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Vintage Journal Cover Template Presentation

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Cover Letter Template

Transcript: Cover Letter Template Let the reader know if you have attached any additional documents. Paragraph 1 Continued Employer Contact Information Use the template to help you compose your letter. Delete the guide text in [brackets] as you go. Save, print, sign, and turn in your letter. Keep a digital copy by emailing the letter to yourself, or uploading it to your Aeries "backpack." Go to Click on English 10 > Cover Letter Download the template at the bottom Using the Template Download the Template It would be a pleasure to discuss my __________ experience with you in person. Fill in the date- Write out month, date, and year. (March 2, 2018) Example (Paragraph 2, Sentence 1): Paragraph 3 I have attached my résumé for your consideration. This might include experience, special qualifications (such as certifications) interests, and/or hobbies. State why you are writing. I am writing in response to your advertisement posted online for a [job title]. This is an opportunity to explain in more detail relevant skills or experience in your résumé. Include a sentence that tells your reader how to get in touch with you (i.e., your phone number and email). Thank the employer for her/his consideration. Please contact me at 925-123-4567 at your earliest convenience so that we can arrange an interview. Thank you for your consideration. Tell why you are interested in working for this employer and reasons for desiring this type of work. When I first heard you were hiring a [job title], I was excited about the opportunity to work with you and your team. Example (Paragraph 3, Sentence 2-3): Paragraph 3 Indicate that you would like the opportunity to interview for a position or to talk with the employer to learn more about their opportunities or hiring plans. Example (Paragraph 3, Sentence 1) Example (Paragraph 1, Sentence 2): Image by Tom Mooring Make sure to focus on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you. Do your best to find out the name of the manager or person responsible for hiring. You may leave the brackets and guide text for this assignment. Paragraph 2 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 1 Customer Service Associate, Cashier, Administrative Assistant, Sales Associate, Hostess, Server, Automotive Technician, Entry-Level Technician, Entry Level Construction Crew Member, Construction Worker, Laborer, Painter, Roofer, Lifeguard, Grocery Clerk, Supermarket Clerk, Retail Shelf Stocker, Bag Clerk, Stocker Example- At the top, fill in your information. 1708 F Street Antioch, CA 94509 Contact Information Example (Paragraph 2, Sentence 2): Mention specific qualifications which make you a good fit for the employer’s needs. Paragraph 2 Example (Paragraph 1, Sentence 1): Common Job Titles/Positions My deep love of ________and knowledge of ___________ is a perfect fit for your company. Finished? My customer service experience includes working annually at a church fund raiser every December. My work experience in retail sales will be a great benefit to your company.

Cover Presentation

Transcript: Who needs a boring cover letter anyways?! GG Favorite Champs? For Riot Games, expanding at a rapid rate is mobility! I'm not afraid to take calculated risks and own up to my mistakes in order to find an innovative solution. Let's get your attention... you have to admit, these guys are annoying..... There is no progress without an attempt!!! (I will be Hokage...err.. Riot Researcher) Baron !!!! teemo Disclaimer!!! Cover Presentation Leaguer since Season 4, currently G5 13 LP;highest G1 heading into Plat Promos Jungle and Top main AND I got a two week ban for losing my cool (least im honest LOL) Yasuo Researcher/Riot Games 12333 W OLYMPIC BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90064 Nah, I gotchu fam.. GG WP passionate researcher strategic Udyr, GOOD crucial decision making skills excellent interpersonal skills Teemo, BADDDD ability to think on feet (mobility) goal-oriented (most important quality) Lets keep moving.. some of my qualities are.. You always have to be thinking and ready for anything. For example, previous positions held were all about being able to decide on the fly (Behavioral Therapist, Assistant QA Manager, and Child Care Worker) while having extraordinary interpersonal communication, while valuaing research fundamentals. Tryndamere Being strategic like... bard tahm Recap Kobe Sugihara-Bell Dragon !!! Personal facts and opinions are here solely for entertainment and attentional purposes! Cant have ya'll sleeping on me now! Why mobility matters? or But how does mobility relate to research?! Most hated champs?! Udyr making intuitive decisions such as... Kobe Sugihara-Bell 909-609-7861 8624 Creekside Pl. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 I make goals, plan how to get there, achieve them, then rinse and repeat Why? Cause i love mobility! and even.. and most importantly, goal-oriented!

