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Transcript: OUR VERTICALS For more information, please log on to: PAPER Unit manufacturers kraft, semi-kraft, writing, printing and newsprint paper at Bilaspur in U.P. Installed capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes Spread over 300 acres in Sector 85 & 99, Mohali Exquisite luxury township with plots, villas, floors, group housing Minutes away from Mohali Stadium, Chandigarh Intl. Airport, Central Business District & Indian School of Business International Architects / Designers – Studio DRA, UK & Landscaping by WS ATKINS, UK A.B. Sugars Ltd. is running a distillery in Punjab and Aligarh with a total capacity of 180 KL per day Wave Brands include Raffles Vodka, Raffles Rum, Evening special Whiskey and Divine special Whisky COMMERCIAL BREWERY Pioneers in developing shopping malls Over 1.4 mn sqft of retail space 5 operational malls The Centrestage Mall, Noida Wave Mall in Kaushambi, Lucknow, Moradabad & Ludhiana Upcoming Malls (by 2012) Wave Mall in Jammu &Bareilly SUGAR GREEN INITIATIVES DIVERSE PROJECTS MULTIPLEXES FILM DISTRIBUTION Mata Bhagwanti Devi Chadha Charitable Trust (MBCN) Campaigns Active participation in education campaigns like Teach India with TOI and Signature Campaign by Dainik Jagran RESIDENTIAL DISTILLERY Located in Sector-18, Noida Ultra-modern Commercial Complex 3.7 million sq. ft. built-up area Coming soon… FOOD PROCESSING Wave Brewery has given India one of its 1st Breweries in India with a mammoth capacity of a million hecto litre making it one of the largest breweries in India One of the largest player in North India with 7 Sugar Mills in U.P. and 1 in Punjab Total cane capacity of over 25000 TCD Located in Sector-18, Noida 50 steps away from Metro Station Escalators and Elevators from Thyssenkrupp, Germany Central air-conditioning (chiller plant) from Trane, USA READY FOR FIT-OUTS 30 minutes from Delhi on NH 24 4500 acres self sufficient city Designed by world renowned city planner – Bentel Associates (South Africa) State-of-the-art infrastructure with 24/7 security Government approvals/sanctioned acquired World’s 5th Largest Smart City by IBM CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY RETAIL Wave Care Foundation Established in 1999 to service children with special needs Therapy and counseling to children with special needs Dedicated MBCN Desk in all Wave Malls promoting products made by MBCN specially able children The Centrestage Mall, INDIA’s FIRST ISO14001:2004 CERTIFIED MALL Variable frequency drives used in the cinema auditoria and common areas SAVING POWER UPTO 30% IN WAVE CINEMAS All the Malls are equipped with RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM Improvised sugar plant now requires only 5kg steam (as against 9kgs earlier) to generate 1KW of power which is 50% SAVING IN ENERGY Automated water transferring systems. WATER RECYCLING is duly undertaken in the paper mills. BIODEGRADABLE BAGS used in Malls . Latest technology STP and ETP are installed for TREATMENT OF WASTES. All sugar manufacturing units of the Group have opted for cogeneration of power based on the mobilization of turbines on steam generated by burning of biomass and fibrous waste of sugarcane and feedstock for boilers. THIS SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCES CO2 EMISSION Highly efficient Electro Static Precipitator installed at plants and Pneumatic system at boilers for ash collection effectively REDUCES THE POLLUTION LEVEL The group has established a partnership firm called Great Value Food The UP Government has given the group the contract for supply of analysed food for its Mid-day meal Located in Sector-18, Noida Only Premium Office Space available at Sector 18, Noida 41-storey iconic structure, 2 million sq.ft. built-up area Silver, Gold and Platinum Offices High Street Retail Parking for more than 2000 cars Construction Partners – Leighton International from Australia LEED Gold Certification Ginni Arts handles and distributes films in U.P. and Delhi Several hits in its repertoire like Humraaz, Khakhi, Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, No Entry, Ready & Murder 2 DIVERSE BUSINESS PORTFOLIO Mainstay in liquor distribution and retailing Owns more than 2,500 retail outlets in Punjab, Haryana & U.P. Revolutionizing the cinematic experience with a total of 24 screens in North India Currently Operational Wave Cinemas in Noida, Kaushambi, Moradabad, Lucknow & Ludhiana Projection System from Kinoton, Germany Audio System from Martin Audio, UK Carpets from Brintons, UK Awarded Best of India in Cinema Category by India Today in the year 2006 Upcoming Wave Cinemas in Haridwar, Amritsar, Rudrapur, Ghaziabad & Bareilly LIQUOR Established for donation of clothes to orphanages, Special movie shows at the Wave Cinemas for underprivileged children. Location - Sector 32 and 25(A) Noida Over 152 acres 40 mn sqft of total development area 2.5 mn sqft mall & entertainment 9 mn sqft residential 9 mn sqft serviced apartments Ample premium office space Range of 5&4 star hotels


