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Website Design Site Map

Transcript: Dept. of Labor and Employment Portfolio - images/logo Simple Contact us page MENU keep menu to 5 (or 6) for simplicity? what do you think? do we add an "Latest News" option in the menu? lets put loren ipsum for text placements initially how do we present the Menu? every website sample we viewed did the same thing. Let's do something different (maybe vertical? like your site?) The Company add social media icons? Privacy, Terms of Use what large image should greet the audience? This would be the main site. Replace the traditional "Home" with The Company Add the following to the bottom of the page (might change): Services that we provide as a company. Better if we could use icons and pictures. Things to do (priority): 1. Reserve website 2. create emails 3. learn how to make emails (Secondary) 3. create twitter and fb page? hahaha 4. Contact Us Project Requirements: 1. Use HTML 5 for website 2. Responsive/Adaptive? (not sure with the correct term haha) such that viewing through ipad or any resolution will be ok. 3. less words; concise. more on pictures and icons. 4. Ideally: simple and clean. There's a vibrant feel to the site. 5. The website aims to impress its audience a modern, 2013, feel. To me, a good first impression on the website (the second they see it) is key.* Services H.S. Pow Construction and Development Corporation Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board Dept. of Trade and Industry About Us Mission image/icon + words Vision image/icon + words The HSPow Experience Website Design Site Map 6. Your 100% passion for designing websites. This is a mock up idea i thought of: (parang coursera) like how the detailed the project, but better execution from us *because if you think about it, even if you can showcase hundreds of project done, the manner in which you present it has more initial impact (few will only scroll through your projects). Finally, in any presentation, intro dictates the impression of the audience. Clients Do we arrange according to date? type of project? Let's discuss this afterwards Image greeting the audience, then list for immediate hiring, etc. Projects Career *ideally, when clicked, it would show a description of the project. But my concern would be the loading time of the image (the adhoc images loads after 10 secs; monolith website too)

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