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Website Analytics

Transcript: Thank You! Visits have decreased in March Queries that showed website on search engines in February: retail formats cebit 2012 ecommerce support edi service fledged service when Gdsn hoppenstedt creditcheck top rating infotech enterprises hyderabad Engagement on the site has slightly increased in March as compared to Feb – increased telephone interaction with customers? No service offering keyword queries showed Infotech IT website Improve SEO Count of Visit - Visits and pageviews distributed by the number of times visitors return to your site. Here, visitors who returned once viewed 1.75. pgs/visit.; twice – viewed 1 pg/visit; thrice – 2 pgs/visits and so on. 5.91% of total visits was from Germany SEO – LANDING PAGES (March) Trend Analysis – Pages/Visit 1. Traffic Sources (How is the traffic coming?) Sources All Traffic Direct Referral Search Organic Search Engine Optimzation Queries Landing Page FREQUENCY - how frequently visitors return to the site within a time frame (once, twice, ten times) There were more relevant service offering landing pages in Feb as compared to March Here, visitors who returned within 0 days viewed 1.71. pgs/visit.; 3 days – viewed 1 pg/visit; 8-14 days – 2 pgs/visit. Landing Pages in February Trend Analysis – Avg. Visit Duration They spent approx. 1 minute on the site In Page Analytics: View how users interact with the web pages BOUNCE RATE – The avg. bounce rate for both new and returning visitors have come to 55% in March from 80% in Feb ENGAGEMENT – Trend Analysis Referral Traffic BEHAVIOUR – NEW VS RETURNING (March) There was no keyword search in February that led traffic to the site Improve SEO Regular update/improve content on website SEO – QUERIES (March) FREQUENCY vs RECENCY – Trend Analysis WEBSITE ANALYTICS TRAFFIC SOURCES – ORGANIC SEARCH (March) All Traffic DEMOGRAPHICS - Location March’12 Improve SEO on service offering keywords Traffic Sources – Trend Analysis contd.. INTRODUCTION - Parameters (1 of 1) (March 1-31, 2012) TRAFFIC SOURCES Visitor saw 1.5 to 2 pages per visit SEO QUERIES – Trend Analysis VISITS – New visits have come down by 40%; however there has been an increase in the number of returning visitors by 40% Trend Analysis – Bounce Rate TECHNOLOGY – BROWSER (March) AVG. VISIT DURATION – The avg. time spent on the site by new visitors and returning visitors has gone up by 24% and 20% resp. Most direct traffic was to the home page Brochures did not receive any traffic – improve SEO Service offerings like e-commerce did not receive any traffic Referral traffic was zero – improve newsletters, blogs on Xing NEW VS RETURNING – Trend Analysis Traffic Sources – Trend Analysis Landing Pages INTRODUCTION - Parameters (2 of 2) Referral traffic has been zero for both months – improve newsletters, regular content on blogs, linking of websites Bounce rate has decreased in March as compared to total RECENCY Direct traffic improved considerably for March as compared to February Trend Analysis - Visits India Focus RECENCY- how many days go by before they return to your site ENGAGEMENT – visits and pageviews distributed by the number of seconds visitors spent on the site during each visit Though total pgs/visits has decreased in March, Germany pgs/visit has increased First time visitors have viewed more pages in March than in Feb and similarly for 4th and 5th time visits resp. There is a slight increase in German avg. visit duration in March as compared to total Content – In Page Analytics BEHAVIOUR – ENGAGEMENT (March) Direct Traffic There were more recent pages/visit in March than in Feb On an average, pages/visit was 2.15 SEO QUERIES – Trend Analysis Direct Traffic Queries PAGES/VISIT – Both new and returning visitors have visited approx 2 pgs/visit in March as compared to 1.5 pgs/visit in Feb Almost 60% left after viewing the 1st page FREQUENCY BEHAVIOUR – FREQUENCY vs RECENCY (March) All Traffic 2. Audience (Who is the traffic?) Demographics Location - Where do they come from? Language – Browser settings (not focussed) Behaviour New vs Returning – First time or repeat visitors Frequency & Recency – how often and how recent Engagement – how long at at the website Technology Browser & OS - self explanatory 3. Content (How users interact with each webpage?) In-Page Analytics There was only one keyword search in March that led traffic to the site

