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MSE Website Template

Transcript: MSE Website Template SBU System Standards Campus Standards Talk to Rich H Jarrod to provide intro. Some pics. Link to RH .PDF Type of standard we expect to see in: Projector Speakers Wiring Processor ADA Classrooms Media Systems Desk/ front room Classroom Media Systems Move current "button" to refect under MSE page Have it refrence go to Classtech "classroom media system section. 4/5 3 Catogory of systems wall mounted, mid ter classroom, lecture A/V Room Categories How many seats in a classroom 100 or more is a large classrooms / lecture halls 46 - 100 seats is a Medium hybrid 46 seats and under is a Small Computer Station Size varies for a Specialty/Active Learning MSE suggested room Systems Ask Greg for wiring diagrams ex: of what a user can take to a vendor, link to wolfmart?? MSE suggested room Systems bulb Wiring Diagrams for: Conference rooms Small - Dell recomindation HUM2094 Medium - Large LCD, solstice, keypad, hdmi, meetup Large - Projector/ Lg screen, audio system, pzt Maintenance Standards Gears Maintenance Standards Items we check on a X-__times looking for issues outside of class time -How often we do it. Preventive Maintenance Test systems Student Workers testing for us Vacuuming Dust off equipment Firmware Updates User Best Practices Thumb User Best Practices What MSE / AV would like to see when rooms are being used Provide your own adapters No food / Drink near electronics Shut off room when done If there is an issue please create a ticket Training before classes start Keep chalk and eraser away from equipment MSE Projects Projects from before and future (6 month rotation in updating) Projects Clipboard Physics / ESS Rockland 111 Psych A One Button Studio Zoom Room

My Website Powerpoint.

Transcript: My advert is made in AVS video editor where I got images and put them in the annimation and using transitions in between so it runs smoothly. My advert is to persuade people into buying my game and giving them a bit more info on the game. Like what age you have to be. The things i like about my advert are that the slide transitions that i have added in because they run through the slide smoothly whilst they are playing. The things i dislike are that when the writing comes up because it looks weird because they are not in time. My Advert My App Poster This is my poster for my game that I am advertsing. I have produced this in frireworks. I have made this poster simple enough by adding just the date of when it is going to release. Logo Markerting Application My Game Box My game box was produced in publisher and I used a template from the internet and used images of cut the rope. I also added age ratings and what age you have to be to play the game. It also tells you what you need to do in the game and what things there are in the game. The Xbox ONE logo at the top was also added by me so you know what game you play it on. What I like and dislike. My presentation is about how i created my things and which app I used. It also shows good points and bad points about my advert ect. It also shows what game i am advertising and what techniques i used to make each of them. This is my logo and it is to do with healthy eating. My logo is to show what game we sell. To make the logo I used fireworks and the tools and skills I used were images from the internet and text. What is this about?

Website Design powerpoint

Transcript: Middle School is a very important time for the students moving up. They are growing up from being little elementary kids transitioning to being an older teen in high school. Studies have shown that students start to lose interest in school when they are in middle school grades (6th -8th). Many people ask why do they lose interest at this time. We will list some of the reason here: In-Classroom Methods Out of Classroom Methods What is the Importance of Fixing this? In our previous section we talked about keeping middle school students surprised in the math classroom. There are many ways to do this but were going to talk about two major ways. Games- Games can be an important way to keep your middle school students interested and on task in the classroom. Of course these games need to be relevant to what your doing in your class. Here are some links to websites for games and activities: Group Activities- In your classroom you probably will have a lot of times where students work individually ,but as teachers you should have times where your students work together in groups. Maybe during a exercise after a lesson or working on a study guide. This is another way to get the students to learn good skills socially and also in the lessons. Why Middle School Students Lose Interest? Home How to Keep Parents Involved Reasons Middle School Students Lose Interest Home Ways to Vary Out Of Classroom Work In-Classroom Methods mean ways to keep students interested in your subject area (in this case math). KEEP THEM SURPRISED Use activities like games and group work What Brings about these Reasons? Reasons Peer Pressure Popularity Drugs Disabilities Why Middle School Students Lose Interest. In-Classroom Methods Out of Classroom Methods Parental Involvement Keep Their Interest Middle School Math Social Problems Starting to Struggle Academically And Many More Parental Involvement KEEP THEM SURPRISED!!! There are some ways you can make your middle school homework more interesting for your students and it will make them enjoy it more also. One way you can do this is to give them assignments like finding jobs that this math lesson could help them do or when doing percentages have them find something in one of their favorite things that has percentages like tax on clothes or shooting percentages. You can also make project more interesting connect to their live and have them understand what their doing and why their doing it so the students don’t think its pointless. As mentioned earlier Middle School is a very important time for students because of the transition time. This is a time where teachers, parents, coaches, or anyone involved with their lives need to try hardest to encourage students to stay on task and work hard because if we as teachers and adult keep them interested and working hard then we are doing out job of leading the future generation. Home Home A good way to keep Middle School students interested in math or academics at all is to keep them surprised in the classroom. Some students get bored with the everyday lecture and homework problems. By keeping your students moving and doing different things in the classroom their interest level will rise and they will stay interested in math and should do well academically. Some ways to keep them surprised it to use games and group work in the class. Reasons Middle School Students Lose Interest. Why these reason present themselves? Why is it IMPORTANT to fix this problem? One of the most important things in schools is having good parent involvement in your class. In math it is statistically known it is one of the more challenging classes in school. So math teachers especially need to have contact with parents and be able to keep them up to date on what is going on in the classroom and if their child is struggling. In the classroom a big question for teachers is how to keep the parents involved with their kids schooling. Well here are some ways to consider and look at: Have an online site for you classroom. This can be a very helpful way to keep your parents involved and let them know what your class is doing and what assignments are dues and when tests are going to be held. Send home weekly progress reports to be signed or maybe every other week. This will let parents know what grades their child is making. Keep these signed reports too so if a parent comes to you saying they had no idea then you can pull it out of your files. Use Activities in the Classroom like Games and Group Work The reasons we listed are some of the major things that cause students to lose interest. We are going to explain why some of these reasons come about. Peer Pressure occurs because sometimes a students friends put pressures on the kid to be a nuisance or do other things to effect the students academics negatively. Drugs can be a huge reason because If a student gets involved with drugs it mean they are

