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Transcript: Maggie Morrison Photo Essay Roll of Thunder hear My cry Theme and Character The theme " Society makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" relates to Cassie because Mr. Barnett helped the white people before her, and it made her feel like she wasn't as good as the white people.In chapter 6 Mr.Barnett said this "'Well, you just get your little black self back over there and wait some more,' he said in a low, tight voice. I was hot. I had been as nice as I could be to him and here he was talking like this. 'We been waiting on you for near an hour,' I hissed, 'while you 'round here waiting on everybody else. And it ain't fair. You got no right - " How theme relates to the character(Cassie) How theme relates to Character Jeremy´s family is making him think that he is lesser than them because he likes/hangs out with the Logan's. " "Far as I'm concerned, friendship between black and white don't mean that much 'cause it usually ain't on an equal basis." The quote shows how Jeremy goes against Mr. Simms, and doesn't care about features or skin color. How theme relates to Jeremy Jeremy The theme that I chose also relates to Little Man because of the dirty book. The black people got dirty book, just because of their skin color, and little man refused to use it. " 'Pick it up,' she ordered. 'No !' defied Little Man. 'No! I'll give you ten seconds to pick up that book, boy. or I'm going to get my switch.' Little Man bit his lower lip, and I knew that he was not going to pick up the book. Rapidly, I turned to the inside cover of my own book and saw immediately what had made Little Man so furious. Stamped on the inside cover was a chart which read: " How the theme relates to Little Man Little Man The theme is " Society can make us think we are lesser than others because of our features, and we shouldn't allow it" relates to the image below, because if someone is shaking their fist they are telling someone to stop something, and Cassie was standing up to Mr.Barnett and told him that he should help them because they were there first. Symbols that relate to the theme and character Stand up, stay strong The picture I chose represents the book because, the picture was of birds migrating, or flying. The birds represent slavery being abolished(flying away), but the birds always fly back. The message is slavery flew away, but it still came back in a way(segregation). Symbol Symbol 2 It may be gone, but will always be there still PICTURES Symbol 3 This picture represents never giving up, or perseverance. In the book Cassie and her family had some hard times, but they still persevered through it all, and made it through. push the rock and keep going The theme "Society Makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" applies in the modern world still. Lately men have been paid more than women, which is discrimination because, just because your a man, doesn't mean women can't do whatever you do. Its a discrimination of gender, or skin color, and by now (2019), you would think there would be no discrimination of any kind. How the theme relates to modern world How Theme relates to Modern World This chart is a salary chart difference between men and women Police have also been discriminating black people(mostly teenage boys), by pulling them over for no reason, or accusing them of things they never did. This relates to the theme because, the police think that black people are lesser because of society, and skin color. Reason 2 Reason 2 Another way the theme applies to modern world, was a specific situation with the apple company. A black worker at apple was hired, and white people complained and got him fired, even though he did his job perfectly fine. It relates to the theme because the white people made him think he was not good enough for apple, just because of his skin color. Reason 3 Reason 3 In the book ¨Roll Of Thunder Hear My cry¨ The Logan family experiences racism, and injustice as they own their farm land. In the 1930s slavery had recently been executed. The white people though, still did not think of black people as normal people, but as people that are not as good as them. The theme ¨society makes us think we are less than others because of our race" relates to the 1930s because the white people thought that they were better than the Logans, just because of their race. How the theme relates to 1930s segregation How the theme relates to 1930s segregation The Jim Crow laws are also related to the theme " Society makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" , because the Jim crow laws didn't give the white and black people the same things. For an example the white and black people would have separate water fountains. The black people would have dirty water, and rusty fountains, and the white people would have clean, nice water fountains. It relates because, society thought the white people were better, because of their skin color, and they thought the black people

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Transcript: Thu Tran Photo Essay Powerpoint Voigt Elementary School Voigt Round Rock ISD Art Integration School Dual Language program "Capturing Kids Hearts" Old Community Community Mostly houses around the school Assessment "Close-knit community" "I went here as a kid now my kids go here"- Parents Parents has already built a relationship with one another Often chat and check up with each other at drop off and pick up The students know each other because their parents are friends (EX: Play dates, seeing each other at the store, restaurant, etc.) - This helps with building a classroom community because they've already established a relationship People stay here for a long time so they all put a lot of time and effort invested to make the community better and improve by adding new parts into the neighborhood. Diverse Community Kids with parents who live here their whole life, families who just moved here and families who just recently immigrated here Different cultures and knowledge into classroom Written Texts Action A lot of stop signs School Zone Follow traffic rule in school ("STOP" sign sticker at every hallway corner/ intersections) Bus Stop Students told me that their family would use this to get to places sometime (EX:Walmart, Target, Round Rock Library) Nearby Places Advertising Soccer Field School Events Students really enjoy playing Soccer Common point that connect some of them together Success High School Apartments Where some of the students live Connections with books: "I live in an apartment like that too" Day Care Day Care Some of the students from the school go here - Other teachers Gas Stations Assessment A lot of gas stations nearby Grab snacks on their way to after school activities (EX: Sport, Gymnastic, Dance, etc.) Skate Park Skate Park Student's hang out spot Write about it in assignments (Personal Narrative, Expository Essay, etc.) Share it during "Good Things" Enjoy reading about skating and discussing about it Garden Garden Across from the playground Students love it! They get to plant and take care of it Can eat the fruits/ vegetable Share it with the class Take it home Promote healthy eating lifestyle Decision making skills Science (Learn about plants, what plants need to grow) Reading (Read to find out and learn more about plants)

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