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Welcome back to school!

Transcript: Welcome back! Are you a penguin or a polar bear? What will our students be? It is great to have some new faces this year! Let's start the year by getting to know a little bit about who you are. Today I think we will use the jellybean test. The white jelly bean person likes to control the environment and likes a lot of praise. S/he is always trying to earn brownie points; gets reports in weeks before the deadline. The black jelly bean person smiles a lot, is enthusiastic and always playful. In fact, s/he usually plays around at workshops, meetings, and conferences. The green jelly bean person is a peacemaker, doesn’t like conflict. S/he likes to get black and white jelly bean people to organize his/her projects. S/he might be superintendent sooner than you think. The pink jelly bean person can be a skilled brown-noser. S/he often “volunteers” to do a little more, especially when the superintendent or principal asks. The orange jelly bean person dresses well; likes luxury items such as gold bracelets, watches, and chains. In fact, s/he likes possessions and might stay at school to horde supplies; or after meetings to horde handouts. The purple jelly bean person needs fulfillment. S/he might question an assignment, want to do it differently. She/he can have a problem dealing with highly structured time, such as meetings. The red jelly bean person can be extremely frustrated. In fact, researchers would like you to submit your name and address for future research! The yellow jelly bean person is the thinker of the group and is very independent. In fact, s/he often doesn’t follow meeting rules, polices, or procedures. The Webster Dance

Welcome Back to School!

Transcript: Lets have a great year!!! Subjects and Classes! World Civilizations to 1660(1pm-2pm) World Civilizations from 1660 (10am-11am) Football Practice each day (8am-9am and 2pm-5pm) Off Period (9am-10am) if there are any questions or concerns Contact information: or Phone: 501-860-3745 Grades taught: 9th-12th Class Rules and Homework Policy This will be my first year here at Lakeside High School. I will be teaching World Civilizations and assistant coaching for the football team. Welcome Back to School! World Civilizations Supply list 1. No talking while I'm talking. 2. No phones in class. 3. Be respectful. Projects Everyone will learn something new in my classes. I want my classes to be as fun as possible. Strive to make the best grade possible! I want every student to pass my classes. For my football team, I want them to be injury free and grow not only as individual players, but as a team. 1. I will not take late work, unless you have talked to me beforehand and arrangements have been made. 1. A three ring binder 2. Pen and/or Pencils 3. Paper (wide or college ruled) 4. Dropbox account or Portable USB for saving work Goals for the year! Coach Wade Garrett I graduated from Fountain Lake High School, then Henderson State University with a Social Sciences BSE and a Minor in Coaching. Subjects World Civilizations to 1660 World Civilizations since 1660 1. Students will type a 2-4 page research paper on any major event in history. Its due by October 26. 2. Students will be put in groups to make a PowerPoint presentation and do a reenactment of a major battle in world history.

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