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Transcript: Other Majors I might be interested in: Extracurricular Activities I Could Do In My Spare Time: Bryson Hamlet Crime Scene Investigation Finance Mechanical Engineering Computer Engineering Dentistry World Studies Life Science VCU Virginia Commonwealth University Possible Major: Graphic Design Location: Richmond,Virginia Electives I Would Like To Take: Courses Needed To Complete My Major: Baseball All other electives are provided when registration form is done Design Technology I Design Methods and Processes Typography I Design Form and Communication Typography II Imaging I Imaging II History of Visual Communication Theory and Philosophy in Visual Communications Systems in Design Print I Visual Narrative I Interaction I Print II Interaction II Senior Seminar Senior Studio (Capstone) Web Page Design- Designs on an internet link that would make it attractive to the eye, something you would want to look at and not just exit out of Design Activism- An emerging movement that puts design as a central focus in solving basic civic and societal problems. Typeface Design- Set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features. Communication Design: Design Studio Package Design- The labels on cartons of drinks, candy bars, bags like Wal-Mart and target, these are all package designs. Designs that go on packages to show what they are. Motivational Graphics- Graphics that motivate you to do something or to it for someone cause they need help. Electronic Imaging- A peer-reviewed scientific journal published quarterly by SPIE and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. Design Internship- You help people with designing websites and other things like logos for food or more. You dont get paid to do it you are doing it just to help out others.


Transcript: Positions the development of the Islamic tradition historically Marginalized Individuals: Same-sex Acts and The Making of The Islamic Tradition 1- Existing social attitudes Consider theoretical frameworks used in other fields of study while attempting to avoid the projection of modern categories onto historical moments. 2. Pirke De Rabbi Eliezer (8th century CE) Islamic Jurisprudence of same-sex acts Munkar = pelting & mocking Exegetical elaborations: 1- Have intercourse with men 2- They stopped travelers through their lands to do the evil act to them 3- Group orgies Two preliminary conclusions: 1- These acts existed in the Prophet's Arabia 2- Viewed negatively to the extent that it was used as an insult What is the Qur'ānic Lot narrative? Conditional Death Establishes a foundation for comparative work across religious & geographic boundaries Qur'ānic Lot Narrative: A Desperate Prophet Tales of the Prophets: Qisas al-Anbiyā' Mu'āwiyya (d. 680 CE) attributes the Prophet with saying: "the people of Lot used to sit in their gatherings and each one of their men had with him a sack that contained pebbles, whenever a wayfarer would pass them by, they would all pelt him. Whomever of them had struck him [the wayfarer], then he [who had struck him] was entitled to him [kanā awlā bihı]." - In reading scriptural texts Their sins in the Qur'ān: 1- Lust after men (tashtahūna al-rijāl) 2- Commit highway robbery 3- Practice wickedness in your assemblies (ta'tūna fī nādīkum al-munkar) No Death Penalty Implications of this Study 1- Muḥammad b. Isḥāq (d. 150/767 CE) 2- Abū Ḥudhayfa Isḥāq Ibn Bishr (d. 206/821 CE) Talmud, Mishna and commentaries: Leviticus 18:22, "Do not lie with a male as one lies with a woman," Leviticus 20:13, "... both of them have committed an abomination [to'evah]: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." A death penalty should be inflicted by lapidation. 1- In what ways did the interaction between the Jews and Muslims of early Arabia shape the formation of the extra-scriptural Islamic Lot narrative? Roman Law: Theodosius (d. 395CE) punishes with amelioration. Justinian (d. 565 CE) in his Institutes punishes with death through castration or insertion of sharp reeds into the organ's pours. Silent on punishment for females Read primary texts across and within multiple genres in their historical context to gain a comprehensive web of meanings: Result in various punishments Current & Future Research 2- What role did Jewish converts play in transmitting lore? Research Interests and Goals When guests arrive, Lot declares, "Truly this is a distressful day." When townspeople get wind of the news he begs, "These are my guests, disgrace me not, and fear God and do not shame me." His people respond saying, "Did we not forbid you to associate with (other) people" and 'Have we not told you not to interfere [with us and] anyone else? "Oh my people, 'My daughters are here, if you must.' So fear God, and do not put me to shame with my guests. They respond, "You know that we have no right with your daughters, and you know quite well what we want" The Qur'ān and its Exegetical Treatments What were some of the factors that shaped the jurists' adjudication of same-sex acts? The Companions are each attributed with holding Conflicting positions Approach and Methodology Connect the past with the present: Exegetical Developments Identify the historical roots of modern Muslim ideologies, movements, and praxis. 1- Modern Muslim discourses over homosexuality 2- Non-state sponsored Egyptian preachers 3- Countering violence with tradition Prophetic Reports and Circulation Sexual desires- "homosexuality," Pederasty Physical state- Elderly, Young, Disabled Social status- Free, Slaves, Freedman Religious affiliation- Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc. Gender- Women, Men, Intersex Uncover the logic, context, and heritage that have shaped early Islamic discourse and continue to shape modern Muslim doctrine and praxis. "He [Lot] also said to them, ‘You practice abominable acts [fāḥishāt] that no people before you have ever committed. You lust after men, commit highway robbery, and practice wickedness in your assemblies." (29: 28-29) Pre-Islamic legal Treatments Biblical narrative- Genesis 19:1-38 1- What were some of the laws regulating same-sex acts in neighboring regions? 2- “A woman does not have “intercourse” (tubāshir or ta'tī) with another woman except that they are both zānīyatān, and a man does not have intercourse (yubāshir/ya'tī) with another man except that they are both zānīyān.” "He [Lot] also said to them, ‘You practice abominable acts [fāḥishāt] that no people before you have ever committed. [1] You lust after men, [2] commit highway robbery, [3] and practice wickedness in your assemblies." (29: 28-29) 3- Exegetical treatments of Qur'ānic Lot narrative 5- Jurists' legal framework, reasoning, & methodologies Context: The Near Eastern Landscape and Social Attitudes Liwāt - male-male anal


