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UT Austin

Transcript: Nominations State Capitol Visual Arts Center Landmarks Public Art Program Courtyard Gallery Bass Concert Hall Brockett Theatre Bates Recital Hall Popular Majors FACTS ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY Sports Head Coach Educational/Departmental Honorary Societies International/Cultural Language Arts 4 units Foreign Language 2 units Mathematics 3 units Science 2 units Social Studies 3 units Electives 1 ½ units Fine Arts ½ unit Hook 'em Hand sign Texas Independance Day Hex Rally Torchlight Parade I would attend this college because of the many opportunites and different activities it offers and also because it is in my home town. Conclusion About the school UT Austin Best Game ESPY Award Percent of Applicants Admitted: 47% Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile SAT Critical Reading: 550 / 670 SAT Math: 580 / 710 SAT Writing: 540 / 680 ACT Composite: 25 / 31 ACT English: 24 / 32 ACT Math: 26 / 32 Farrah Fawcett Todd Lowe Owen Wilson Ticket Prices School Colors Local Attractions Requirements Current entertainers from UT Location: BASEBALL SOFTBALL BASKETBALL (Men and Woman) FOOTBALL SOCCER (Men and Woman) GOLF (Men and Woman) SWIMMING AND DIVING (Men and Woman) TENNIS (Men and Woman TRACK & FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY ROWING VOLLEYBALL Deadline for application: President: William Powers Jr. Founded: 1883 Degrees awarded yearly: 12,000 Continuing education enrollment: 300,000 Undergraduate academic costs for resident: $9,418 for 2010-11 Employees: About 24,000 staff and faculty members Registered student organizations: 1,100 Student enrollment: About 51,000 students Alumni: About 450,000 $6-$40 Arena/Stadium Frank Erwin Center Circuit of the Americas Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium LaMarcus Aldridge Kevin Durant Daniel Gibson Rick Barnes Traditions School Mascot: Basketball Biology/Biological Sciences, General Business/Commerce, General Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies Stadiums/Arenas December 1st Student Organizations Current Professional Sport figures from UT School Logo Frank Erwin Center


