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Wedding Presentation

Transcript: *Sharon Gal With Once Upon a Time: Named the number one wedding coordinator in Orange County, she has drawn attention by putting together breath-taking weddings that are truly one of a kind. ~Expand & Regain our Business ~Reach target Audiences ~Specialize ~Have BTB become well known for each individual expertise *Sharon Sacks With Sacks Production: With her innovative designs Sharon has caught the eye of many iconic figures from Presidents to celebrities. She is now internationally sought out to coordinate weddings. with BTB Event Productions *There are 2.3 Million weddings a year in the United States, which is 6,200 weddings per day. This rate has been consistent since 1980. *California has approximately 200,000 weddings per year, which is at least 40,000 more than any other state. *$72 Billion dollars a year spent on weddings in the United States. *Average budget $27,000 Company Divisions One Year Plan Day to Day Duties Bridal Expos Royal Treatment ~Certification (The Academy of special event professionals or US Career Center) $1000 ~Phone $1500 ~Bridal Expo (Cost for Booth and Labor) $5000-$7000 Show booth $725 & $400 for labor for decor ~Consultation Room $2500 Furnishing, paint, framed photos, Faux flowers, etc. ~Marketing Materials $1535 Business Cards $35, Website $100, Flyers $700, Display kits for stores $700 ~Momentos $1518 Custom Champagne glasses(144) $500, Custom Pilsner (144) $420, Water bottle (500) $598, mini champagne(192) $104.32 & Mini apple cider (120) $110 ~Mock Cake $130 Located on Etsy ~Organization Fees $710 AACWP $160, AFWPI $350, EPA $250, EPC $360 ~Misc $1000 To buy seasonal decor & bottled Water Total: Approx $16,893 ~Have an image that leaves a lasting impression ~Be Unique ~Be There for your client ~Be Prepared ~Be the Best Attire Budget Networking Annual Budget Ambiance Join Organizations Inspirations ~Marketing & Social Networking ~Update Wedding web page ~Make consultation appointments with Brides & Grooms ~Stay in contact with all brides who have booked their wedding with BTB ~Relationship building ~Attire ~Attitude ~Royal Treatment ~Ambiance Key Elements of Coordinating Join at least 2 organizations *AACWP: American Association of Certified Wedding Planners *AFWPI: Association for Wedding Professionals International *EPA: Event Planning Association *EPC: Event Planners Consortium Attitude ~Certification classes ~Consultation office ~Networking opportunities ~Cell Phone ~Supplies for table mock ups ~Company Support Source: Make them feel Valued Make their experience memorable Give them something to take as a reminder of their experience at BTB Charisma Confidence Compassion Friendly Outgoing Patient Open Minded Personable Weddings By Kara Why Me? What I need to succeed Financial Benefit One Year Plan ~Attending 5-10 Bridal shows ~Premier Bridal shows (Dates: March 10th & April 14th) ~Great Bridal Expo (April 7th & September 15th) ~Bridal Show Place (May 19th & July 28th) ~Festival of Brides (March 17th & April 21st) -One to Three Months: Start Branding, Get Certified, Get Marketing Materials & Prepare a Bridal consultation room -Four to Six Months: Attend Bridal shows to gain business & build reputation amongst wedding/event community. These will be heavy networking months to help get this division off the ground. -Six to Nine Months: Build a portfolio to present to venues. Become a preferred wedding coordinator. This will help keep the wedding division busy year round. -Nine Months to One year: Have the Wedding division up and running. Bring on an assistant to help coordinate weddings. Wedding Industry BTB's Future The End *David Tutera With My Fair Wedding: As Seen on TV David can take any crazy idea, color scheme or theme and turn it into a work of art no matter how fabulous or terrible the brides dream wedding may sound. Leave a Lasting Impression ~Executing two "Average budget" weddings a month will make the company $648,000 a year ~Estimated Profit $400,000 ~ Organized ~Ambitious ~Young ~Creative ~Knowledgeable with Budgeting ~Hardworking ~Ready

wedding presentation

Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Tibetan Wedding 3 PROVINCES Informal norms amdo kham utsang language spoken: Tibetan but each province has a different accent, tones and rhythm mostly marriage is about two people but for Tibetans it is more than two people it is between families. (a family marriage) Tibetan marriage system and the traditions are inherited generations to generations and interestingly due to close connected environment and their social life especially marriage is none of the government's business nor there is any law implemented to be carried in a marriage. there fore no formal law central of tibet (utsang) not wearing pangden not wearing chupa when visiting a Rinpoche or someone religiously higher than one (monk) keeping the bride's face down during all the blessings and rituals It is mandatory to make rice wine (chang) a month before for better and sweeter wine and bring goodluck. mores pangden making the chupa (the traditional dress) types of cloth used- silk, gyochen or nambu(wool) wearing pangden when wearing chupa is a must in a Tibetan society if a girl is married if a girl is not wearing then it is shame for the girl's family and the groom as well gorshay (dancing in a circle) is done at the end of the marriage different types of dancing(some requires more feet movement) folkways chupa Tibetan traditional food (momo) gorshey (danced in a circle) we value elder or any other significant people in the family decisions and ask for their consent. we pick an auspicious date for a successful wedding. Prostration are done by the bride and the groom like offering the god and getting blessing from them. we believe that before giving out all the invitations, the news of wedding should not be spread out as it would bring bad lucks by people's talk value and belief an arrow wrapped with different types of colors symbolizes engagement ring and beliefs the bride will bring good luck. The groom's family puts that arrow behind her waist to show that she is marked and is only carried by the bride during the wedding. chang, the rice wine if it does not turn well it is considered as a bad omen and the families does offerings and prayers to gods and monasteries. The white scarf called khata symbolizes a way of congratulating and it's white color symbolizes pure and if you take closer look you will see phrases like good luck and other wishes are written symbols the arrow khata rice wine Mola (old guy ) is considered as the church father who tells all the characteristics of both the bride and the groom. pangden symbolizes that a girl is married. (if you see a girl wearing pangden it means she is already married) more symbols old ladies wearing pangden mola Toronto : Canadian-Tibetan are influenced by the western style wedding. In Toronto they hold 2 receptions. one wearing Tibetan chupa other wearing white dress(western style) clearly we can see the culture influential over other. depended on environment. for this I wanted to say was back in India when my sister got married she wanted to hold 2 receptions by wearing traditional dress and as well as the white dress but she did not. as it would look inappropriate wearing western dress in India. getting married with different culture background. it considered a shame to a family if a girl or a son marries someone from different culture and still is but due to western culture influence Tibetan elders can not really say much. culture influence tibetan couple wearing white dress a Tibetan girl marrying a black guy citations