Vintage Hughes Presentation

Transcript: Langston Hughes Remembering the obstacles of past generations to uplift and create a future for the new generations. Juxtaposition Biography Tone: Resolute - admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering Mood: Determined - having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it A mother's address to her children as the seeds of freedom to use her past of pain and suffering to make a better tomorrow for generations to come. Langston Hughes Biography The Negro Mother Repetition Imagery Juxtaposition Works Cited Repetition Hughes, Langston. Vintage Hughes. New York: Vintage, 2004. Print. Table of Contents Born: February 1, 1902 in Joplin, MO Apart of: The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s The Black Arts Movement of the 1960s Died: May 22, 1967 in New York City, NY By: Courtney Sexton Work Cited Tone & Mood Purpose “I am the one who labored as a slave, Beaten and mistreated for the work that I gave—” (Lines 13-14). “valley was filled with tears, But I kept trudging on through the lonely years” (Lines 25-26). ********* “And make of those years a torch for tomorrow. Make of my past a road to the light. ... Lift high my banner out of the dust. Stand like free men supporting my trust” (Lines 38-39, 41-42). “Remember my sweat, my pain, my despair. Remember my years, heavy with sorrow— ...... Remember the whip and slaver’s track. Remember how strong in struggle and strife” (Lines 36-37, 44-45). The Negro Mother “Carrying in my body the seed of the free” (Line 10). “I was the seed of the coming Free” (Line 30). Imagery

Cover presentation

Transcript: STUDIES: Wyszynski University - Pedagogic (master studies); Academy of Physical Educaton in Warsaw - Tourism and Recreation (master degree); Maria Grzegorzewska University - Art Therapy. WORK: Bakcyl Sport - camp counsellor, team sport/ snowboard/ archery/ windsurfing/ crossminton instructor; SP Polonez Warriors Warsaw - footbal coach (UEFA C licence); Travel Agency Kliwer - camp counsellor, football instructor and event organiser; Academy of Physical Education - historical and sport event for World Youth Day - main coordinator; Granna sp. z o.o. - shop assistant on events. HOBBY: Traveling Photography Football/ AMP Futbol Board games Sailing Art/ Art Therapy Frontend developing Sailing Date of birth: 05.06.1994 (Poland) Yours faithfully, Aron Vajda & Marta Lewandowska Dear Sir or Madame We are contacting you regarding a job opportunity in Fosshotel. We would like to apply for the vacants, and have attached our resume for your consideration. Our interest in that position stems from our strong believe that we have the right combination of experience, relevant character qualities, organisational skills and high level of integrity that make us a superb candidates. Right now we are looking for a job opportunity that will help us expand our working experience. We have a solid passion for high standards of services and in addition We are very enthusiastic about Fosshotels focus on high quality of the services it offers. We consider ourself to be a hard working, dedicated and intuitive individual who possess excellent communication and customer orientation skills. In closing, we would like to thank you for your time and attention. Date of birth: 29.06.1991 (Poland) Board games Paramedicine We are looking forward to hearing from you. Aron Vajda Cover presentation Snowboarding Skateboarding STUDIES: John Paul's II Academy - Paramedicine. WORK: Travel Agency Kliwer - camp counsellor, survival instructor and event organiser; Subway Restaurant - Sandwich Artist; Academy of Physical Education - historical and sport event for World Youth Day - volonteer. HOBBY: Traveling Photography Marta Lewandowska

Bullet Journal Template

Transcript: Goals and Reflection Important Dates SAT Test Dates: School-wide SAT: Weds. March 6th Sat. May 4th (Register by Apr. 5th) Sat. June 1st (Register by May 3rd) ACT Test Dates: Sat. April 13th (Reg. by March 8th) Sat. June 8th (Reg. by May 3rd) Sat. July 13th (Reg. by June 14th) Important Dates SMART Goals 1. Because I want to excel in my SAT and ACT scores, SAT being at least 980 and ACT 26, for the next month and on, until the exams, I will practice on Khan Academy for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. SMART Goals To Do List Ask Guidance Counselor for "fee waiver" Register for a "fee waiver" from Register for the SAT at Register for the ACT at To Do List Gratitude (Sanders ONLY) Gratitude (Sanders ONLY) Ms.Sanders (yes, I know it's generic or cliche, but hear me out) before AVID, I was sitting in a lower level class wanting to be challenge with education. I heard of AVID but I never knew how to approach it. My 5th grade teacher said "Danisha, I didn't offer the AVID application to you, because you don't reach the potential to be in the program." Yes, I am a bit of a talker but I've always loved education, so for her to say that, it hurt. I pushed it aside as a "hard fact" but it was just a blessings in disguised. I joined the AVID program in the middle of my 7th grade year and boy when I tell you I was so fortunate, I was fortunate (still is). *Fast Forward* I never thought I would meet a person that I genuine like with a bubbly personality; a teacher that's actually attentiveness about their students life (mind-blowing). You gave people forgiveness after fallen mistakes, never gave up on student so easily (no man left behind), understandingly relate to others, and is just a bunch of sunshine. What my 5th grade teacher said isn't an insecurity to me no more, I know what I'm worth because of you.

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