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Transcript: Domain websites are fairly consistent across the board. All sites host quite a large selection of websites in other states and territories. Ranging from Europe, North America, South America and the Asia Pacific. All websites are positioned strongly and share both payed and organic search engine positions. ASOS is the only company that has a sponsored add or payed position with regards to their search engine positioning. All company websites have a strong social media presence with regards to search engine positioning -most notably Facebook and Twitter. • How the site links to other sites • ASOS: Links to all of their social media large and clear on many site pages • Boohoo: Links to all social media in the bottom center, also link to the post office for user’s country allowing ease of tracking • Forever 21: Links to most of social media in bottom right corner • Urban Outfitters: Links at bottom of home page which take you straight through to their social media pages, links to app stores as well Communication Situational Analysis Currency refers to a websites efforts to provide up to date information. Due to the nature of clothing retail, with regards to fashion trends and seasonal styles, there is a strong emphasis on currency. Currency is provided through updating new arrivals, latest trends and current sales promotions. All company websites have a strong sense of currency. ASOS has a style feed, Boohoo has a countdown timer on sale promotions, Forever 21 has public holiday deals, and Urban Outfitters has a constant stream of information on its community blog. Commerce corporate id & design • The way the company integrates with other media • ASOS: Mobile site similar to web site, have both shopping app and magazine app, RSS feed on asos marketplace site • Boohoo: mobile site with more compact options, shopping app available in some countries, Boohoo stylefix magazine app available in all • Forever 21: mobile site with similar full site style, shopping app with special in-app promotions and built in barcode scanner merging online and in-store worlds • Urban Outfitters: mobile site with same features as full site just more compatible, app available on all marketplaces featuring in-app rewards, a community page for #UOonYou, and free music, corporate RSS feeds available on corporate site ASOS/Boohoo/Urban Outfitters: easily accessible investor relations section. Access to reporting, regulatory news, shareholder information, share pricing and corporate profiles Forever 21: Privately owned family business. No provision of company finances available. 5th largest specialty retailer in US When associated companies promote each others products or services ASOS: fashion and beauty feed promoting celebrities and personalities, ASOS marketplace promoting small unknown brands and vintage boutiques who choose to sell on the site Boohoo: Stylefix magazine promotes celebrities and brands within it with “shop celeb style” and shows how you can get the look with Boohoo products, promoting both Forever 21: has a branded shop that promotes other brands they sell by highlighting them to their consumers Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters blog linked and advertised on home page with entries that mention brands, artists, people, etc. that are relevant to their hipster target market Customer Focused 5is • How site enables user to user, user to site, and site to user communication • ASOS: Mostly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, go for a comedic approach with lots of graphics, #AsSeenOnMe campaign, “help” page with live chat option • Boohoo: Mostly Facebook and Twitter, post lots of outfit/trend ideas that link to site items, blog post links, and even pop culture news, #WeAreAus campaign (more site focused), specific customer service Twitter • Forever 21: Any outfit on site can be shared through quick link, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram most popular pages, Facebook posts more outfit based, Twitter incorporates more pop culture and comedy, #F21xME campaign, “contact us” link with phone/email • Urban Outfitters: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram mostly, very fashion focused with links to site items with lots of pictures, #UOonYou campaign, “help” page with phone/email/address ASOS: WEBSITE AUDIT Currency Introduction Findings & Recommendations Corporate ID and Design refers to the consistency of the corporate design across different domains and media. Corporate ID and Design is fairly consistent across the board. ASOS, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have slight variations in their website design across different domains – particularly in the European versions of the website. Their company Logos are consistent across different media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Boohoo has a very consistent website layout with regards to its different domains, however their company logo is inconsistent across their social media platforms. Content is the use of text, images and sound. All clothing retail sites have a strong emphasis on

