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Video Game Presentation

Transcript: Impact of Video Games on Children BY: Mutez & Dallas The Effects of Video Games Background Information Video games are more realistic and clear in nowadays. But today games are becoming more violent which change a child’s attitude of solving problems. It can also give children aggressive thoughts aggressive feelings and also increase aggressive behaviors. Average Playing Time People did a survey on girls in middle school who play video games about 5.5hr/week. Average of middle school boys play video games 13hr/week, but TV watching is still the highest 24hr/week. Average of all school-age children can spend over 37 hours on computer, video games, and consoles per week. Negative Effects Playing video games can affect health and poor academic score. People will stay in their house and sit in front of a monitor and not go out to exercise. This can caused children study grades go down too, children will not concentrate as good as possible. They get too crazy about video game and don’t put much effort in their studies, homework, class work…etc. Positive Effects Even though there are many negative effects there are also many positive effects. Playing video games can let a children’s creativity get stronger. Playing video games can let children get rid of the stress and pressure in school. It can create fun and entertained feeling which can make a person much happier. This can change the attitude of a child. Video games can get a child’s confidence much stronger when they starting mastering the game. Children develop good hand and eye coordination. This can help children on typing, playing an instrument…etc. And Even More.... Video games can also let a child’s cooperating skill improve. Video games also make children understand more about technology. Video games can also build up a child’s math and engineering skills. Most video games encourage players go to the next level or survive the game. To do this the player has to earn enough points and by special ways not just playing it in any way you want. When a child wants to go to the next level or survive they have know the way to calculate the points he’s earning and ways to make it possible. Video games can also let a child have the characteristic of motivate ahead of life and achieving a goal that he/she set. Video games on children can have many positive and negative effects. It depends mostly on the parents. There are a lot of games that have ratings, age limits, and information on what the game consist of some parents bypass those ratings and allow there children to play games that are rated M ( Mature 17+), which consist blood violence, drug violence, and etc. What Parents Should Do Children get addicted to video games easily. Parents are important in this problem, if they don’t limit their child playing video games their child will get in the habit of playing so much. Parents should encourage their child go outside for more exercise. Parents should also be careful for the age limit of games. When parents buy games for their child they need to look at what age the game is suited for. Thanks For Watching!! :D Hope You Learned Something Play Station 3 (PS3)

Video Game Template

Transcript: Conclusion Question 1 The population is all the students that are studyin at AUS. The sampling technique that will be used is non random sampling. The survey is distributed to 100 students at AUS in a form of an online link. The survey consisted of 9 questions to determine the effectiveness of video games on students academic performance and behavior. Effects of Video Games on Mental Health Stermer and Burges (2012), carried a research among 650 students concerning their video games playing history and the impact video games had on the students' GPA. Results showed that there was negative variation between the grades of a student before they started playing the video games and after they started. Buelow, Okdie and Cooper (2015) researched on the positive effects of video games and found out that games demand quick and fast thinking. The data was collected from a survey which consist of 9 questions: Population and Sampling Video games and College Students Performance Results Question 4 Previous Studies: Study 1 Study 4 Study 3 Question 2 The results of the survey showed that there is no correlation whether a student academic performance and behavior might be affected by over exposure to video games. On Students Academic Performance and Behavior Question 6 Question 3 More Specifically, Online games played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mobile phones and Tablets Impacts of Video Games Greitemeyer and Muggee (2014) argued that people addicted to video games would not even pick calls when called because they are playing. Domadid, Festl and Quandt (2014), suggested that students spend their free times indoor playing video games and the only chance they have to interact they sleep because they are exhausted. Question 5 Start Research Question: Thank you To what extent do video games impact students academic performance and behavior at the American University of Sharjah? Study 2 Violent games sparked a debate following an increment is school shootings by boys. Ander, Gentile and Buckley (2007). Ferguson and Olson (2014) agreed that boys who play violent video games have a higher chance of shooting than those did not play games at all. According to Anderson (2007), "high exposure to violent video games would be linked to higher levels of agressive behavior." Burgess and Stermer (2012) explained that consistent play of a video game without success or without making it to the next levels make students angry. Video games were first introduced in 1947. However, in the past years technological developments saw change in games people play. They shifted from playing ball games, athletics, drawing to play video games. Video games have huge irreversible impacts on young peopl especially students and their behavior This study requires quantitative approach. The study will survey students that are studying at AUS. Online survey will be used, since they are cost effective, collects data from a wide range of people and can be developed in less time. Methodology By Khawla AlNuaimi 53147 References End Video Games and Social Interaction The research paper is an analysis of the impacts that video games carry on students academic behavior and performance. Question 7 Question 8 Question 9 Gentile (2011), proves that there are risks that are associated with video games for about three hours a week. Gentile reported that those who play more than three hours a week have a high probability of becoming pathological gamers. Thus, thry suffer in a long term from a physical disorder such as chronic low back pain (LBP). Effects of Video Games on Behaviourisim Abstract

