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Veteran presentation

Transcript: Harry S. Truman Veteran Veteran Veteran-Someone who has been a soldier and had a lot of experience in a war Harry S. Truman Harry S. Truman The War He served The War He Served Harry S. Truman served in World War 1, when World War 1 erupted, he volunteered for duty. How Long He Served in World War 1 How Long He Served Harry S. Truman served about three months in World War 1. From Agust 1918 to November 1918, when World War 1 ended. How Long He Served as a President Harry S. Truman served about eight years as the 33rd president. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's vice president for only 82 days before Roosevelt died and Truman became the president. How Long He Served as a President When Did He Died When Did He Died Harry S. Truman died in 1972. The Reason We Celebrate Veteran's Day People celebrate Veteran's Day in November 11 because it is a chance to thank and honor those veterans who have selflessly served their country. Veteran's Day The Reason that Veteran's Day was Considered a National Holiday Veteran's Day was Considered a National Holiday because it is the day that the guns fell silent in Europe following the armistice that ended World War 1, the war that take away many people's lives. The Reason that Veteran's Day was Considered a National Holiday Reflection One of my thought about Harry s. Truman is he is a selfless person because when World War 1 erupted, he volunteered for duty, though he was two years older than the age limit for the draft. Another thought about Harry S. Truman is that he cares a lot about his people, and he was angry about Japan attacking Pearl Hatbor. I know this because in his first months in office he dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, ending the World War 11. Reflection Sources Sources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Veteran Presentation

Transcript: Date 1 ICE-T Started from the bottom Started from the Bottom When Ice-T recently had a dauhter with his girlfriend at the time Ice-T thought that he would go to jail but he had to do something about it to raise money and support his new family so he went to the military. Tracy Marrow ( (Ice-T) A new Beginning A new Beginning When he first joined the military he was part of the 25th Infantry division. Hawaii Aloha When he was deployed in Hawaii he was the squad leader of his team and it was here where he bought his stereo equipment Living in the Hills Hollywood After serving 4 years in the military, Ice-T lived in Hollywood where he made it into the Hip-Hop scene Label Label He soon got a label and got Sire Labels to sign him. Acting and Entertainment After starting a career in Hip-Hop and rap, he went into the acting and movie making industry. Acting and Entertainment Now Now He is a actor and his most well known apperence was on the TV show Law and Order SVU, he also is a actor for movies. Why we celbrate Veterans Day We celbrate Veterans Day to honor veterens (People who served in the military) for their sacrifices so we can live our way of life. We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th because it marks the end of World War 1. Why we celebrate Veterans Day Sources Sources Reflection Ice-T is a great veteran and he now is famous for his acting career and his small rapping career. Going into the military changed his life from poor to successful, I believe his choice to join the military was a wise one since he wasn't able to support his family at the time and after serving in the military for four years he went to live in Hollywood, Los Angeles. His choices after he left the military were questionable to me because he risked his financial stability by going into his rap career but luckily he was successful which lead to great opportunities in acting. Now he is living a dream, living in the hills and he is wealthy. He is a very inspirational person because he started from the bottom and he rose to the top. Veterans Day Prezi Reflection

Veteran Presentation

Transcript: Bob Feller Navy Soldier and Baseball Legend By Zawad Dewan Bob Feller, In 2007 Who is Bob Feller? Bob Feller (November 3, 1918-December 15, 2010) was a Navy Veteran, serving in World War II, and an American Baseball Pitcher. He played in 570 games during his career and has had a 266-142 win record. Who is Bob Feller? Who is a Veteran? Veterans are those who have served in the army at some point in their lives. This does not necessarily mean that they were in a war at some point, it just means that they've served in some branch of the army for a certain time. Who is a Veteran? Bob Feller's Military Life Bob Feller served the U.S. Navy during World War II (Joined in 1941, discharged in 1945). He joined after he found out that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. He was, and I quote, "angry as hell." He joined the army mostly for combat, and became the gun captain of an antiaircraft mount on the USS Alabama. Bob Feller's Military Life Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans day is celebrated and/or observed in the U.S. to honor the veterans who have served in wars for all these years to bring about a better America for generations to come. Veterans day was originally Armstrice Day, but then was changed to Veterans Day to honor all veterans in all wars. Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Why is Veterans Day Celebrated on November 11th? Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th because on that day, the Armistrice of World War I was signed and made official. This signified the end of "The Great War," as it was known back then, and Armistrice Day was made an official holiday to honor the anniversary of the signing of the Armistrice and to honor those who fought in the war. In 1954, however, the holiday was officially changed to Veterans Day, to honor all veterans from all wars. Why is Veterans Day Celebrated on November 11th? Reflection In my opinion, I think Bob Feller was an amazing person. Being able to juggle both a baseball career and being a Soldier in the U.S. Navy is no easy task. He was an amazing baseball player and a great soldier. He knew he had to answer the call for action, and he went for it. He was a great soldier, and he probably lived a great and full life. Reflection Sources Information: Photo: From Bing Images: Sources

