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Civil War Powerpoint

Transcript: This battle was fought at the appomattox courthouse on april 9th, 1865. General Robert E. Lee surrendered at this battle Abraham Lincoln Appomattox Robert E. Lee this was the start of the civil war. The confederates opened fire on the fort of union forces. the ship coming to the fort was meant to be peaceful and was only full of food and supplies for the men. A note was even sent to the confederates to tell them that the union did not want a fight. He was considered a hero of the civil war and fought for the union. He was the general for the confederate side. He did not believe in slavery and he wanted the north and south to come back together as a nation again. He only fought for the confederate side because of his love and devotion to the south. Civil War Powerpoint Battle of Antietam Gettysburg This battle was the bloodiest battle known in american military history. It ended in a tie but sine the confederate army retreated, lincoln called this a victory for the union. soon after he made his emancipation proclamation speech. fort sumpter Jefferson Davis He was a writer and an escaped slave from the south. When he became free he started working with abolitionists and became leader of the abolitionist movement Ulysses S. Grant Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln gave this speech during the civil war to fight back against the confederates. It issued a military order to free the slaves in southern states. These african americans could now join the army if they wanted too. This order angered the south even more but added to the union army. Lincoln became president in 1860 which caused a huge uproar in the south. They seceded from the north because they believed that Lincoln would abolish slavery everywhere.Lincoln just wanted the country to one nation even if he had to brin both sides together by force. He encouraged Lincoln to abolish slavery and was a very big abolitionist himself. He was a member of the army and a senator from Mississippi. He was the president of the confederate states and he was the secretary of war as well. By: McKayla Winder Fredrick Douglass This battle is known as the turning point of the civil war and was also the battle with the largest number of deaths among each side. The battle was fought on July 1st through July 3rd.

cold war powerpoint

Transcript: Rosenberg Atomic Espionage Spy Case Chronology August 28, 1949 - The Soviet Union detonates its own atomic bomb. January 1950 - German born physicist Klaus Fuchs confesses to British authorities that he had been a Soviet military intelligence spy from 1941-45 and had betrayed information about the American topsecretatomic bomb project (the Manhattan Project) to his underground contacts. Klaus Fuchs also tells his interviewers that he had picked up information in New York and New Mexico from an American courier who he knew only by the cover-name “Raymond.” February 1950 - Banner headlines splash across newspapers throughout the nation announcing Klaus Fuchs’ confession and serving as the catalyst for an intensive search by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for “Raymond,” who months later was found to be Harry Gold. June 15, 1950 – Gold, aka “Raymond,” recognizes David Greenglass in FBI photos. He writes on the back of one, “This is the man I contacted in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June 1945.” June 15, 1950 – David Greenglass is picked up by FBI agents and later signs a confession. June 17, 1950 - Julius Rosenberg, an engineer and father who had been involved in the Communist party, is arrested on suspicion of espionage as a result of having been named by his wife’s brother, David Greenglass, who had confessed to authorities. (Greenglass is still alive, but living under an alias, and his grand-jury testimony remains sealed.) July 20, 1950 - Harry Gold, a confessed Soviet courier who met with numerous industrial spies during the early Cold War period, pleads guilty in federal court to conspiracy to transmit documents to a foreign power. In his grand jury and court testimony Gold states that he served a courier for atomic energyinformation gleaned from Klaus Fuchs, a Soviet military intelligence (GRU) agent. Gold also admits that he transmitted information about the development of the building of an atomic bomb (the so-called Manhattan Project) to his Soviet contacts. Gold was given a 30-year prison sentence. August 1950-March 1951 – Grand jury at federal court in New York hears from witnesses about the alleged spy ring. August 11, 1950 - Ethel Rosenberg, wife of Julius, former strike organizer and mother of two young sons, is arrested as she leaves the federal court house following her second appearance before the grand jury. Mid-August 1950 - Morton Sobell, an American engineer who was identified as being involved in espionage with Julius Rosenberg, is captured after fleeing to Mexico by agents of J. Edgar Hoover’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). November 28, 1950 – Gold associates Abraham Brothman and his business partner, Miriam Moskowitz, are convicted and sentenced for grand jury deception by a federal judge. March 6, 1951 - The joint trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell begins in room 107 of the federal courthouse in New York City with Judge Irving R. Kaufman presiding. Judge Kaufman had also presided over the Brothman/Moskowitz trial. April 5, 1951 - Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell are all indicted and found guilty of conspiring to commit espionage (a violation of Title 50, section 34 of the U.S. Code Espionage) and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death. Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass (who had entered a plea of guilty and had cooperated with the government by providing key trial evidence against his relatives), is given a 15-year sentence, and Morton Sobell receives a 30-year sentence. June 19, 1953 - The Rosenbergs are executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossing, New York. 1953 – 1995 - Over a dozen non-fiction books are written about the Rosenberg case. It also inspires reflections by personalities ranging from Nikita Krushchev to Woody Allen, multiple novels, a song by Bob Dylan, and other drama. In these intervening years, some involved convicts such as David Greenglass, Harry Gold and Morton Sobell are released from jail. October 1995 - During an interview with Michael Dobbs of The Washington Post, Anatoli Yatskov, aka Anatoli Antonovich Yakovlev, the Soviet Vice-Consul in New York City and a Soviet spymaster, brags that the Soviet Union had managed to penetrate the wall of secrecy around the Manhattan Project, and that his agents had stolen the major process for manufacturing the atomic bomb from the United States. While Yatskov claimed that the FBI had not managed to uncover even half of his network, he is adamant that he had not known the Rosenbergs and could not shed any light on their case. However, in his 1995 confession he did confirm that Harry Gold was a courier for his network. October 1999 - Harry Gold’s testimony before a federal grand jury is released to the public as a result of the successful petition by historians to unseal the records of the grand jury investigation of Alger Hiss. December 2001 – David Greenglass