Website audit

Transcript: Branded: 1. max factor 2. max factor foundation 3. nail colours 4. max factor lipstick 5. max factor false lash effect mascara 6. colour corrector 7. marilyn monroe makeup 8. max factor pan stick 9. non comedogenic foundation 10. lipstick colours 11. max factor makeup 12. cream foundation 13. max factor cc cream 14. coral nail polish 15. max factor masterpiece mascara 16. max factor whipped creme foundation 17. nail varnish colours 18. how to make nail polish 19. lipfinity 20. max factor 2000 calorie mascara Non-branded: 1. make up 2. makeup 3. makeup brushes 4. eye makeup 5. makeup brush set 6. lipstick 7. makeup bag 8. mascara 9. eyeshadow palette 10. makeup tutorial 11. make up games 12. contouring makeup 13. make up bag 14. make up brushes 15. makeup tips 16. matte lipstick 17. wedding makeup 18. halloween make up 19. summer nails 20. makeup artist keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters fix missing meta description shorten too long meta description rewrite too short meta description Keyword list: Make sure that the primary keyword phrases are contained in the H1 tag make sure your tutorials are clear and easy to follow use proper keywords in tutorials No call to share Too small social buttons monitor what content users are liking and sharing use this knowledge to prepare relevant, user-friendly and evergreen content fix missing title tags shorten too long title tags make social buttons more prominent add share/ like buttons on a website Content issues 114 existing pages 9 pages without meta title = 7,89% 22 pages with too long meta title (above 512px) = 19,30% = 27,19% Audit Content idea META TITLES issues make sure your title tag is correct title tag length: 512-pixel keep your titles under 55 characters 10 pages without meta descriptions = 8,77% 18 pages with too short (below 500px) meta descriptions = 15,79% 17 pages with too long meta descriptions (above 920px) = 14,91% = 39,47% Quiz "Which makeup fits your personality?" prepare questions & answers add photos share on facebook/ twitter/ social platform Tutorials are artistic but no easy to follow Feeling of missing text/ photos Social share issues Meta titles Meta descriptions H1 tags Content Share buttons FONTS rewrite the most important tutorials add photos and descriptions with keywords Max Factor META DESCRIPTIONS issues Issues: reorganize the H1 structure so the main keywords would be included H1 tag issues Keywords not included in H1 tags Missing H1 tags

ClixIt Website Audit

Transcript: Design / Eye Path Lead Generation In general, this a nice looking website but it needs to add some intentional design to lead the visitors to conversions. Where are the real people and real content? Consider an instagram gallery where real people tell their own success stories. This whole page is unnecessary from a consumer sales conversions perspective. Recommend replacing this with 'Testimonials' and show all reviews and success stories (with images). That is what the customer wants. The consumer looking to buy an acne eraser is not typically interested in reading about an "Experienced Sales and Marketing leader with a proven track record of delivering breakthrough results....etc." If you require the about page in the menu,then: Remove images with alcohol in the background. Consider more making profiles more fun and personal, talking about your own pimple problems and how the product has helped you (with real images). The presentation of Diane Heinz, Partner & Director of Product Development is good. It brings credibility to your product. Consider removing "Partner" from each of the titles to illustrate Diane as an un-biased product developer. 6. Keyword Focus Use Appropriately Targeted Keywords – Consider the words that a user might search for to locate a web page or post on your website. Validate this list of possible keywords to actual search volumes. Anticipating the right keywords and writing your content with these keywords in mind will produce positive results. A mix of regular keywords and long-tail (longer phrases) will provide the best mix of search traffic and results. Use No More Than One or Two Keywords Per Page or Post – With the increasingly competitive nature of organic SEO and website optimization, best practices for keyword selection and implementation is to focus on one keyword per web page. In cases where the keywords are long-tail keywords or keywords of lesser competitive nature, it is possible to target two similar keywords or phrases on one page. Spend Time Mapping Keywords to Individual Pages and Posts – Plan your website pages and posts by mapping your preferred keywords and phrases to actual content. Use a WordPress plugin like WordPress SEO from Yoast to help track the keywords and keep you focused. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Google defines “keyword stuffing” as the practice of loading a webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google’s search results. Such practices create a negative user experience and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context. Frontpage/Startpage There is a lot of text in the next slides. It's ok to skip these next ten steps and go to the actual Audit. The following ten rules are general and in general a very good idea to read and understand if you have an E-commerce website. Product - Reviews Summary Missing Sales Triggers 2. Design Consistent Website Formatting – Use a consistent template format for navigation, headers, text, typography and hyperlinks. Focused Layout – Use the layout of your site to highlight the most important content. Place critical content above the fold and allow less important content to follow. Organize Content – Make sure content flows from one block to another without overwhelming the visitor. Give users a clear and consistent structure they can follow. White Space – Make sure you provide enough white space throughout the design. White space not only helps reduce the cognitive load of visitors, it makes it much easier for users to segment and digest the information presented. Control the Bling – Many website owners want their website to “pop” or “sparkle” at the cost of the user experience. Limit bling and don’t ask your web designer to make your logo bigger even if you desperately want it to leap off the page at visitors. Call to Actions – Think through your desired visitor path and present clear call to actions to guide them along the way. Plan on these early in the development process so they can be included in the design in a cohesive and non-obstructive manner. 10. Some old school myths and crazy stuff. Duplicate Content – Search engines want to provide unique content and they avoid presenting searchers with multiple versions of the same content. As such, some search engines will filter out content they deem to be similar or nearly duplicate of existing indexed content. Thin Content – This refers to websites who create low quality pages with little or no unique content. It degrades the user experience and opens websites up to a manual penalty from Google. Stolen or Scraped Content – This includes the reuse of content from another source in an effort to increase page volume and influence search results. It also opens the website up to a penalty. Excessive Ads – Websites that have large amounts of ads before actual content are downgraded in search because they create a poor user experience. Cloaking – Cloaking refers

