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Transcript: Mindbenders Media takes social media to another level. Our team of experts create a veritable beehive of social-media buzz Clients get design, social management, analytics, video and photo content, and creative written content, all in one. Maggie Pinnt "Why do small businesses feel social media is an effective way to communicate with consumers?" NeoCloud Marketing Responsibilities Education What I've Learned: How Did I Do It? Killer Resume Work Ethic Bartending Networking (Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) Getting Involved Being Strategic w/ School Work Resume Worked 40hrs a week + 16-20 credits Alpha Gamma Delta Study Abroad Ambassador Junior Achievement Volunteer You don't know everything. (NeoCloud advice) Mindbenders Media Work hard, you're replaceable Ask questions, seek mentors. •Observation and participation in the NeoCloud sales process (initial prospect meeting, web presence checkup summary, conference calls, etc.) Stay on your toes-It could land you a job. Mindbenders Media Mindspike Design Founded 10 years ago by Mike Magestro Our Design team manages client’s web design, creates creative content, and brand development. Brand Building, Web, Logos, Videos, Marketing Campaigns. Changed majors a lot Public Relation Communications Business Management Education Internship •Marketing research for NeoCloud clients. •Social media updates on the major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.) for NeoCloud clients. Write Copy Analytics Monitor Social Suggest Best Strategies for Clients Create Marketing Concepts Research Senior Capstone E-mail Etiquette Complete Thesis Grammar! Important, even on social. Education Graduated May 15, 2012 Got the interview a month later & Applied for at least 60 jobs (April-June) Mindspike Design How Did I Do It?


Transcript: Who is he? The musical and social influences of Stevie Wonder ♪ The inspired next generation’s singers … ♪ music for real world problem … ♪ Music for peace … Conclusion What is the real obstacle? The real obstacle is the thought that makes us afraid and intimidated to take a chance, not physical disabilities. Our own future can be changed by our own hand. Jungyup, “Stevie Wonder is textbook for my music life. “ Dreamer and Achiever Thank You! Overview His Social effect … UN’s messenger of peace Singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder has a new title on his resume: United Nations Messenger of Peace. Wonder -- blind since birth -- will promote U.N. ideals and activities with an emphasis on championing for people with disabilities, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. When his installation announcement was briefly interrupted by a fire alarm in the U.N. Secretariat Building in New York on Thursday, Wonder broke the tension with a joke. "I'm trying to figure out a new melody," he said. It was a false alarm caused by smoke from nearby construction, a U.N. spokesman said. Activist Songs of Stevie Wonder ranked in the 1st place of Billboard “Living For The City” - Stevie Wonder, 1973 (Album "Innervisions“) “Stevie’s music is classic of pop that will remain forever. Nobody can avoid it. It is the music that every people who live in 20th and 21th century listen to.” Justin Timberlake “We have grown hearing his songs. He is object of blessing in any country, by any language.” Michael Douglas “He is poet who sings mankind.” Halle Berry A Pioneer He is Stevie Wonder. Others Work for Haiti Fingertips - Part 2 [For 3 weeks] (1971) Superstition [For a week] (1972) You Are the Sunshine of My Life [For a week] (1972) You Haven't Done Nothin' (with The Jackson 5) [For a week] (1974) I Wish [For a week] (1976) Sir Duke [For 3 weeks] (1976) Ebony and Ivory (with Paul McCartney) [For 7 weeks] (1982) I Just Called to Say I Love You [For 3 weeks] (1984) Part-Time Lover [For a week] (1985) That's What Friends Are For [For 4 weeks] (1985) A man trying his best And the subject of our presentation is… “The real legend, Stevie Wonder” As you know, he is one of the greatest artists in 20th century. Born in 1950, became blind due to excess supply of oxygen in incubator. He was poor, black man and blind. He signed with Motown Records at 11, released the first album <Fingertips> at 12. Shortly, he ranked in the first place on Billboard Pop and R&B charts. He left many great songs and continues to perform and record until now. Comment on Korea … Wonder has recorded more than thirty U.S. top ten hits and won twenty-two Grammy Awards. (the most ever won by a solo artist) as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also won an Academy Award for Best Song, and been inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Songwriters halls of fame. He has also been awarded the Polar Music Prize. American music magazine Rolling Stone named him the ninth greatest singer of all time. In June 2009 he became the fourth artist to receive the Montreal Jazz Festival Spirit Award. 20070010 Kang, Bobae 20070180 Kim, Yiyoung 20070207 Kim, Jiyu 20070970 Kong, Byeong Yong ♪ His songs can be divided … Stevie Wonder named UN 'Messenger of Peace‘ December 03, 2009 Usher Luciano Pavarotti “He is magnificent, absolutely magnificent genius of music.” Isn't She Lovely so called real-world participation music also antidrug campaign, criticizing president Nixon. He developed many new textures and sounds never heard before. A singer-songwriter Recorded more than thirty U.S. top ten hits Received twenty-two Grammy Awards The genres of his songs cover “Pop, Soul, Funk, Rock & Roll, Blues and Jazz” Has a great impact on many musicians Multi-instrumentalist Vocals, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Drums, Bass guitar, Congas, Bongos, Clavinet, Melodica, Keytar and Accordion Plays them proficiently One of the top artists and one of the creative musicians in the world Activist Oppose apartheid Relief activities for the poor and the disabled Named a Messenger of Peace by the UN in 2009 Lately Bumsoo Kim, preparing dedicated stage for ‘Stevie wonder’ in his own concert Love Anti- racial discrimination Social/political problem Consideration about Black American society “ South and North can be the one by communication not the way of war ! “ “ We must understand each other for peace of world and for harmony of world ! ” Gunmo Kim, “I practiced to resemble Stevie Wonder ”