Transcript: VCU has many diverse clubs/organizations. Thesis Statement 1. "Virginia Commonwealth University." Wikipedia. MediaWiki, 9 March 2013. web. 14 March 2013. 2. "University Student Commons and Activities." usca.vcu. VCU University Relations, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 3. "News Center." vcu. VCU University Relations, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 4. Gregory, Sean. "Time News Feed." Time. CNN, 28 March 2011. web. 14 March 2013. 5. "Virginia Commonwealth University." College Board. The College Board, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 6. "Virginia Commonwealth University." The Princeton Review. TPR Education IP Holdings, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. NOTE: PREZI CANNOT DO ITALICS 1. VCU has 400+ organizations. 2. Some clubs include American Red Cross, Asian Fusion, Body Beautiful, Cancer Awareness, Debate Team, Dental Club, etc. I could go on for hours but these are a few of the...more interesting ones. 3. Club sports include Dodgeball, Basketball, Skiing, Baseball, Bowling, Lacrosse, Badminton, Bass Fishing, White Water Rafting, and much, much more. Rodney the Ram VCU colors 522 miles from your parents, VCU has it all; a winning basketball team and many clubs to make you feel right at home. Claim #2 VCU is the perfect distance from Loveland, far away but not so far it's expensive to travel to. Urban 144 acres 23,951 undergraduates 7,801 grad students VCU has a great and competitive basketball team. Cited Sources Claim #1 VCU has a a hard work attitude. They don't give up. They won't be stopped. 1. VCU is 522 miles from Loveland, OH 2. Flying Delta round trip from CVG to RIC would cost around $403 3. With the average gas milage of a car being 24.5mpg and the average gas price of $3.625 a gallon it would cost about $77.25 to drive to VCU. Rodney the Ram is VCU's mascot. I have Ram Cakepops for everyone. 1. The VCU Rams made the Final 4 in 2011. In 2012 they made it to the sweet 16. 2. VCU graduate Gerald Henderson played 13 years in the NBA winning the NBA finals 3 times. ...that's 2 more than LeBron James 3. In the 2012-2013 season the VCU Rams are 24-7 and are the first in their division. Claim #3 Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia

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