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Vegetable Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: 2 serving / day eaten as dessert Example : Japanese pears, watermelon , persimmons, yuzu Umeboshi (pickled plums) -give a lot of energy and stamina Starch-Rice Milk and milk product ※ Milk is a prime source for three important nutrients: calcium, potassium, and vitamin D (which is added to fortified milk.) ※ Especially important to bone health, may lead to osteoporsis,the weakening of bones caused by an imbalance between bone building and bone destruction. ※ One alternative for those who are lactose intolerant is to take a pill containing enzymes that digest milk sugar along with the dairy product, or to consume milk that has the lactase enzyme added to it. ※ Many dairy products are high in saturated fats, and a high saturated fat intake is a risk factor for heart disease. ※ Japan should not be complacent simply because of its high life expectancy. Buckwheat Noodle Wheat Udon Why spinning top? Shokuiku Canada's Rainbow Grain Dishes Red meat is eaten rarely and sparingly in Japan. As an island nation, they have depended on the sea for food, transportation, trade and inspiration. They have even gone so far as to deify bodies of water. Fish is eaten much more often than in Canada. 5-6 serving / day eaten fresh, added to stews and pickled in brine (using a lot of salt). Example :white radishes ( daikon ), cabbage, sliced lotus roots , burdock, and mountain yams. Soy-based foods like tofu, and other alternatives to meat are also an important part of the Japanese diet. Vegetable Meats and Alternatives Japanese Diet Lowest rate of obesity Highest rate of life expectancy Japan is not perfect 1. Lack of proper concern for food 2. Irregular/nutritionally unbalanced meals 3. Rise in obesity & lifestyle-related diseases 4. Excessive desire for being slim 5. Food safety 6. Over-dependency on food from abroad Fruits Meat in Japan Edamame, in-shell Shrimp, presented in-shell 3-5 meat/fish/alternative servings eggs and soy make up most of the alternative very small portions of meat served at each meal fish is eaten more, red meat is eaten less so much soy; edamame (baby soybeans eaten from the shell) and many other soy-based foods


Transcript: scoring written response 5 points/specimen Jessica Barrientos Shane Mardy Kyreem White identification official dress 50 points/class 200 total knowledge Individual 1. Contestants will report to the CDE coordinator for specific instructions and details of the event. 2. Contestants will be provided Scantron answer sheets. 3. Contestants should bring a clipboard and two #2 pencils. Use of a hand lens is encouraged. 4. FFA members must be in official dress, appropriate to the contest, and will be scored accordingly. A 15 question multiple choice exam covering general knowledge of vegetable production will be given based on the subject of the Delmar Cengage Plant and Soil Science: Fundamentals & Applications textbook. Each question is worth 4 points for a total of 75 points. Unless otherwise noted, the written exam will be created using odd chapters on odd years and even chapters on even years, aligned with the state finals date - not the preliminary. 75 5 points/speciemen event procedures total 225 Kinds of Varieties Insects 50 5 points/specimen Activity Team VEGETABLE IDENTIFICATION AND JUDGING Four (4) judging classes will be placed based on items of quality and other characteristics that a consumer utilizes in buying vegetables. The vegetable specimen plates in each placing class will be placed on individual merit. Each placing class is worth 50 points. Written Exam evaluation 600 ID(odd yrs) 4 Placing Classes Seeds 5 points/specimen EVENT PRACTICUMS Practicum Type Weeds ID (odd yrs) 150 group members ID(even yrs)


Transcript: Vitamins and contributions: The plant had its first manifestations in primitive aquatic species. They consist of three main parts: the root, stem and leaves. You can find two main groups of plants : flowering and non-flowering . It's called a vegetable of any Agency who have been traditionally studied by the Botanical They are foods that come from living things that grow but move from place voluntary impulse. Mostly found in terrestrial habitats , but some species live in the water. They vary in size from those small and mosses to giant trees that can grow to over 100 feet. Vegetable Vegetable Some vegetables are consumed raw , vary in features , color and shape. Vegetables are rich in potassium, magnesium , protein, can also find iron and calcium in tomatoes , chard and spinach. On vegetables are intense color : folic acid, vitamin B , AB carotene, we provide besides lignin , cellulose and hemicellulose , that is vegetable fibers Both vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C and provitamin A- are ideal for covering protein and nutrients in a balanced diet supplement , it is advisable to consume about 400 grams per day , accompanying fish and meat. It's good to slowly increase the consumption of vegetables in the diet is very important as the contribution they make to the body , so good health . Importance of plants Rich in vitamin A: spinach, lettuce, peppers, spinach , tomatoes , carrots , etc. Rich in Vitamin C: cabbage, squash, tomatoes , cauliflower , chard , lettuce , peppers , parsley , etc. Vitamin B9 folic acid : it contains all green vegetables , preparing a salad is convenient season it with vinegar or lemon , that way we protect and enhance the vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables Origin and Characteristics

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