Website- Analytics

Transcript: Visitors: The number of visitors to your site will give you a general idea of how well you’re getting the word out about your business. Referring Sites: give you an excellent snapshot of the type of people who are visiting your site. Page Views: can tell you what content on your site is the most popular. 2nd Yr BA (Hons) Key Metrics Continued Definition Web Metrics Key metrics: enable the study of visitor, navigation, and traffic patterns to determine the success of a given web site Learning Outcomes Web Metrics Continued Key Metrics Session: is the period of activity by an individual visitor from the time they entered our site until they exited Session Analysis: total page views, average sessions per day, average page views per day, and average pageviews per session. Hits: are the least valuable piece of data gathered from a value perspective. Web analytics is the practice of measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its audience and how to optimise its usage (Web Analytics Association, 2015). Conversion Rate: knowing the conversion rate on your website is one of the most powerful things to know and act on. Conversion rates by referrers gives a good indicator of the sources of traffic to website Dr. Isobel Cunningham Recommended Reading Bounce rate: In most analytics programs, a “bounce” is recorded when a person visits and leaves. Top exit pages: Shows you which pages people visit immediately before they leave. Keywords and Phrases: what terms people are using to find your site in search engines l Defining what is web analytics Understanding Web Metrics Creating and implementing an analytics program Choosing the most effective analytic tool How to make an impact with key metrics Case study: Mc Elhinney’s Department Store. Guest Speaker: Edel Byrne- ED Graphics Web Metrics Continued Website- Analytics If you can measure it, you can manage it. Chaffey, D and Smith, P (2009) E-marketing excellence. Planning and optimising your digital marketing, 3rd edition, Routledge Web Metric Continued

Website Analytics

Transcript: Establish a User ID and password at: Google then provides a "page tag" or Google Analytics Tracking Code that needs to be added to each page of a website. Marketing Goals To Get Slides Font Summer Traffic Social Media Issues & Best Practices At beginning you won’t know if metrics are good or bad but you can track over time or compare to others Remarketing Drill into traffic Issues & Best Practices Referrals ACA Tri-State 2017 Session Goals Sleep Away Camp Attendees Eric Stein Run Paid Search on Google <this gets you those mainly outside your community> Click Through Rate (CTR) ACA Tri-State 2017 Quickly & Affordably Test Alternative Programs for Your Organization ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Lather, Rinse, Repeat What websites are supplying you with visitors and what is the quality of those visitors? ACA Tri-State 2017 Paragraphs Landing Page Quality (Load Speed partially) Remarket with incentives Free service offered by Google. The most widely used website statistics service. Provides statistics and reports about visitors and transactions on a website. New Campers From Outside Your Community Make Go/ No Go Decision Where are visitors coming from geographically? Understand how to use website as platform to test out marketing additional offerings I will be on ground floor next few hrs Social Media- Facebook & Other Quality Score School // Retreats // Other Online Newsletters e-mail Marketing Facebook – PPC Google auto tagging Drill into the sections prospects will look at ACA Tri-State 2017 I do not keep mailing list so contacting me is not fraught with unintended consequences. You are not going to be chased all over the web. 1%-35% Understand some possible shortcomings you may have at present My Camp has had a website for 15+ years & Nobody knows what is actually occurring there ACA Tri-State 2017 Website Content & Blog If you are advertising Retreats on a Camp Website drill into that section only ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Leave me your card Track via Analytics the engagement on the website for this ACA Tri-State 2017 Get Started! ACA Tri-State 2017 Choose some key metrics of website visitor behavior to monitor Build a page(s) in your website describing your offering Paid Search Fatigue / Something is broken Bounce rate & Time on site What sites are sending you traffic? How are subscription sites performing? Are clicks coming from the right locales? What pages are most & least viewed/ How long do folks stay? What pages are visitors arriving on? Are they sticking? How much tablet and especially how much mobile? Engagement/ $ Invested Exact search queries that receive clicks Completion of an activity on your site important to the success of your business (ordered a brochure, left information, purchased) Teen Specialty Camp Summer 2016 Key Analytics Metrics to Consider Adwords ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Broadcast this to your website community – social media/newsletters/emails <your most receptive group> Directory/Referral Websites Understand how to evaluate initiatives you undertake both from internal & external efforts ACA Tri-State 2017 SEO Hidden Fees Discovered Day Camp ACA Tri-State 2017 Other Activities On Your Site What pages are succeeding and which ones are failing? Retention Engagement Traffic Sources Geography by City Pageviews Landing Pages Traffic by Device Adwords Matched search queries Goal Conversions Ad Extensions ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Why aren't more people filling out my lead forms? Website Analytics Google Analytics Value From Various Paid Sources Summer 2016 Country, State, Metro, City Bids ACA Tri-State 2017 1 page websites // You may already have but not know // Are people leaving before they even arrive at the website because the loading speed is slow? How do I know what I am actually getting from referring camp directory and or retreat directory websites? Google Analytics is not perfect ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Paid Search ACA Tri-State 2017 ACA Tri-State 2017 Bing/Yahoo Tagged on Bing Traffic to Website Safety regarding information Web Marketing Toolkit Ad Relevance

