tyche (Greek) Eutykhia Job Description

Wheel Of Fortune

Transcript: THE ANSWER IS...D! C: The puzzle was very challenging. Question 6: Question 2: D: Gloomy Question 10 B: Mysterious D: Her hair glistened in the moonlight. The mind is a machine D: Romantic False THE ANSWER IS...C! Question 9 Question 8: THE ANSWER IS... FALSE C: Many A: Jenny went to the store. A: Description, Actions, and Dialogue THE ANSWER IS...A! A: Geo What is the mood of this sentence: The rain came streaming down from the clouds and the wind blew fiercely, sending the clothes hanging from the line tumbling down into the lake. D: There or Their D: One B: Like or as D: The brown dog walked. C: Then or Than C: This assignment was a breeze. Which root is the opposite of mono? A: the study of C: In B: I rode my bike across the street. THE ANSWER IS...B! Question 7: B: D: It was a piece of cake. B: Poly C: The jet black stallion trodded across the hot sand as the sun set over the horizon. Which of these is a simile? Which of the following has the least amount of imagery? A: The dog trotted down the old dirt road. THE ANSWER IS... D! D: Ology A: Angry B: Symbolism, Connotation, and Denotation A simile compares things using: A: The computer was as slow as molasses B: Sad B: The chic black Mustang crusied down the dirt road. Wheel Of Fortune Question 3 Question 5 What is the mood of this sentence: The little girl weeped when she discovered that her father had been killed in battle. D: Conflict, Rising Action, and Resolution C: Happy True THE ANSWER IS... B! Question 4: A: Happy THE ANSWER IS...B! What does mono mean? B: Religion What are the methods an author uses to create characterization? Characterization involves the setting of a story. C: Mad A: This or That THE ANSWER IS...A! Question 1: THE ANSWER IS... D C: Advertising, Alliteration, and Oxymorons Which sentence potrays imagery best?

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