Wedding presentation

Transcript: Held at Della Terra rehearsal area August 10, 2018 5:00 pm Menu: Salad, chicken, fish, bread Number of people attending: 14 Total cost: $700 Bride and groom will pay Will be placed in the Loveland Reporter Harold and the Windsor Chronicle Both will be placed on July 22, 2018 It is free to place an announcement It will say: To Be Engaged: Mackenzie LaDawn Wright and Kyle Kline on August 11, 2018 at Della Terra in Estes Park, Colorado. The Rings Thank You Notes The photographer is: Sugar Mill Photography The pictures I want include: during the ceremony, wedding party, singles, families, reception, dancing Total cost: $1,000 The bride's and groom's families will split the cost Cake Gifts given: (will be placed in guests' rooms) pocket knife, jewelry, toys, makeup, accessories, pictures/picture frames, watches, gift cards, CD of wedding pictures Cost:(respectively) $30, $50, $30, $45, $32, $25, $60, $50, $10 Bride and Groom will split the cost Gift Registry One possible reason that the divorce rate is above 50% is because young couples rush into a commitment they are not readily willing to follow through with. It is always best to spend some time with someone you are serious about, to truly understand how compatible you are. Another reason the divorce rate may be so high is because of unresolved marital conflict. Especially within the first year, newlyweds have many things to figure out and the more conflicts that arise, some people may want to back out of this commitment. When this occurs, some coupes may choose counseling, and some can relieve stress by spending quality time together through a nice dinner or a movie night, something to get away from "real life". There are endless reasons as to why divorce rates are so high, but there are also plenty of ways to avoid it. Flowers The groom will pay for his and the ring bearer's tuxedos All groomsmen will pay for their own suits Fathers will pay for their own suits Groom's suit: $217 Groomsmen's suits: $215 each Ring bearer's suit: $53 Bride's father's suit: $215 Groom's father's suit: $215 Total: $1,345 Will be purchased by the family of the bride Will be purchased at David's Bridal Cost: $749 Rehearsal Dinner The Ceremony Plans are created for the wedding of Mackenzie LaDawn Wright and Kyle Russell Kline Date: Saturday, August 11, 2018 Wedding location: Della Terra Reception location: Della Terra Dining Area Officiant: Adam Gniewek Age of the bride: 22 Age of the groom: 22 Occupation of the bride: Geophysicist Occupation of the groom: State Patrol Will be held at outdoor wedding area at 11 am Program: (Front) To Be Wed: Mackenzie LaDawn Wright and Kyle Russell Kline on the date of Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the location of Della Terra, Estes Park, Colorado. (Inside) Beginning at 11:00 am, processional will begin as an instrumental of "Awake" by secondhand serenade plays. Song will switch to "Canon in D major" composed by Johann Pachelbel as the bride enters. Officiant, Adam Gneiwek will greet the guests and the wedding party. Exchanging of vows, profession of marriage, and couple/party will leave as "Brandenburg Concierto No. 1" composed by Bach plays. Special thanks and mini-biographies will be given to direct family, bridal party, and officiant. Decorations: rock "bleachers", white seatcovers, flower petals along the stairs, trees draped with white, yellow and blue ribbon, flowers tied to ends of rows, (etc) Parent Involvement Total Cost of Wedding Will be held at Della Terra dining area Cost of venue: $10,000 Decorating: Flowers on every table, white cloths on round tables, nametags on plates, blue and yellow cloths for bridal party table, candle orbs Cost of decorations: $600 Bride, groom, and families will split cost Bridal party, three square tables at front of the room, on a rising step, round tables scattered in front Menu: Steak, salmon, chicken, salad, baked or mashed potato, green beans, rolls Cost of food: approximately $65 per person Music provided by: Visual Sound Cost: $800 Will be split between bride and groom First song will be: I Loved Her First, Heartland (Daddy/Daughter) List of songs: Cinderella, Ordinary Miracle (Mother/Son), You and Me (Couple Dance), Bailamos, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, One More Night, Amazed, I Don't Want This Night To End, It's Your Love We will go to Italy We will stay 7 days We will leave the morning of August 12, 2018 Total cost: $3,200 Bride and groom will pay Custodians will be provided by the location to assist with clean up All guests leave/return to rooms, dining area and dance hall will be cleaned, rooms will be cleaned as guests leave Photography Wedding flowers: Bride's bouquet, maid of honor bouquet, groom's flower, aisle decorations, decorative petals for flower girl Reception flowers: table centerpieces, yellow roses for cake decor, flower petals for cake table Bride's bouquet includes: Baby's breath, white carnations, celandine, elderflower, forget-me-nots, blue violets, white roses, white lilacs,

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