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What Is Design Template In Powerpoint

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What is design?

Transcript: DESIGN Salaries What can you accomplish in obtaining degree in design? DESIGN AS A PROCESS Web Design Jewelery design Landscape design Lighting design Packaging design Scenic design Sound design Urban design User Experience Design User Interface Design Web design Visual Arts What is design? Account Manager: $55,000 Agency Creative/Design Director: $100,000 Art Director: $67,000 Chief Design Officer: $104,000 Design Manager: $75,000 Designer (print and/or web/interactive): $46,000 Executive Producer $85,500 Head of Production: $75,000 Junior Designer (print and/or web/interactive): $40,000 Mobile App Developer: $70,000 Motion/Video Editor: $51,300 Producer (print and/or web/interactive): $55,000 Senior Designer (print and/or web/interactive): $62,500 User Experience Designer: $80,000 Web Developer (front end/interface systems): $58,000 Web Programer/Developer (back end systems): $65,000 Industrial Design Many ways of describing design process Prevailing view: "The Rational Model" "Technical Problem Solving", and "The Reason-Centric Perspective" Alternative view: "Reflection-in-Action", "Evolutionary Design", "co-evolution", and "The Action-Centric Perspective" Architect Costume design Fashion design Floral design Furniture design Game design Graphic design Industrial design (Product design) Interaction design Invitation Design Interior design Pursuing a degree in design will allow me to study graphic design and photography. This will then lead into a job working for a magazine as a photographer and graphic designer for their website and printed works. My dream is to work for National Geographic and getting a degree in design is the first step in doing so. What will you do? Our Goals: Tiffany I'm hoping to major in industrial design because it allows me to combine different elements from all realms of design. Industrial designers can work in specific areas of product design, such a designing cars, household appliances, or electronics, which I find fascinating. I'm not quite sure what I specifically would like to, but hopefully I can work for a design company, and eventually start my own. Architecture Graduates with design degrees will be competent in many areas: logical thinking and problem-solving project management research and editorial skills presentation and other communication skills hands-on project management creativity computer and software skills in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD having an eye for detail Packaging Design Monica Wilner and Tiffany Zhang Visual representation of an idea Is part of a plan for a larger development of an object or system Can be either 2D or 3D Design itself can be used to create change in the ways people view and act in the world by provoking uncommon thought in everyday life Design can be found everywhere and anywhere (print, media, architecture, etc.) Graphic Design Our Goals: Monica Costume Design Pursuing Jobs Game Design

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