Veteran Presentation

Transcript: Enlisted after he graduated Served in the Army for 8 years Marine corps for 4 years Served in Iraq "operation Iraqi freedom" Infantry: 0311 (type of infantry) "Do you recall when/how your last day of service ended? Share some details." Introduction Clint Walker Born on September 10,1979 Married (Gracia) 2 daughters (Hailey and Sara) "Explain some of the most difficult aspects of your job." Connections to All Quiet on the Western Front Interview went well Learned a lot about his experiences in the war and how he felt about it. How he felt about being sent to Iraq Learned that Clint and Paul went through a lot of the same things during the war and would do anything to stay alive. Gate guard in Iraq Woman came up to him with something wrapped in a towel. He had to go see what was wrong, but was scared The woman reveled a 3 month old baby covered in burns from head to toe. She wanted him to help her, but he couldn't. Told her to take him to a doctor's, even though he knew they wouldn't be able to help either Said it was very hard to see the baby like that. "how did you and your comrades entertain yourselves?" "Did you see combat? Describe the situation" In marine corps: being away from his family, not having home cooked meals and not seeing his friends. In infantry: going for days at a time with no rest. Couldn't trust anyone, not even the children. Hard pointing a gun at a 5 or 6 year old. Hard being where they didn't speak English. Couldn't even trust the interpreters. in the military: training and being in the field for so long Extended Background "What was the most memorable part of your experience?" It was awesome because he knew it was his last day and he would get to see his family again. It was hard as well because he knew he would be leaving 90% of the men that served alongside him for 4 years. Operation Iraqi Freedom Had their computers Played cards Made a gym out of sand bags and rocks Wrestled Karaoke competitions had air soft guns. would have air soft gun wars Veteran Presentation Short Story Clint is for the war, which is why he enlisted as soon as he graduated Erich Maria Remarque was against the war. Both were in combat, getting shot at almost every day Clint wasn't pressured to join the war, he did it on his own. Erich Maria Remarque was pressured to going into the war, making his experience more bitter. yes. He didn't go a week without getting shot at or people didn't try to blow him and his fellow soldiers up If there wasn't a week they didn't come in contact, they'd start to worry. Image by goodtextures: Graduating boot camp (something that no one believed he could do) Coming home and being able to see his family waiting for him. Seeing color and trees instead of just sand. Conclusion

Veteran Presentation

Transcript: He was enlisted. He was living in his hometown Deer Creek, Minnesota. He joined because he didn't have nothing to do and he need money for college. He chose the Army because it was the oldest and he thought it was the best. He will always remember the first few days. He was really scared because he was only 18 and he didn't know what was gonna happen .He learned how to do everything. He said he will always remember one day were there were shooting live bullets over there heads and how everyone was terrified. He remembers Drill Sargent Gay and Billsong. said that they all helped each other through it. My dad's last day of service was October 18, 2015. He was in Des Moines, Iowa. My dad works and spends time with my family. My dad did not go back to school after he retired. My dad's education was not supported by G.I. Bill because my dad didn't go to school but my big brother and mine is. He made lots of friends while in the Army. He has had his friendships ever since. My dad is a GIF W at American Legion. Life After Service For the Record Date and place: 11/5/2015 and at my house Curt Hanson/Dad Army MSG HANSON Was in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn Served in: South Korea, Fort Louis, Washington, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Germany,Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Dodge City, Kansas,Iraq, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iraq, Des Moines, Egypt, Israel, France, Holland, Ireland, Fort Macoy. Wisconsin Jogging Memory My dad would Skype us and would write letters and call us . He said that they would have to eat MRE's and that they weren't that good. He said that they had plenty supplies . He had lots of stress on him. The first time he went of he had stress because you didn't know what was gonna happen. The second time he had stress because he had to be in charge of a lot of people .My dad didn't really have anything for good luck but before he left they gave the families these coins where you would rub it if you missed you family or the soldier that was gone and he used to rub that everyday. They usually played cards, watched movies, read books, played pool, went swimming, went to the recreation center. They had Trace Adkins come over on my dad's birthday and they had the Vikings cheerleaders and had actor and actress come. When he was on leave he came home and bought his dodge truck. Life My dad works at Exide in town. My dad would go back and do it all over again if he could. He does honor guard at the American Legion. He would attend any reunions if they have on. He will never forget being the military. He did the honor guard at the Assembly on Wednesday. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and then he went again and did Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn. The First Time he went to Tikrit, Iraq and second time he went to Ballad, Iraq. He remembers landing and he said it was really hot and he was scared because he didn't know what it was gonna be like. The first time he was a truck driver and the second time he was a transportation supervisor. Both times he saw combat. The first time there was no casualties and the second time there was one and the guy died of a heart attack while doing his pt test and got the Bronze star award. The first time he went over he was in the biggest ambush that year and his truck got hit by a rpg. He was never a POW. He did do battle planning. He had to plan one of the missions. He traveled to South Korea, Germany, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky, Egypt, Iraq, Wisconsin, Israel, France, Holland, and Ireland. He recalls a lot of the humorous events. There were lots of pranks they did and he remembers one were they took his shampoo and put glue in it instead. My family has a lot of pictures. We have a whole tube filled with them. The people in the pictures are friends, family, and the soldiers. They all liked each other and helped each other out. Yes my dad had a diary where he would writes notes so if he didn't make it back home we would get to see them. Later Years and Closing Veteran Presentation Experiences

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