Cold War powerpoint

Transcript: Stalin Scared of the Us After the United States ended up winning the Cold War and the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States became the only world superpower and still is today. The United States became a much hated nation in the eyes of many countries because of this. Even though another superpower is building in the country of China, it seems that the world is turning away from the superpowers that it once had. There used to be four or five superpowers at a given time in the past 100 or so years, but now there is only one and it is the United States. Although the Soviet Union did collapse, it is still building and emerging as a decent country. The United States, on the other hand, has become without a doubt, the world's most powerful and dominating country. Even with the economic crisis that the United States is in right now, it could be said that the United States will be the only superpower in existence for another decade; China is almost to the point of a superpower. The Cold War proved to be one of the most important issues in the recent history. The two largest superpowers of its time went into a war without fighting, yet only one country survived. The term ‘Cold War’ refers to the period of struggle and conflict between the USA and USSR between 1945-1991. Each of the Superpowers saw the other as a threat to its continued survival and adopted strategies to preserve their positions. The two Superpowers never went to war directly with each other in this period, but became involved in conflicts such as the Korean War where each side stood behind the other nations involved. Therefore this conflict is termed as the Cold War rather than a conventional hot war. There were a number of occasions when it appeared that a hot war would break out between the Superpowers, but thankfully this was avoided. The undoubted ruler of the planet earth today is the United States of America, and why not, it has everything in the world required for being the super most power. USA had emerged as the sole world power after the mighty USSR collapsed in 1990. Pre 1990, USA and USSR were the two countries that had broken the world into two big pieces. As history has witnessed, different empires or countries have extended global influence over the earth and its resources during different times. Though emerging economies like India and China are potent threats, still one does not see USA’s influence getting any lesser in the coming days. USA is at the top whether we look at the economy factor or the defense factor. Nobody dares to mess with this super power; instead every country wants to maintain healthy relations with USA seeking to develop along the lines of the big giant. But what special things have always kept USA at the top? Though the reasons are many, listed below are the top 10 things that favor America’s supremacy over each and every country of the world Cold War PowerPoint Pre-Cold War One Reason Economy THE POWER! Stalin’s fear of the USA led him to believe that the USSR needed a barrier of territory between Soviet territory and the USA’s allies in Western Europe. Stalin feared another anti-communist invasion of Russia from Europe as had occurred in 1918 and 1941. Stalin wanted to create a barrier against the West, a barrier made up of communist run countries in Eastern Europe. The new president of the USA, Harry Truman, saw Soviet domination of Eastern Europe not as an act of defence on Stalin’s part, but as an act of aggression. Would this communist take-over spread to Western Europe too? development of new technology for both the United States and the USSR, the space race became much more important. The USSR needed to show more strength in their battle for superiority against the United States, and in October of 1957 they accomplished that by launching the Sputnik I satellite (Roland, 1181). This left the United States feeling inadequate compared to the Soviet Union. To combat this, the United States sent their own satellite into space a year later (Roland, 1181). In what ended up being a battle that the United States won in 1969, this was after the Cold War, when they put a man on the moon, until then it was an ongoing neck and neck race for superiority. Space effect Why? We are a Super power Compared to other nations, the United States had the best of the war. Whereas Russia and France were torn apart by war within their borders, while Britain suffered horrific bombing campaigns, the US mainland was pristine. A notable exception being Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Nonehteless, the USA was left relatively intact during the war. which gave a safe e USA is a large country with tonnes of valuable resources required to boost the manufacturing sector, Silicon Valley being the best example of it. Silicon Valley is the home to all major innovations in the Information Technology field. Moreover, it has become allies with major countries like Canada and Australia which themselves are host to a variety of resources. America has

powerpoint template

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