Video game presentation

Transcript: Custom- designed and built spaceship in Minecraft. Against Games, and the hardware to play them on, can be very expensive. $300- $400 for that new console that just came out, and $50-60 for each game adds up very quickly. A good gaming computer can cost upwards of $1000 They are also a good way to release stress, increase your familiarity with computers in general, and a way to take risks without having "real" consequences if something goes wrong. Planetside 2 team logos: New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, and Vanu Sovereignty The Bad Beneficial or Detrimental? For example, one of my favorite games is Planetside 2. It is an FPS, or first person shooter, which are typically thought of as pointless violence. However, Planetside is quite different from other FPS games in that there can be thousands of players on each side of a battle. Teamwork isn't just encouraged, it's required to be effective. Also, it's important to be able to quickly, but accurately take in visual information so you can tell what you're going up against, and then remember how to counter it. You also need good hand-eye coordination and reactions to shoot the other guy before he shoots you. You have to concentrate, be aware of what's going on around you, and have a plan of what you're going to do after this battle. Teamwork, decision making, memory, strategy, coordination, concentration, awareness, planning, stress release. Other Examples Studies have shown that playing video games can: Improve problem-solving/planning Multi-tasking Speed and accuracy of decision-making Situational awareness Hand-eye coordination Perseverance Memory Concentration Teamwork Creativity For Reduced long-term concentration Possible addiction Decreased time spent on other activities Bad posture Tendonitis, carpal tunnel Violent video games are often blamed for increasing aggressive tendencies, reducing willingness to participate in social events, and higher likelihood to be violent or a criminal. Studies have shown that people who repeatedly play violent games for long periods do tend to be more aggressive and less social, but gamers actually commit less crimes. This is likely because they work out any criminal behavior they might have in the games instead of in the real world. For me personally, gaming takes up most of my spare time and keeps me inside a lot. Sometimes I lose track of time and have to be reminded to do things in the real world. Video games So, what do you do? Example The Good Games can be both beneficial and detrimental. They are a good way to increase your focus, coordination, and awareness, but if you play too much or too often, they can seriously mess up your life. So play away, but be careful to limit yourself to only a few hours a day. Don't let games come before homework, getting together with friends, sports, or any other part of your life.