UWM Music Director Presentation

Transcript: Andy Miller Percussion-Movement-Education Presented by Andy Miller Artistic Work Artistic Work Teaching Teaching "I have always maintained that musicians are dancers, and that dancers can be good dancers only when they are also good musicians." - José Limón - Active Listening Active Listening Unit I Objectives Objectives • Develop various types of active listening and deeper musical awareness • Develop the ability to aurally distinguish between harmonic consonance and dissonance • Equip students with the ability to aurally identify thin and thick harmonic textures Toning Exercise Toning Exercise 1. Sing a long sustained note until you are out of breath. You can choose any pitch you like but only one pitch should be sung in a single breath. 2. Take a breath and listen to what you hear around you. 3. When you hear someone else’s long sustained pitch about to end, start singing a new pitch 4. Continue steps 1-3 until a natural ending is reached. Repeat Repeat 6. Repeat steps 1-5. On each repetition listen in one of the following ways: a. Alternate listening across the room and listening next to you b. Listen for moments of moments of dissonance (tension) and consonance (resolution) c. Listen for the range of pitches at any given moment (highest and lowest) d. Listen for “thin” and “thick” textures Embodied Rhythm: Polymeters Embodied Rhythm: Polymeters Unit III Objectives Objectives • Develop awareness of Non-western musical genres • Practice listening and feeling different pulses under the same music • Embody polymetric pulses in groups and individually Polymeter Polymeter Lines and Triangles Lines and Triangles 1, 2, 3 "and" 1, 4 2, 5 3, 6 Unit II Musical Signs and Selection Musical Signs and Selection • Develop a knowledge of semiotics applied to music • Apply critical thinking skills to critique musical signs and what they represent. • Develop the ability to apply this knowledge to musical selection practices for dance and choreography Objectives Objectives 1) Icon – what a sign stands for through resemblance (ex. drawing of a horse) 2) Index – experiencing sign and object together (ex. Smoke is an index of fire) 3) Symbol – linguistic definition, words created and defined with other words 3 Types of Signs 3 Types of Signs Watch Frontier by Martha Graham with music composed by Louis Horst. Briefly journal about the musical signs utilized in this piece. Make sure to properly categorize the signs by their type (icon, index, symbol) and then write about what effects these signs create on the observer (yourself). Do the musical signs conjure up other memories or experiences? Are there any negative connotations attached to these signs? Writing Exercise Writing Exercise Research Research Perspectives from Latin America Perspectives from Latin America Candomblé Candomblé Afro-Colombian Folkloric Music Afro-Colombian Folkloric Music Community Engagement Community Engagement Fundación Batuta Fundación Batuta Urbana Arts Grant Urbana Arts Grant Endwright Center for Aging Endwright Center for Aging Saturday School Saturday School

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