Transcript: Full recovery is likely if you follow 3 easy steps 7 fun and relaxing days Gorgeous Coastal Cities Incredible Spring Break And the best for last Sleep Study Study Are you a college student whose calendar looks like this? CRAM Kayak Surfing 2. Study Study Study Scholarships are availible Study Sleep Ready to leave Don't Worry! Looks like you have Sleep Study SPRING FEVER:(n) A condition induced by the combination of lack of sleep, excessive Top Ramen intake, and heightened stress. and have a ball with W.A.V.E Challenge Study Chow Study CRAM Beach Bonfire Register with us Sleep Study Study There are only 3 things you need to do Study Join us... Study Willy Wonka Night Candy Bar S'mores Chubby Bunny Hike and Bike in Arcata Forest Study Camp at MacKerricher State Park WAVE Goodbye to your stresses with Glass Beach O U T Explore New Things Study whose desk looks like this? CRAM 2nd Little Italy Night Pasta The Italian Job Mafia Eureka Hobo Night Hobo Pack dinner Build your shelter competition 1 Study Then Back Home to Fresno Study Study Segway on Angel Island Ghiradelli Study Study Bodega Bay 5 Chill Zipline and see the sights of San Francisco during your Amazing Race So you are begging to go now? 1st Boardwalk Yet?? Pay your $443 trip fees Golden Coast Extravenganza Beach House Coastal Craze Night Tropical Dinner Glow Beach Soccer Sandcastle Competition Fisherman's Wharf Hostel 3. The Steaks Are High Night Tri-Tip Dinner Casino Games Bowling Ball Beach Sunset hike Bodega Dunes Campground 1. CRAM Sleep Kick Back Study And whose brain looks like this? Study P I G


Transcript: Transverse Wave vs. Longitudinal Wave Mechanical waves vs. Electromagnetic waves. There are 5 main properties in a wave. They are crest, wavelength, amplitude, trough, and the equilibrium line. The crest is the highest point in a wave. The trough is the lowest point in a wave. The amplitude is the height of the wave from the equilibrium point and up. Last is the equilibrium line which is the line that shows when the wave is at rest. The wavelegth is measured from crest to crest Properties of a wave The relationship of echolocation by animals to wave Measurements of a wave Echolocation of animals means echoes and location. What animals do is that they make a sound to communicate with another animal, and by the sound the make the animal travels the way they here the noise to meet the other animal. For example during the day bats are blind so they travel through echolocation. Another example of an animal is a dolphin. You might be thinking how does this relate to waves? Well... Longitudinal waves go left to right or side to side. In longitudinal waves the displacement of the medium is parallel to the propagation of the wave. Longitudinal waves include sound waves and seismic. Longitudinal waves are waves that have the same direction of the vibration as their direction of travel. Transverse waves are waves that go up and down. For transverse waves the displacement of the medium is perpendicular to the propagation of the wave. Transverse waves cannot spread out in a gas or liquid because there is no mechanism for driving motion to the propagation of the wave. Come on Our Wave Adventure!! By: Samantha Lazo-Contreras Selena Laws Emelie Arriola Mechanical waves is a periodic disturbance , which requires a material called medium for it to spread out. Mechanical waves are so called "elastic waves" because the way they move depends upon the elastic properties of the medium through which they move. The distance of every wave is measured as a vertical distance from the beginning of the wave to the end of the wave. The length is measured in price points or units. Breaking wave height is measured on the face, from sea level to the wave's maximum crest. The units that speed is measured in meter/second (m/s). Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). Amplitude and wavelengths are measured both measure in meters. What is a Wave? Well the relationship of echolocation by animal to a wave is that they communicate by sound waves. They make a certain signal to each other to communicate. A wave is a disturbance caused by transferred energy that moves through a medium from one place to another. Echolocation by animals Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. Electromagnetic waves travel through empty space in the air. They can transmit energy through vacuums. Electromagnetic waves travel in a very high speed. Radio waves and light waves expample of electromagnetic waves.


Transcript: Wave A book by Eric Walters book talk by Julia When Sam Brooks and his parents leave to go on a vacation in Thailand they have to leave Beth Sam's sister behind. Sam and his parents have no idea what awaits them in Thailand. As Beth is save at home in New York Sam is faced with a fight for his life. The characters are... Sam is a 12 year old boy he as light blond hair. He is a brave and courageous person. He and his parents go to Thailand for vacation. Beth Brooks Beth is Sam's elder sister. She stays at home in New York when her famly is on vacation. She is a mature, and brave person. She has dark brown hair and she is 19 years old. Ingrid is Sam and Beth mom.She has light blond hair.She also has M.S.She is a kind person. James is Sam and Beth dad. He has dark brown hair.He is a brave,and kind person. The setting.... And in... Problem The problem for Sam is that his parents and him are cauhgt in a tsunami catastrophe and they have to fight for there life. The problem for Beth is she finds out what happend and she is afraid her mom, dad, and Sam are dead. Solution The solution is that Beth find's Sam but not her mother. She also find's her dad but he was not as lucky as Sam and Beth. This is a amasing book that is very hard to put down!!!I wuold recamend this book to anyone who likes Eric Walters books. My opinin is this is a amasing book. I would love to read more of Eric Walters book's!!! THE END Sam Brooks James Brooks This is the cover of the book I read This is a poto of a real tital wave. A tempele in Thailand Frostbitten New York City In Thailand Ingrid Brooks

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