Video Game Presentation

Transcript: The Video Game Presentation: Project for Computer Science 20 By Ekram Nabi and Syed Usama Saeed Scratch was designed by a group named: "Lifelong Kindergarten" at the MIT Media Lab in 2006. This Group is financially supported by the following: -The National Science Foundation -Microsoft -Intel Foundation -MacArthur Foundation -Google, etc. Scratch is a programming language that makes easy to create your own game, animation, music, stories and art. Through this program you can learn mathematical ideas. For what age group did we design for? For kids of age 7 -10, because it is like a math game. Our game can be helpful to learn how to count by five and subtract by five. In the game, when you catch a devil egg you lose 5 points.When you get a good egg you gain 5 points. How did we get to know about scratch? We have tried different gaming programs like Unity 3D and Game maker 8.1. One of the programs were Unity 3D, it was at a more advanced level. So we could not understand this program because it used a lot java. Why choosing scratch? Scratch is a program that was at a very basic level, exactly what we actually needed because it had built-in commands which made it fairly simple to understand and make. Commands for the game Now, It's time to present our game! To start our game : 1) open the dropbox 2) go to Ms. Pihowich's file 3) then go to semester 2 4)go to computer science 20 5) open the folder named Scratch 6) then open the application with a cat face named "Scratch" 7)Drag and drop the file name "FINAL PROJECT ;egg game" which is located in the scratch folder Thank you for giving us your attention hopefully you have enjoyed it ! Please give us Feedback Once you finished the game: 1) go to Ekram and Syed's file. 2) Open the word Document and click the link to give us feedback. We use “set x” command to move the object horizontally; this command also allows the object to be on the surface and to move the object side to side. We use score command to set up the winning and losing scores. This command is used to tell the sprite when to do something. we use this command to keep the action in progress until another action happens We use “set y” command to move the objects vertically, we use this command to set the axis of the object that makes it fall at a specific speed and point. When the green flag is clicked then the commands are activated for that specific script We place this command to tell the object to jump at any location of the stage vertically and horizontally. This command is used If the object touch something then perform this action. The purpose of this command is to stop the action for a specific time.

Video Game Presentation

Transcript: Exploring The Influence of Video Games on Human Behavior: Violence, Gender Representation, and Socialization Research supports that video games potentially prime both negative and positive influences on behavior These games are assigned a rating symbol suggesting age appropriateness and content descriptors listing elements in a game that may have warranted a particular rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Activist blame the use of violent video games for the Columbine School shootings. Eric Harris was a fan of the video game “Doom” Doom is rated for mature audiences, and its content descriptors are blood, gore, and intense violence. Video games were immediately blamed for the shooters violent behavior at the Virginia Tech Shooting. Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting rampage killing 32 people and wounding 25 before committing suicide. Eventually, the Virginia Tech Review Panel (2007) found that Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter did not play violent video games at all. People who are vulnerable to the affects of video games are: temperamental uncontrolled concerned with their own pleasures People who are least likely to be affected by video games are: easy going have goals self-disciplined work toward the well-being of others This suggest that video games alone can’t be blamed for violent behaviors but rather the individuals characteristics Females sexualized/eroticized Often portrayed as hookers or prostitues OR Visions of beauty Need to be saved (damzel in distress Character are more realistic Males Powerful/hostile Overly Muscular Aggressive attitude Take on traditional male sex roles Dill and Thill Study 1 Still Photographs of characters and violent scenes. Raters coded 479 images Participants viewed images and then identified them as aggressive, sexualized, or stereotypical portrayals. Dill and Thill Findings 60% Females sexualized (8%) Males sexualized 40% Females Scantily Clad 82.6% Males = aggressive 62.2% Females= aggressive 33.1% Stereotypical Masculine 62.6% Stereotypical Feminine Dill and Thill Study 2 Survey 49 Freshmen "Have you ever looked at a video game magazine?" Open ended questions "Describe a typical male/female character" Findings 37% had looked at a magazine (63% had not) Video games were played 1.8 hours a week Most common word for males: "muscular" Most common word for females: "big boobs" Top characteristics: (M) power, aggression, hostile attitude Top characteristics: (F) sexual, attitude, bitchy Conclusion: Violence is cool and accepted. Can promot rape schemas and patriarchial views. Women are sexualized and objectified. Gender Swapping Hussain and Griffiths looked at socialization of gamers. Specifically in MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) (i.e. WOW, Everquest, Final Fantasy) Positive correlation between interpersonal relationships, social anxiety, and high hours online. The Study: Posted questionaire in chat forums Ages: 18-69 83 = males 69% 32= females 26% Questions were : How many hours do you spend playing games online per week/ per session. Does gaming satisfy your social needs? Why do you swap genders (for video game characters)? Prosocial Video Games Greitemeyer and Osswald, 2010 found that there was a correlation between playing prosocial video games and helping behaviors. Cite the GLM (General Learning Module) that supports the idea that exposure to violence promotes violence. They thought that the same could be applied with prosocial games. Experiment 1 Helping behavior was measured 54 Students played either an aggressive, prosocial, or neutral video game for 8 min followed by a questionaire. Did students help pick up pencils after the experimenter spilled them on the floor? 67% = Prosocial 33% = Neutral 28% = Agrressive We can assume that prosocial games promote prosocial behaviors. Experiment 2 Agreeableness with assistance was measured Aggressive game was not used. 40 students played either a prosocial or a neutral game for 10 min followed by a questionaire. Students were asked if they would help a graduate student with their research. 100% = Prosocial 68%= Neutral Experiment 3 High risk consequence helping behavior was measured 36 students played a prosocial game or a neutral game for 8 min followed with a questionnaire. This time, a male “ex-boyfriend” was harassing the female experimenter. Intervention of the students was measured. 56% = Prosocial 22% = Neutral Again, we can assume that prosocial games promote prosocial behaviors Experiment 4 Wanted to measure the relationship of prosocial games to prosocial thoughts Research has proven that aggressive video games promote aggressive thoughts and instigates aggressive behavior. However, little research has been done on prosocial games promoting positive cognition. 37 students played either a prosocial video game or a neutral video game for 8 min. The experimenter then asked the students to write down their thoughts while playing the game. While explaining this, the experimenter

