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Wedding Slideshow Template Powerpoint

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Wedding slideshow

Transcript: Meet the wedges. NAME: Noah AGE: OCCUPATION: FAVOURITE SAYING: NAME: Ria AGE: How old do I look? OCCUPATION: Martha Stewart protege, Family glue FAVOURITE SAYING: "I'm drunk" " NAME: Oliver AGE: Denial OCCUPATION: Pinoy Mr. Clean, Dog walker, Foodie FAVOURITE SAYING: "Are you going to finish that?" "Crumbs are the devil." NAME: Elliott AGE: 28 years old OCCUPATION: Manipulator, Dad's best buddy, Diva FAVOURITE SAYING: "Why won't you feed me?" "I refuse to poop there... I demand you take me somewhere else." NAME: Noah AGE: Achieved 'Old Man' status OCCUPATION: Call of Duty Officer, Walking/Talking/Breathing IMBD database FAVOURITE SAYING: "It's not my fault." " That's [insert unknown actor name] from [insert obscure B- movie]. " Meet the Sta. Minas... PARENTING TECHNIQUE AGE AGE NAME NAME George Wedge I can't remember Retiree, Voluntary Philippines Tourism Director, Handyman extraordinaire "Them's the brakes" "Holy Mackerel" "How do I look?" Spare the rod and spoil the chick. OCCUPATION NAME: Elaine Sta. Mina AGE: I can't remember OCCUPATION: Retiree/ Voluntary Philippines Tourism Director/ Handyman extraordinaire FAVOURITE SAYING: "Them's the brakes" "Holy Mackerel" "How do I look?" PARENTING TECHNIQUE: Spare the rod and spoil the chick. FAVOURITE SAYING FAVOURITE SAYING Rebecca Young enough to act crazy, old enough for a seniors discount Retiree, Sister of Christ, The Church Enforcer, Interrupter of Movies "Quit your dilly dollying" "Why is it so dirty in here?" "Elliott, out of the kitchen" Pinches, hugs and throwing of slippers OCCUPATION PARENTING TECHNIQUE Meet Our Family

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