Sarah's Key Objectives within Spence Johnson

Transcript: Team Roles Key Purposes: Vital to save team members time when producing documents Essential to stay 'on brand' for marketing purposes Quality of presentation Style Guide Set up a meetings with team members to discuss roles 1 hour Write question list for team members 3 hours Have the meetings 4 hours Presentation Website Management How? 20 days. 160 hours. Purpose: Imperative that I become more professional in the way that I present in order to grow within the company Create 2 templates in PowerPoint 29 hours Create presentation on the difference between themes and templates 8 hours Write up key findings from PowerPoint course 4 hours Install templates on Excel in (2010/2013) 6 hours Sarah's 5 Key Objectives within Spence Johnson Website and Website Management Style guide Key Result: Be completely in charge of managing website updates, sending email marketing campaigns and monitoring analytics RPM Result: Learn and understand the role of all team members within the company Massive Action Plan: Create two templates with the aid of style guide and old templates (1 vertical and 1 horizontal) Default Excel template on every computer in the office Write a PowerPoint presentation on the difference between a theme and a template- create a unique template for this presentation Make extensive notes at the PowerPoint course to ensure that is a worthwhile cost Purpose: Essential to understand what everyone does within the company I essentially need to know who creates the output that I will be marketing PowerPoint Key Result: Produce structured tables and careful lists Ensure clarity, consistency and confidence of statements Result Plan Map (or Massive Action Plan) Helps to define the purpose of having objectives Important to know the result and the purpose of the objective before creating a massive action plan Helps you to fulfill an objective or goal Team Member Roles Key Purposes: Must be able to save time in report production by creating templates on PowerPoint Must be able to save time in report production by creating templates on Excel Team members will be relying on me to know the difference between a theme and template Ensure that the PowerPoint course is a worthwhile cost in terms of cost to the company and the cost in my time Design a campaign and send to myself 5 hours Create a means of communication between Jon and myself for website updates 5 hours Work our how to set up social media goals and gain a better understanding of Google analytics 20 hours Create the marketing metrics for April report 4 hours PowerPoint/Excel templates Style Guide interpretation Website management Team roles Quality of presentation Set up a folder for all documents produced and put documents in it 2 hours Massive Action Plan: Produce an excel document for Jon relating to common themes and place in drop box Ask Jon to look in drop box once we have at least 10 questions to ask Ensure Jon explains the logic behind his answer Present a mini design audit- 5 documents from each key business area over the last 6 months Key Purposes: Must be able to create email marketing campaigns as part of my job role-it is an essential and effective form of marketing Must ensure that constant communication is maintained between Jon Toby and myself. It is imperative that the website is updated to be in line with our brand Vital to make the most of Google Analytics and monitor social goals Imperative that I am able to produce a marketing report for directors board meeting Must become more familiar with competitors websites The 5 Areas in which I will be focusing on: Key objectives Key Result:Learn how to create templates and the difference between a theme and template. Massive Action Plan: Keep a record of all documents that I produce in a folder in the next month Present a way in which state of the art research is presented post PowerPoint. Find the most interesting and innovative communication for internal and external b2b business communication Produce 10 slides - Contrast the old way and the new way Key Result: Be the style adviser to Spence Johnson -text and graphics PowerPoint and Excel templates Massive Action Plan: Write a list of 10 key questions to ask team members Key questions- strengths, weaknesses and issues and the marketing implication for me from learning about this Book 30 minutes in all team members diaries- do this in advance and give plenty of notice Create a way in which Jon Scott an I can communicate effectively 4 hours Massive Action Plan: Design a campaign template and send to myself Design a means of communication between Jon, Toby and myself Create marketing metrics for April marketing report Produce a detailed plan of what I'll be doing in any given month to change, amend and discuss website- cross reference with other marketing plans Look at Competitor websites Cerulli, Greenwhich associates, strategic insight, Camradata, Investit, Mackay Williams associates and write 5 slides on the lessons learnt from website analysis 97

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