Transcript: 1. Complete an application at and select UT Austin as you target university. The application is available beginning August 1 (for summer/fall applicants) 2. Submit the admission, scholarship, and essay sections of the application by December 1 of your senior year. (December 1 is the scholarship deadline.) 3. Some scholarships require special essays or letters of recommendation, so double-check your application for any required writing/ documentation. If you needed to write a documentation, which most require, then submit it to the Office of Student Financial Services by the deadline that is listed in the additional information. Please be aware that some deadlines are sooner than others. GET INVOLVED Tuition &Fees Room &Board Books &Supplies Estimated Personal Expenses Transportation Expenses Estimated Total 'Varsity Yell (1892) Hullabaloo! Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray! Hullabaloo! Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray! Hoo-RAY! Hoo-RAY! 'Varsity! 'Varsity! U. T. A.!! Rattle de Thrat Yell (1896) Rattle de thrat, de thrat, de thrat! Rattle de thrat, de thrat, de thrat! Longhorn! Cactus Thorn! M-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Texas!! Texas Football Yell (1895) Rah! Rah! Rah! Who are we? Texas! U. of T! Rough, tough, We're the stuff. We play football, Never get enough. Rah! Lollapaloose Yell (1898) Coyote Cayuse! Lollapaloose! Everybody yell! Turn Texas Loose!! Nine Rahs (1906) Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Whisper Chant (1950) T – T – T – E – X X – X – X – A - S T – E – X X – A – S Texas! Fight! Jenna, Laura, and Jeb Bush Requirements $9,830 $11,456 $750 $2,820 $1,490 $26,346 Matthew McConaughey Most students live in an area called, "Riverside", because it's 10-15 minutes southeast from the campus. Also because Riverside contains the most inexpensive apartments that are conveniently located near several UT shuttles. Some apartment complexes offer free cable, bills are paid, roommate matching, and/ or furnished apartments. There are different scholarships you can apply for. Here are the steps to finding the best one available for you to join the Longhorn family: Traditions Common Place to Live Fetus Kevin Durant The University of Texas at Austin is a Public school/ campus. Percentage of Applicants Admitted 40% *49.2% Women *50.8% Men University of Texas at Austin Majors Celebrity Longhorns Audience at a football game "Hook 'Em Horns" to show their school pride Yes, yes you do. And here's a tip to keep in mind when writing about your interests. Jeff Brenzel, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University advised to ," do things that you truly enjoy in high school rather than try to out guess an admissions committee. Why? Because what you truly enjoy, you're probably good at it and trying to get better at it, being involved with one or two or three activities doesn't distinguish who you are. The important thing is, are you getting something out of it? Are you enjoying it? Are you learning how to do it better? If so then use it because it's going to proceed in your essay to show your interests to other colleges ." Admission Office PO Box 8058 Austin, TX 78713-8058 Phone: (512) 475-7399 Fax: (512) 475-7478 Contact: Kedra Ishop, Vice Provost and Director of Admissions $9,830 ... $750 $2,820 $1,490 $14,890 More Information Scholarships Farrah Fawcett Sorority and fraternity life at The University of Texas at Austin includes more than 5,200 students and more than 60 chapters. General Biology 7% Political Science and Government 5% Public Relations, Advertising, and Communication 5% Fun Time *Population of 51,313 students ( recorded in 2014) Popular Majors Owen Wilson $9,830 $11,456 $750 $2,820 $1,490 $26,346 The Texas Longhorn Steer *Located in: 2400 Inner Campus Drive Austin TX, 78712 African American Culture Committee Hispanic Business Student Association Longhorn Band Orange Jackets Out-of-State Students Association Senate of College Councils Student Government Texas Crew Texas Hillel Architecture & Related Programs Area, Ethnic, Cultural, & Gender Studies Biological & Biomedical Sciences Business, Management, Marketing &Related Support Communication & Information Sciences, Support Services Education Engineering English Language, Literature & Letters Family, Consumer & Human Sciences Foreign Language Health Professions History Liberal Arts Library Science Mathematics &Statistics Multi & Interdisciplinary Studies Psychology Social Science Visual & Performing Arts And MANY MANY MORE! Minimum GPA- 2.5 Minimum SAT: *Math 590/710 ~ 83% *Writing 550/680 ~ 80% *Critical Reading 550/680 ~ 80% Minimum ACT: -Composite 25/31 ~ 80% -English 25/33 ~ 75% -Math 26/32 ~ 81% -Writing 7/9 ~ 77% Costs BEVO Do I Need A College Essay? For Admissions Campus Off-Campus At Home

UT Austin

Transcript: The breakdown of one semester is $4,984 \ DISTANCE The majors offered by the school are- BHP, Finance, IMPA, International Business and Management. The classes in UT are big THE LOCATION It is a social campus SIZE OF CLASSES The classes that we have found transferable from TSTC are english and collage algebra The Weather at the University is cool The distance it really depends on where your classes are located but either way a bike or a scooter is probably the best way to get around the campus RANK The extra curricular activities offered at UT Austin are- Football, Basketball and Soccer It is reasonably living in the city HISTORY OF UT AUSTIN Some UT Austins traditions are the largest texas flag and the one everybody knows "Hook'em Horns" sign with hands Citys INTERNSHIP POSSIBILITIES Yes the school is a weekend distance from hom it is aproximatly 7-8 hrs MAJORS The population of the school is 50,960 students \POPULATION The location of Texas University is in Austin Tx. EXTRA CURRICULAR The University of Texas at Austin was originally conceived in 1827 under an article in the Constitución de Coahuila y Texas to open a public university in the state of Texas. The Constitution of 1876 also called for the creation of a "university of the first class." Thus, they created "The University of Texas." WEATHER and it is a visually pleasant campus LIVING IN CITY TYPE OF CAMPUS The Mascot of UT Austin is a longhorn by he name of bevo TRANSFERABLE CLASSES UT Austin academically and nationally ranks 56 The University has a Hospital in the area The cities that surround UT are Round Rock, TX New Brounfels, TX ect... MASCOT DISTANCE THE BREAKDOWN UT TRADITIONS The Dobie Center 1-2 beds is $700 - 1,400 UT AUSTIN

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