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Video Game Template

Transcript: Conclusion Question 1 The population is all the students that are studyin at AUS. The sampling technique that will be used is non random sampling. The survey is distributed to 100 students at AUS in a form of an online link. The survey consisted of 9 questions to determine the effectiveness of video games on students academic performance and behavior. Effects of Video Games on Mental Health Stermer and Burges (2012), carried a research among 650 students concerning their video games playing history and the impact video games had on the students' GPA. Results showed that there was negative variation between the grades of a student before they started playing the video games and after they started. Buelow, Okdie and Cooper (2015) researched on the positive effects of video games and found out that games demand quick and fast thinking. The data was collected from a survey which consist of 9 questions: Population and Sampling Video games and College Students Performance Results Question 4 Previous Studies: Study 1 Study 4 Study 3 Question 2 The results of the survey showed that there is no correlation whether a student academic performance and behavior might be affected by over exposure to video games. On Students Academic Performance and Behavior Question 6 Question 3 More Specifically, Online games played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mobile phones and Tablets Impacts of Video Games Greitemeyer and Muggee (2014) argued that people addicted to video games would not even pick calls when called because they are playing. Domadid, Festl and Quandt (2014), suggested that students spend their free times indoor playing video games and the only chance they have to interact they sleep because they are exhausted. Question 5 Start Research Question: Thank you To what extent do video games impact students academic performance and behavior at the American University of Sharjah? Study 2 Violent games sparked a debate following an increment is school shootings by boys. Ander, Gentile and Buckley (2007). Ferguson and Olson (2014) agreed that boys who play violent video games have a higher chance of shooting than those did not play games at all. According to Anderson (2007), "high exposure to violent video games would be linked to higher levels of agressive behavior." Burgess and Stermer (2012) explained that consistent play of a video game without success or without making it to the next levels make students angry. Video games were first introduced in 1947. However, in the past years technological developments saw change in games people play. They shifted from playing ball games, athletics, drawing to play video games. Video games have huge irreversible impacts on young peopl especially students and their behavior This study requires quantitative approach. The study will survey students that are studying at AUS. Online survey will be used, since they are cost effective, collects data from a wide range of people and can be developed in less time. Methodology By Khawla AlNuaimi 53147 References End Video Games and Social Interaction The research paper is an analysis of the impacts that video games carry on students academic behavior and performance. Question 7 Question 8 Question 9 Gentile (2011), proves that there are risks that are associated with video games for about three hours a week. Gentile reported that those who play more than three hours a week have a high probability of becoming pathological gamers. Thus, thry suffer in a long term from a physical disorder such as chronic low back pain (LBP). Effects of Video Games on Behaviourisim Abstract

video game

Transcript: VIDEO GAME Your character is... Fred First thing to do What do you chose, go to McDonalds, or go home? The police say someone planted a nuke in your house to kill you, and some how you lived. After that moment you made an Oath with your self to find out who did it and to get your justice! I bought a nuke proof camera a few days ago , the clurk was laughing at me because he said "it was a bit much". BUT WHO'S LAUGHING NOW! I woke up and went to Tim Hortons. Something wasn't right What do you do? He jumps in a car and starts to drive away, What do you do? your car breaks down walk to your apartment go to your apartment people charged in the last year Bob Blake speeding Jean Milton parking with out paying Tom Sean Punching a guy Guy Geroo pushing a old lady Joe Rodgers blowing up a house Kate Hameltin speeding Chase butts speeding Adria Starr Pushing a cop sleep You see that Joe Rodgers blew up a house, you think he's the guy in Tim Hortons. The guy that blew up your house, you need to find him, look up his address. no one answers you walk to oak street and find his house number what do you do Run out of his house and go home Fight him e bed you look in his house and see him g Joe rodgers r big mac He is making his own bombs! You turned FAT go home a look in his window GO IN y bed room 6 of which you are in intensive care. p d leave desk o Go in He gets up and you see him let him get away you are in the hospital for 7 weeks. couch s s chase him with your car I got a bit of him on video but he cut the wire g chiken mcnuggets What to do, call him or go to his house? e I walk into tim hortons and what do i see, the man who blew up my house and almost me! You turned FAT mcdonalds o go home kitchen J You look in his kitchen and see a bomb let him get away home ll e e R w THEN YOU GET BETTER! you fight him and you win go to your apartment what do you do And you run away chase him phone: 705 446 8349 address: 63 oak street Answer your cell phone o he sees you

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