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Website Site Map Template Powerpoint

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Website Design Site Map

Transcript: Portfolio - images/logo Simple Contact us page Dept. of Labor and Employment MENU H.S. Pow Construction and Development Corporation Dept. of Trade and Industry Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board Do we arrange according to date? type of project? Let's discuss this afterwards 6. Your 100% passion for designing websites. Website Design Site Map About Us Image greeting the audience, then list for immediate hiring, etc. Career The Company Contact Us Services Mission image/icon + words Vision image/icon + words The HSPow Experience like how the detailed the project, but better execution from us This is a mock up idea i thought of: (parang coursera) Clients *because if you think about it, even if you can showcase hundreds of project done, the manner in which you present it has more initial impact (few will only scroll through your projects). Finally, in any presentation, intro dictates the impression of the audience. *ideally, when clicked, it would show a description of the project. But my concern would be the loading time of the image (the adhoc images loads after 10 secs; monolith website too) Things to do (priority): 1. Reserve website 2. create emails 3. learn how to make emails (Secondary) 3. create twitter and fb page? hahaha 4. Services that we provide as a company. Better if we could use icons and pictures. Projects Project Requirements: 1. Use HTML 5 for website 2. Responsive/Adaptive? (not sure with the correct term haha) such that viewing through ipad or any resolution will be ok. 3. less words; concise. more on pictures and icons. 4. Ideally: simple and clean. There's a vibrant feel to the site. 5. The website aims to impress its audience a modern, 2013, feel. To me, a good first impression on the website (the second they see it) is key.* This would be the main site. Replace the traditional "Home" with The Company Add the following to the bottom of the page (might change): add social media icons? Privacy, Terms of Use what large image should greet the audience? keep menu to 5 (or 6) for simplicity? what do you think? do we add an "Latest News" option in the menu? lets put loren ipsum for text placements initially how do we present the Menu? every website sample we viewed did the same thing. Let's do something different (maybe vertical? like your site?)

GCC New Website Site Map

Transcript: Portal directory use admin CENV students upload LIFE group ?s admin all LIFE Group rosters admin ministry applications admin Sunday morning plans admin registrations user search staff links admin calendar documents staff HR admin bulletin Misc. From Sundays menu, "What to Expect (on a Sunday)" New Brief "about us" (take from new welcome doc) History Belief Vision Staff Location Building Use New ideas Local Mission All sermon archive (/sermons) CENV Students Static image, probably link to About Us section Upcoming events - use IMAGES though News items - use IMAGES though Move address/service times to footer Sermon on home page gets series graphic and player along with info? Login function Forgot password? function Once log in complete, redirects back to whatever page user was on My Groups block on user/account page Account information for user will be migrated over from D6 (will need help from MSM), but will link to CiviCRM data when migration complete (done by GCC) Fill out Min App link (later, to be linked to CiviCRM by GCC) Review Min App link (later, to be linked to CiviCRM by GCC) Directory link? (if available to them, later, to be linked to CiviCRM by GCC) Vision lives on Local page itself as header to Drupal View. Ministries and Serving the Community combined in one list; probably use Taxonomy to differentiate for possible future use, but basically treat same for now Add learn about specific local ministries learn about staff learn basic church info check hours,address,phone, service times check calendar sermons, special audio, classes advertise events/initiatives weather info disc golf conact staff/ask general question glenwood news Bible reading plan building use learn about global ministries select audio online registration get LIFE Group ?s pictures request CDs contact missionaries watch videos resource links (outside sites) read blogs Bible reading plan see library books list of LIFE Groups sermon/audio archive documents/resources sign up for e-bulletin search Dynamic Pages Global Mission Combine current Interact & Resources menu items Current Vision Short Term Long Term Nationals Current Contact Staff/Civi Public Requirements Global Mission Top piece is Contact webform like it is presently The bottom piece is a (view) list of links to staff member's contact pages. Taxonomy Blog Calendar News Archive Audio Video Bible Reading Site Help CD Request Vision lives on Global page itself as header to Drupal View. Short Term, Long Term, Nationals combined in one list; probably use Taxonomy to differentiate for possible future use, but basically treat same for now Local Ministries Serving the Community About Home Page CENV Students select audio online registration select LIFE Group rosters pictures use ministry application contact select missionaries watch videos scholarship application glenwood family news comment on blogs see LIFE Group closest to you contact info for LIFE Groups update personal info documents ministry team info User Current use & adjustment Logo Simple Menu Search Login Upcoming sermon Recent sermon Footer Dynamic view/block of most used links/pages? Space for My Groups block Link to CiviCRM for those with access (integrated into My Groups block? Donate/Give (later, just planning ahead) News - Family/not Family? Media Resources Mission

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