Website Analytics

Transcript: Data Import Product Integrations AdWords AdSense Google Display Network Compete PRO Online conversion insight ideal for larger companies 24/7 customer support integrates well with Constant Contact unlimited visitor tracking Features include: Website Analytics Google Analytics ...and our choice is......... WEB ANALYTICS Two way intergration Leverage existing data sets Deeper insight to vistor usability Conduct proactive top down Optimize revenue flows by undrstanding your numbers Competitor Standings Metrics reported quickly to efficiently make adjustments Collection & Configuration API's Cross-Device Data Event Tracking Google Tag Manager Mobile SDKs User Permissions Yahoo Web Analytics Alerts & Intelligence Experiments Remarketing Breakdown of cause and effect relationships GOOGLE ANALYTICS!!! Includes premium features highly customizable enterprise-level website analytics system helps businesses to increase sales and visitor satisfaction Acquisition Reporting Audience Reporting Benchmarking Reports Cohort Analysis Conversion Reporting Custom Reporting Ecommerce Reporting Mobile App Reporting Performance Reporting Site Reporting Reporting API's VOICE OF CUSTOMER Uncovering why your feedback Link sessions, replay, and event -trggered recording Generate Heatmaps Quickly resolve customer problem the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a Web site. Competitor standings Clicktale Analytics well as... Online Conversion Insights According to, The use of Web analytics is said to enable a business to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar volume each customer spends. Prospect list Using Companies Walmart MetLife Lenvono The North face Highlight key criteria Find companies that meet the criteria Qualify prospects Find companies at target companies A/B Multivariable Learn where to start testing See what affects the user behavior Run a post test Get faster results Account manager for improved success Team MG 305: Website Analytics Prospect List helps to reduce marketing costs gain insights for online customers real time and historical data segmented instantly scored high in functionality and maturity highly flexible data analysis tool optimal visualization with graphs Identify top performers Measure brand performance trends Upload up to 40,000 key words Filter your audience by demographic Choose a flexible time frame Analyze for a competitive set Easily share results Data Collection & Management Data Consolidation Data Analytics & Reporting Data Activation the best at integration the best at collection and consolidation the best at reporting the most comprehensive Know competitor metrics Boost online conversionrates Improve customer engagement Increase online customer base

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