Smartphone website audit

Transcript: Price Lining- the customer will pay a lesser price and receive fewer features bring more customers into the market encourages customers to spend more marketing mix score Apple: 2 Samsung: 1 Products 1. marketing mix 2. corporate social responsibility 3. content 4. corporate ID 5. Scoring Apple and Samsung Apple values the environment: partners with The Conservation Fund supplier responsibility: Education programs and accessibility: available on all devices marketing mix score Apple: 2 Samsung: 2 Final Scoring Inducing innovation Cost saving Brand differentiation Customer engagement Content marketing mix score Apple: 2 Samsung: 1 Samsung values the environment: reduce carbon footprint and the community CSR marketing mix score Apple: 2 Samsung: 2 0= not applicable 1= applicable but below expected standards 2= meets expected standards 3= exceeds expected standards “Content marketing is a technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action” (Steimle 2014). extended each product with apps Corporate ID Apple 0= not applicable 1= applicable but below expected standards 2= meets expected standards 3= exceeds expected standards ROPO- research online, purchase offline Distribution/ Place Price online value proposition- support communities Samsung Promotion Felicity Wilson u3075801 Smartphone Website Audit Promotion

Website Audit

Transcript: Search Box Viral Marketing Website Audit Apps ‘The Daily Edit’ ‘The best of ASOS, curated every day. Fresh buys picked out by editors and style experts – find and shop the pieces you really want in your wardrobe today’ (Asos, 2013). Currency Navigation Search Box Services and information Asos provides a detailed, clear and aesthetic investor information page full of statistics, reports, key figures and shareholder updates. Through this Asos is inspiring confidence within their existing investors whilst increasing the potential for new investors through effective online investor relations, (Asos pls, 2013) Market Place Services and Information Search Engine Position Navigation Business Models Newsletter and offers Value Offers Commerce Search box Corporate ID and Design Context and Conventions Value offers Navigation Reference Company: Corporate/ Social Responsibility offers Introduction/ Background Information No accurate investor relations information provided. 0 = not present / not applicable 1 = Minimal but present 2 = present – done well Only indication of up to date activities is the ‘New In’ Tab Social media links Context and Conventions Promotion link Social media link Additional Companies: Condition The example: Finding a women’s, black bodycon dress - Global ecommerce sales’ grew to over $1trillion in 2012, (emarketer , 2013). - This year sales are projected to increase by 18.3% to $1.298 trillion worldwide, and the Asia-Pacific region is on track to overtake North America as the leader in B2C ecommerce sales, (eMarketer, 2013). - Online retail giants such as Asos are finally penetrating countries such as China, India and Indonesia with language specific sites to capitalize on the growing market opportunities, (Asos plc, 2013). - Offline retail growth rates are minimal compared to the growth rates of the online retail stores indicating online growth could be driving the offline decline in profits, (Delloitte, 2013). Customer Focused/ Customization Services and Information Cross Promotion Communication/ Community/ Connection Sponsored Links-> Asos uses sponsored links as part of a traffic building strategy and many of Topshop's sponsored links came up as Related Searches-> All brands except Boohoo were high in their related search presence, this may be because Boohoo is a fairly new company that hasn't linked many keywords to the brand. Investor Relations Search box Marketing Mix Customer Focused/ Customization Scoring/ Conclusion Social media links Convergence Cross Promotion Navigation Domain River Island Compliance Clicks No specific time stamps except ‘Look of the day’ section. Commerce Services and Information Navigation Content Value offers Financials Provides itself on providing new styles to the public everyday however no time stamps are used except when news articles are released. Domain: Asos Using Social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... to spread the marketing message Social media links

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