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Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY glory in negligence: american ignorance and media on third world nations working thesis working thesis In this paper, I talk about how the lack of representation of the third world nations in American media is influenced by American Ignorance that consists of a sense of superiority and lacks interest in knowing beyond the boundaries of their nation.i explore the causes and consequences of this behavior, and shed light on how it is the greatest reason behind the conflicts and stereotypes that exists in American people’s minds about the other side of the world. furthermore, i discuss why it is important to bring a change in this phenomenon. SUBTOPIC 1 SUBTOPIC 1 TEXT TEXT PICTURES PICTURES SUBTOPIC 2 SUBTOPIC 2 TIMELINE 2017 TIMELINE MAP MAP Location 2 Location 3 Location 1 CHART CHART Label 2 Label 3 Label 1 background Miller, Laura. “America the Ignorant.” Third World Traveler, 27 Sept. 2001 background Miller, Laura. “America the Ignorant.” Third World Traveler, 27 Sept. 2001 Asks and answers the question "why are americans ignorant?" "For decades we've been reading about how American schoolchildren can't find Mexico or Canada on a map, and yet nothing seems to change," says Ransdell. "These people who don't know the difference between Switzerland and Swaziland then become the main consumers of news. And in poll after poll they tell us that they want less foreign news and more of what I call 'selfish journalism' -- which stocks to buy, sex and beauty tips, 10 steps to a healthier colon and so on. It becomes this horrible feedback loop where people are sent out of our schools in a state of complete ignorance of the rest of the world and then, maybe because they're embarrassed, clamor for even less information on something they know almost nothing about." exhibit exhibit During the 2013 malaysian airline missing, Nwes channels like cnn spent days focusing on what happened to the aircfrat, from their shows covering theories from black holes to bermuda triangles, Cnn's trp doubled over the days explaining people were loving this content that was straight up bullshit but still kept watching it because the nwes of a missing airloine turned into a joke that entertained the viewers and profited the media. it exceded to a point other channels started covering about cnn;s coverage about the missing flight. This shows the loop of how people's interest influence the media. If channels like this have the capability to do that they can if wanted to show people the real side of nepal or other countries, but they chose not to because actual problems of the real world isn't as interesting as the theory of black holes argument argument “‘Covering’ Nepal, Western-Style.” Nepal Monitor The National Online Journal on Media and Public Affairs, 9 June 2006 mbhv,hbmn b,nvvjgbn ,bvhbjn mhbvmbmn nn mbhv,hbmn b,nvvjgbn ,bvhbjn


Transcript: The Campus! The campus at the University of Wyoming is actually quite small. Compared to other colleges. They have fairly sized campus and many, many things to do! You can never get bored. *Fun Fact: Lets say you live in another state such as Colorado. The Out of state tuition at UW is cheaper than the instate tuition at CSU! -College of Agriculture and Natural Resources -College of Arts and Sciences -College of Business -College of Education -College of Engineering and Applied Science -College of Health Sciences -College of Law Costs of Tuition "NCAA Logos." Holland Bar Stool Logo Stools NCAA NHL Military Gambling. Web. 13 Apr. 2012. <>. "UW - Wyoming's State University | University of Wyoming." UW. Web. 13 Apr. 2012. <>. "UW Colleges - Wyoming College Departments | University of Wyoming." UW. Web. 12 Apr. 2012. <>. "Welcome to the Division of Social Work." Social Work. Web. 13 Apr. 2012. <>. As for the rooms, the University has you take a survey to match you with a compatible roomate! TheUniversity of Wyoming! Housing! Works Cited The colleges within the University One great thing about the University of Wyoming is that it is in Wyoming! Wyoming is a small state full of small towns therefore there arent that many people in class. The highest amount is about 150 people in Freshman classes. Class Sizes The tuition for instate students is aproximately $3,276. For out of a state students it is about $11,646.

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