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Cornelius vanderbilt presentation

Transcript: After Vanderbilt retired from the shipping industry he got into railroads looking closely at the railroads.Vanderbilt soon started buliding a whole empire of railroads making loads of money off of the railroads.His railroads helped with the transportation of mostly people and supplies.With Vanderbilts industry of trains and railroads Rockefeller saw it as a chance to make money off of his oil and selling it to Vanderbilt so Vanderbilts trains can go with fuel.Vanderbilt went to visit Rockefeller and made a deal with him.However Vanderbilt knew he couldn't trust Rockefeller.His railroads affected John Rockefeller which affected a lot more inventors later on.It affected Rockefeller because if Vanderbilts railroads were cut of then Rockefeller wouldnt be able to get his oil delivered to him which would hurt many inventors who need oil. Multi-Millionaire THANK YOU! Cornelius Vanderbilt With Vanderbilts trains he was able to change America and become a titan by getting Americas attention in the transportation of trains.More people wanted to travel faster which lead to them useing Vanderbilts trains,more people where waiting for supplies to get to there homes and stores quickier so the used Vanderbilts trains.His railroads were important to America his railroads were able to transport goods from city to city which was something not all ships could do since not all citys had shipping ports.It also sped up transportation. In all Cornelius Vanderbilt was a nice guy if we would describe him he did things that did affect America but he donated money when he could he helped his family.Although he did buy most of Americas railroads he did it because he wanted faster transportation and money.When Vanderbilt died 1877 his railroads stayed up and people still were happy to have railroads for faster transportation.They were glad Cornelius Vanderbilt was born May 27,1794 in Staten island ,New York.He was born into the shipping industry which was his start in the transportation industry.While in the shipping industry Vanderbilt got the nickname "Commodore" . His Legacy Cornelius Vanderbilt Vanderbilt always gets what he wants. Cornelius Vanderbilt Cornelius Vanderbilt T.J Styles once said "This was a major transformation of the railroad network, which previously had been fragmented into numerous short railroads, each with its own procedures, timetables, and rolling stock. The creation of a coherent system spanning several states lowered costs, increased efficiency, and sped up travel and shipment times.”.All of Vanderbilts railroads changed America.Even though not all railroads belonged to Vanderbilt, he sure bought most of them so.The more railroads Vanderbilt had the more money he won. Devin Loperl, Daisy Portillo ,Michayla Pisa Sites His Start With Vanderbilts Steamship industry and his railroad industry he made him a self made Multi-Millionaire by owning almost all railroads in the United states.He was known had power over the railroads he was titian of railroads. Conclusion Cornelius Vanderbilt Part of how Vanderbilt became a titan was that when he started he first gained control of the New York central RR.He built a whole Empire.His empire consisted of him connecting Chicago and New York by railroads in 1873.He also had control of the Hudson river RR.Giving jobs to those who had lost their jobs and had no jobs he orderd to build the Grand Central depot. Cornelius Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Presentation

Transcript: Vanderbilt University By: Jamison Uptgraft Cornelius Vanderbilt founded in 1873 Average H.S. GPA 3.80 (UnW) and 4.27 (W) GPA SAT ACT UW W M ERW A 3.80 4.27 721 700 32 L 1.00 2.50 500 540 16 H 4.00 5.00 800 800 36 Introduction According Princeton Rev. Ranked 12th in Top 50 B.V.C. Ranked 6th in Best-Run Colleges Ranked 3rd in Happiest Students Academics Center for Student Wellbeing Student Care Coordination University Counseling Center (Solo or group) Solo counseling - substance abuse, anxiety, depression, relationships Student Social and Academic Support 51% women 49% men 90% out of state 10% in state Average age is 19 years old 48% white 13% asian 10% black 10% hispanic 19% 2+ races/unknown 6,885 undergrads enrolled @ Vandy Student Body and Diversity No difference in in/out state because Vandy is priv. On campus tuition= $70,194 R&B is $16,234 of that tuition Financial Situation/Support Interested in Business, Management, Economics or Marketing (MBA) Management Consultant, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager etc. Peabody College of Education and Human Development offers undergrad Owen Graduate School of Management Specialty Networking Opportunities Students~ Commodore Exchange program Helps w/ interviews, networking events, resumes, etiquette, internships and much more Alumni~ VUconnect online community Chapters helps you get connected to other alumni Student Gov't~ Free subscriptions to NYT and WSJ with a Vanderbilt account FEAST is a free meal for a student and a professor of their choice Nashville passport and airport transportation Refridge-a-Dore rented during school year for $220 Clubs~ Academic clubs Sports club Juggling club Social Atmosphere 7:1 Student-faculty ratio 97% returning for sophomore year Career counseling, disability services, time management, extended test time, study skills, open computer labs School Size Nashville, TN (350 miles=5 hrs 10 mins) The Rabbit Hole VR The Parthenon Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Joyride Nashville Athena Statue Location


Transcript: Located in Nashville, Tennessee Medium sized school 4-year university Private coed university Composed of 4 smaller schools Offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees Sports Campus Housing Race/Ethnicity Choral Groups Concert Band Drama/Theater Film Society Fraternities Sororities Marching Band University Total Undergraduates - 6,817 First-time Degree Seeking Freshman - 1,601 Degree Seeking Undergraduates - 6,754 Graduate Enrollment - 6,019 92% student body graduate in 6 years 96% freshmen return sophomore year Aid General Stefani Johnson Financial Student Statistics Tuition Commitment One The admissions process is need-blind for U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens Meaning that the applicants are not being admitted solely because of talent Vanderbilt strives for diversity in their student body Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Tennis International Student Organization Model United Nations Yearbook Television Station Student Newspaper Radio Station Pep Band School Structure 100% of first-year students live in college housing 86% of all undergrads live in college housing Co-ed dorms Women's/Men's separate dorms Fraternity/Sorority housing Financial aid awards do not include loans Instead Vanderbilt offers additional grant assistance Made up of four individual schools College of Art and Sciences Blair School of Music Peabody School School of Engineering Life In-state and Out of State Gender Application is a general application Required for application: ACT or SAT Statistics for regular applicants: Total applicants-24,837 Admitted-4,078 Enrolled-1,601 Commitment Three Campus And many more! General Information Commitment Two Vanderbilt Statistics Vanderbilt will meet 100% of a family’s demonstrated financial need Need-based Scholarships are given to students no matter their economic circumstances Activities Men's Sports Comodoores Application Process In-State and Out-of-State Tuition are the same Three Important Commitments Sources: Women's Sports Basketball Bowling Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer Swimming Tennis Track and Field

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