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Welcome Back to School!

Transcript: A Few Notes About Me Coming Attractions Adding to the Community Planting a Class Tree Raking up Boise Exploring Our Cities Rich History Discovering our natural and unnatural wildlife What's Instore!! Idaho's: History Present Future Your child should end this quarter with a better understanding of their community, their state, their country, and how they fit into it all. Welcome to Our Class (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr My name is Justin Fiddler. To be part of a community it's best that we know how our community came to be, how it has progressed, and it's place in the future. For the first quarter of the school year we will cover: How you can help: Volunteer Teachers Aide Field Trip Chaperone Fundraising Opportunities Going West! Local Tribes Lewis and Clark Mountain Men Forming the Gem State Family I enjoy disc golfing, hunting, video games, singing to myself in the car, and spending time with my family. Results I have been teaching for five years at Pierce Park Elementary, and I have loved every minute of it. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Idaho Today Local Government Idaho Industry Idaho's Wilderness Global Contributions Idaho's Future The People That Created Our Country and World Teaching is a group experience that will take all of our participation. We will be visting: The Zoo Kathryn Albertson Park Idaho Birding Trail Child Idaho's Place In: the U.S. the World Community Here's some info about me and the coming semester. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Being Part of a Community I have lived in the Treasure Valley for most of my life and have a great understanding and appreciation for our community values, lifestyle, and natural treausures. The First Communities & How the Lived Native Americans Pilgrims 13 Colonies Expansion out West We will: Enjoy the Boise History Museum Ride the Historic Trolly Tour Who's Participating

Welcome Back to School!

Transcript: Welcome to 7th Grade Reading! On the sheet of lined paper on your desk... Option 1: Write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) about what you're most excited about for this coming school year Option 2: Draw a picture of one thing you did this summer (remember to label your picture!) You have 15 minutes to complete this warm-up. I will call time. If you are done early, please begin filling out your student schedule on the piece of paper provided on your desk Let's Share! Welcome to the 7th Grade and Room B237, Home of the... This will be a good year. This year we will succeed. We will work for what is rightfully ours - the power to choose and the power to want. You're in good hands, so relax. Gettin' Down to Business Student Schedules Who's Mr. Pham? 1. Your Teacher 2. Your resource 3. Your Hartman Pirate Myself in Pictures Classroom Expectations Expectations are NOT rules. Rules come from expectations. I don't have rules. I only have expectations...VERY HIGH expectations. You are expected to behave in a certain way in AND out of the classroom. These expectations guide our actions and will always be here, regardless of whether or not you have broken them. Expectations have an element of trust. Still don't get it? We are the Young Professionals. In this class, we will act like young professionals. YOUR TURN Brainstorm three actions of professional and non-professional behavior Post your responses on the "Professional" and "Non Professional Chart Paper" Consequences NO EXCUSES - OWN YOUR ACTIONS. You have my trust. Do not break our trust. Procedures Class Pass Technology Let's get to know one another! Thank you for a great first day. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Come in, ready to go - Remember, we are the... QuickWrite/Draw Pay attention Be Prepared Be Polite Be a Participant Be Productive Washington, DC Please quickly and quietly find your seat Let's share! Huntington Beach, California Houston, Texas What are the FIVE principles of a Young Professional?

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