Video Game Presentation

Transcript: Video Game Addiction By: Aaron Choi and Evan Kan Hobby Addiction What is Addiction? What is Addiction? -A choice -Uncontrollable "Are Video Games Addictive? Psychology Today." 19 Aug. 2013 "Addiction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - Medical News Today." 5 Jan. 2016, A Canadian Survey A Canadian Survey Number of Gamers in 2013: Sanders, James L., et al. "Video Game Play and Internet Gaming Disorder among Canadian Adults: A National Survey." Canadian Journal of Addiction, vol. 8, no. 2, Dec. 2017 Study at University of Burgen Wittek, Charlotte, et al. "Prevalence and Predictors of Video Game Addiction: A Study Based on a National Representative Sample of Gamers." International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, vol. 14, no. 5, Oct. 2016, pp. 672-686. Study at University of Burgen Procrastination "Thinking Face Emoji" "Clock icons - Iconfinder." Markiewicz, Katarzyna, et al. "Relationship between Procrastination and a University Subject in Polish University Students." New Educational Review, vol. 49, no. 3, Oct. 2017, pp. 285-296. Procrastination Results: bad time management boredom, frustration lack of motivation Why? "Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator - TED Talks." Why? Why Not Procrastinate? Easier to enjoy People don't like to do anything hard More fun No one wants to do boring things "False" sense of entertainment Unearned leisure time, guilt, dread, etc. Distracts us from the required work Limited Social Interaction "This 38-year-old study is still spreading bad ideas about addiction ...." 5 Sep. 2017. Limited Social Interaction Humans crave/need social interaction Without it, they go for relief, such as: drugs gaming checking our phones Solutions Solutions Social Interactions! "This 38-year-old study is still spreading bad ideas about addiction ...." 5 Sep. 2017, Social Interactions! Not enough social interaction results in: Want for relief Something to "run" to The feeling of being trapped/isolated Having someone to socialize with creates: Bonds (so that we are happy) Sense of relief Treat Addicts Well "This 38-year-old study is still spreading bad ideas about addiction ...." 5 Sep. 2017, "Isolation Drawing by Jason Jones - Fine Art America." 16 Jun. 2011. Treat Addicts Well Often, we exlude addcits Why? Not wanting to be like them Not wanting to associate with them If this happens, addicts will never have social interaction Unfortunately, society excludes addicts This worsens the situation Think About Your Future Think About Your Future Pinterest Your Purpose What could you do that would help you later? How others view you Your grades affecting the college you go to Your Adulthood Your future job "Can Connecting With Your Future Self Help You Beat... -" 8 Mar. 2017, The Rat Park Experiment The Rat Park Experiment This in Humans Socializing Socializing Humans

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