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Weekly Presentation

Transcript: TEST IT Results: - Off-campus websites and Facebook pages - Various realtors - Youtube - Social Media/Online presence - Word of Mouth Utility Providers - Electricity: PECO - Gas: PGW - Internet/Cable: COMCAST - Water: Philadelphia Water Department We found that most of the students found out from their roommates about the app. However it took them a while to register with the app themselves. Results: Key Resources Iterate - Focus on customer acquisition. - Co-creation approach by listening and adapting to customers needs. - Using feedback and ideas from customers to pivot. Topic of the Day All students living off-campus in Philadelphia Region Customers would be provided with all utility service. Iterate: Next we want to find the best way to attract our potential market, as well as the amount they would pay for this service. We also want to see if realtors could also be a potential customer. Experiment: We thought our biggest investment would be in buying the domain and securing the website, however we were unsure which host to choose. Partners Experiment: Customer Flow TEST IT Experiment: Ask customers the amount they would pay to have this service, and how they would want to pay for it like a monthly or annual fee; would they want a security deposit or would they want to be charged with a late fee if it came to that. Pass: The amount customers are willing to pay is enough to create a significant profit. We realized that we can't not solely depend on the word of mouth method. Instead we developed a new marketing campaign in which need to develop credibility and then get in contact with utility companies will direct students and anyone else who could be a potential customer for HandleIT. Values: - accountability - individuality Utility Bundle: - Gas - Electric - Internet - Cable - Satellite - Phone - give option to clients if want to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. -Determined to meet the specific and many needs of our customers We would provide the customers with ability to see which roommates have paid, and the consumption of their utilities. find what features customers would like to see in our service further specify target customers and how to attract them to use service Monitor all services and ask customer about performance and comments. Pass: Teams are available to meet all of customers demands and don't require any additional services. Iterate: Have customer surveys about improved service. Topic of the Day We would invest the money over night and collect profits. Negotiate to hand money to utility company within five days of the month. All students living with roommates and off-campus attending Drexel University. Hypothesis: HANDLE IT We tried to find a company that offers the same or a similar service that our company would offer. Results: We believed that our partners would include all the utility companies in who will be providing their services to our customers. We have yet to determine the customers acquisition cost, because we want to investigate how much it would cost to provide such a service. The fact that customers only have to worry about paying their own portion of the bills resonates best with them. Topic of the Day Other Deliverables: Hypothesis - Service fee to ensure all bills are paid on time. - Monthly fee or Annual fee - Late fees and security deposits - currently one tenant pays for one bill and other tenants pay that tenant - customers prefer to pay for themselves We thought that people wanted a service that could simplify their life by sending individual checks to each individual living in the house instead of collecting the money owed from roommates. Customers/Users/Payers TEST IT Iterate: Real-estate companies seemed not to mind at all, because they already provide information about setting up cable, internet, gas, electric. Topic of the Day -Our target customers are college students who are living with other students and have to pay one another back for utility bills. - need to use security API to ensure that clients bank information is secured We have heard of people who provide the same service however could not find more information. We also found that realtors would be interested in offering a service that provides clarity to their tenants about which roommates paid their portion of the bill. TEST IT Through which channels that your customers want to be reached? I want to reach customers through off-campus housing websites, and real estates companies. I would also post like a youtube video. Present at next apple keynote. Which channels work best? How much do they cost? How can they be integrated into your and your customers’ routines? We found that only 20% of students were willing to pay a monthly service fee of $3.oo. We also found that 40% of students would be willing to pay an annual service fee of $30.00. TEST IT We found that realtors would especially be interested in this type of service to ensure that tenants are paying their bill, and when

weekly presentation

Transcript: 11 Maret 2019 Weekly Meeting Team Product Finishing testing B2B (B2B 100% complete) Fitur edit jumlah di final invoice Mengganti display email di fitur chatting RFQ dan Contract Mengganti display email di fitur chatting manage order Merubah nama file yang terdownload dari manage order Develop Tradio Pasang google analytics di marketplace Refactory : On process Develop new frontend : On process Develop bank data : On process tt Topic TO DO LIST PLANNING Continue to develop Refactor Continue to develop new frontend Continue to develop bank data Reset untuk homepage Penambahan POL dan POD HS code di cantumin info INSW website Email bidding rfq dan contract yg diblasting hanya bidding pertama saja RFQ/Contract for email blasting: Merchant only can choose for 2 type of shipment type Inquiry blasting based on operation checking Fitur edit jumlah di final invoice Final Invoice RFQ & Contract Mengganti display email di fitur chatting RFQ dan Contract Merchant : Anonymous Merchant, Customer : Anonymous Customer, Admin : Andalin Support Chatting Manage Order Mengganti display email di fitur chatting manage order Merchant : Company name, Customer : User name, Admin : Andalin Support Manage Order Merubah nama file yang terdownload dari manage order Template penamaan file : description – code country code city (origin) - code country code city (destination) – freight mode Tradio Tradio URL : Email sales : Bank Data Bank Data User Stories Flow Homepage User Stories Heuristic evaluation Backlog User flow Sketsa wireframe Wireframe Prototype User Stories

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