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Transcript: Students Applying/accepted/ Campus life Demographics 31,022 students apply to UT every year 4.7% of these students who apply at UT are accepted The campus of UT is just blocks from downtown Austin so there are a lot of music, musicians, art and artists on campus There are several sports opportunities, campus organizations and historic places, cafes and restaurants on campus The Road to Education Activities and Clubs The Basics There are many volunteer opportunities, campus organizations, art programs and Tours of the observation deck There are museums, libraries and galleries to check out on campus There are also gyms and exercise related activities to pursue on campus There are more than 900 clubs and organizations at UT Extra: Flat rate tuition for Texas resident is $9,346-$10,738 and non resident is $31,756- $36,396 Admission Requirements Student Faculty ratio is 18:1 4-year graduation rate is 53% 5 most popular majors are Journalism and related programs(13%), social sciences(13%), Business management(12%), engineering(11%) and Biological/Biomedical sciences(9%) The Student/Gender distribution is 51.3% female and 48.7% male Include: Expanded Resumes Two essays Application processing Fee from $75-$90 Official College transcripts SAT or ACT plus writing scores High school transcript meeting State of Texas HS coursework reqiurements Self- reported HS coursework form University of Texas at Austin University of Texas at Austin is an state school Undergraduate Cost: $24,266-25,668 Room and Board: $10,946 Books/Supplies: $904 Flat Rate tuition for Texas resident: $9,346-10,738 Non-resident: $31,756-36,396


Transcript: Chinese Science WARNINGS UT Examination Date: 23/10 Marks: 64.5/70 Highest Mark: 64.5/70 I'm an student from a school in Hong Kong and I'm going to tell you some experiences for UT. All tips are experimental as I've only taken 1 UT for all subjects. LISTEN, OR SEE CAREFULLY HERE. Tips: Ask your teacher thoroughly what are you going to be assessed on. (Didn't have any preparations of vocabulary, all marks loss from there) Study the meaning of words you know and MEMORIZES it! Study ALL WSs and if the teacher said something before the assessment, remember it. YOU WILL REGRET IF YOU FORGOT WHAT YOUR TEACHER TOLD YOU JUST BEFORE THE UT. Examination Date: 2-/10 Marks: 39/50 Highest Mark: 46/50 Full Name: Unit Test Very Annoying and happens after every Unit Unpredictable, don't trust the assessment scope Makes parents gives you a lecture (Usually) Duration: 45 minutes Try to find the highest mark of the class, usually the smartest one Most people fail on them Chinese English Math Humanities Science That's all, if I haven't remembered wrong English Basic Information about UT Trust your instincts, and it'll tell you," Don't do what I've written here!" DON'T COMPLAIN, WRITE BAD COMMENTS if your school's different. I've never been to your school; it's only my experiences. Don't try to find out which school I'm from. A tip for you, UTs are for secondary school ONLY. Highest Marks is class highest, not grade highest. Any damage, consequences for listening to my tips will not be managed by me; I've already warned you. Math Different Subjects that have UT Humanities Examination Date: Marks: 47/50 (Including Bonus) Highest Mark: 52/50 (Including Bonus) Examination Date: Marks: 45/53 Highest: 51/53 Examination Date: 25/10-7/10 Marks: Highest Mark:


Transcript: Other fun things that I have learned are... - How to add art boards to an Illustrator file - How to use the pen tool in Illustrator - How to create a zip file - And how to make my website look AWESOME What I've Done! The project that I was given was to come up with a ten step plan to send out to campus managers to complete and at the end of the ten weeks successfully complete a bird bank project. Before diving in, I completed steps of my own to get to this plan. - First I did research. - Then I created a survey for campus managers to complete to get an understanding of why they are or are not using their Facebook pages to increase sales. - After getting the results of the survey I was able to create the ten week plan. Thank You!! Sam Grusell I had a great time here at University Tees. Not only did I gain the experience of working in a professional environment, but I have learned a lot and that was most important to me. I loved being able to come in to an environment where it is comfortable and relaxed. And, number one in my main objectives for the internship was to have fun, and I definitely did. :) Social Media Internship Other Projects My Experience What I learned: While interning here at University Tees, I have learned a lot about Social Media and it's benefits for businesses. - I now have a better understanding of the proper way to update profile information to make a company more appealing to followers. - I learned effective ways of posting to keep followers engaged. - And, I learned how to use these aspects to increase sales for a business. I also worked on re-creating the Bird Is The Word newsletter, Friday email and Customer Feedback email Also...


Transcript: conflict quick summary of out of my mind out of my mind, by:morgan green why she screams and kicks detail ut In out of my mind by: sharon m. draper, melody can not walk, talk or hold thing in her hand. she went to a doctor and tested out how smart she was and the doctor said that she wouldn't be able to go to school, but little does she know that sh is really, really smart {possible smarter than him!!!!!!!} but melody proved him wrong and she is in a school know but in a preschool level and she has to hear the boring teacher say the alphabet and make a snowman when it gets a little colder out side, and she never moves up a level because she cant walk or talk. one major theme is always believe in some one because melody has disability {found this on the back book} that doesn't mean that she is not smart. this relates to conflict because she does have a disability detail to help show conflict & theme she screams and kicks. pg.16, paragraph.2 it says "in the toy section i saw them brightly colored packages of plastic blocks just that morning I had seen a waring on television about that toy, they where being recalled because the blocks had been painted with lead. and 7several children where hospitalized with lead posing"so to try to tell her mom she screamed and kicked to tell her that that they where danger for little kids. the deatil that helped me under stand s on the back cover and it says "melody cant walk, talk, write any thing how my character responds to conflict the main conflict in my story is that she has a disability she cant walk talk or told any thing in her hand for a long time.

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