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Vanderbilt Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Located in Nashville, Tennessee Medium sized school 4-year university Private coed university Composed of 4 smaller schools Offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees Sports Campus Housing Race/Ethnicity Choral Groups Concert Band Drama/Theater Film Society Fraternities Sororities Marching Band University Total Undergraduates - 6,817 First-time Degree Seeking Freshman - 1,601 Degree Seeking Undergraduates - 6,754 Graduate Enrollment - 6,019 92% student body graduate in 6 years 96% freshmen return sophomore year Aid General Stefani Johnson Financial Student Statistics Tuition Commitment One The admissions process is need-blind for U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens Meaning that the applicants are not being admitted solely because of talent Vanderbilt strives for diversity in their student body Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Tennis International Student Organization Model United Nations Yearbook Television Station Student Newspaper Radio Station Pep Band School Structure 100% of first-year students live in college housing 86% of all undergrads live in college housing Co-ed dorms Women's/Men's separate dorms Fraternity/Sorority housing Financial aid awards do not include loans Instead Vanderbilt offers additional grant assistance Made up of four individual schools College of Art and Sciences Blair School of Music Peabody School School of Engineering Life In-state and Out of State Gender Application is a general application Required for application: ACT or SAT Statistics for regular applicants: Total applicants-24,837 Admitted-4,078 Enrolled-1,601 Commitment Three Campus And many more! General Information Commitment Two Vanderbilt Statistics Vanderbilt will meet 100% of a family’s demonstrated financial need Need-based Scholarships are given to students no matter their economic circumstances Activities Men's Sports Comodoores Application Process In-State and Out-of-State Tuition are the same Three Important Commitments Sources: Women's Sports Basketball Bowling Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer Swimming Tennis Track and Field


Transcript: I want to go here because I want to be a special education teacher when I grow up, and Vanderbilt has an excellent teaching program. They also have a lot of fun things to do on and off campus. If I go to Vanderbilt, I will be able to reach my goal, which will help me achieve my dream in life, which is to help kids learn. Why do i want to go here??? Vanderbilt is ranked #16 best college in the U.S. Video time!!!!! Yes, their mission statement is... To embed and support creative expression through artistic and culture programs that enhance the student-faculty interaction, establish a spirit of creativity at the university, and cultivate service between students, faculty, and the Nashville community. Vanderbilt is in Nashville, Tennessee. 6,835 people total It is 58,500 yearly cost If i went to vanderbilt, what would i major in??? Theater Art Museums Parks Live Music Performances Restaurants Vanderbilt is 47% male and 53% female what about costs and admissions??? The rules include... Must sign the honor code no parking on campus without a license you can only have one vehicle a permit is required for ALL vehicle no walking on areas where special events happen by: Landis thompson Do they have a mission statement??? They offer scholarships to kids with exceptional accomplishments and intellectual promise. What are fun things to do??? If I go to Vanderbilt, I would minor in Teaching Art. THE END!!!!!!!! what are some of their rules??? If I go to Vanderbilt, I would major in Special Education Teaching. How many are boys and how many are girls??? where is vanderbilt ranked??? Vanderbilt Where is it??? *Vanderbilt aalso meets finacial aids!!! Scholarships??? If i went to vanderbilt, what would i minor in??? how many people are there???

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