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Thinking Space Usyd - FLR

Transcript: Technical punishment % What are the governance processes and structures in the implementation of ecological restoration in the Brazilian Amazon? What is the capacity of existing governance systems to meet the Brazilian restoration target? Brazilian Governmental Funding: Stakeholder Interviews (FAO, 2015) deforested U$ 10 million Mha/ year (Minnemeyer et al. 2011) U$ 730 million Danilo Urzedo FRAMEWORK Brazilian Amazon Target 5 Mha Sabogal et al. (2015) ​School of Geoscience Madsen Building, Rm 429 down (PLANAVEG) Event ethnography Seed collectors:* 350 What are the governance systems operating at different levels for landscape restoration in the Southeastern Amazon? billion bureaucratic Costs Mha GOVERNANCE 2030 450 collectors The University of Sydney School of Geoscience Research Question: 23 thousand tonnes Cash income: US$ 1 million people Native Seeds: * 3-5 months/year 640 thousand people seeds: GOVERNANCE Supervisors: Robert Fisher Jeffrey Neilson (Lamb 2013) How are governance systems affected by the Amazon's position with a global production network for environmental services? 175 tonnes What are the livelihoods outcomes of community participation in forest restoration actions? COP21 restore by Brazilian Target 12 Mha Total cost: 1 Restoration technique: Direct sowing TOP 6.5 Obrigado! Global Production Network Governance of forest and landscape restoration in the Southeastern Amazon global forest cover cleared 30

USYD Welcome Week

Transcript: USYD Social Media Campaign By Dragon Warriors: Ziyi Lu, Wenxuan Kong, Lucy Xu Welcome Week Use novel social media strategies to encourage student participation of academic-related events during USYD Welcome Week AIM AIM AUDIENCE USYD students Academic faculty members Industry professionals AUDIENCE KEY MESSAGE Academic events not only provide an informative session on university life, but an early opportunity to connect with industry leaders Key Message 1. Project enhanced value of these events 2. Improved accessibility in terms of getting there 3. Meaningful engagement and interaction from the audiences during the events 20% OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES SOCIAL MEDIA CONCEPT & STRUCTURE SOCIAL MEDIA CONCEPT & STRUCTURE Rationale Target young people Recreational, trendy Strategies 1. Profile posts on industry professionals and alumni Cultural capital (Bourdieu, 1986) 2. Dogs at USYD profiles Nano Digital Influencer (Huntchingson, 2017) Social Capital (Bourdieu, 1986) Intersection with audience Live sharing of doggie selfie #followme Instagram Obtained from Intersect with Audience Geography Targeting connection Theory &Strategy Produsage (Herman, 2014) Citizen Journalism (Dwyer & Martin, 2017) Taking pics of dog-walking + followers + location sharing #buttsonseats & #followme + live tweeting Cultural Intermediaries (Hutchinson, 2017) Agency collaborations (Hutchinson, 2017) engaging with university journalists (Honi Soit, Sydney Ideas ......) Rationale Valuable platform for breaking news Target Audience's Communication Behavior Real-time communication Twitter Facebook Intersect with Audience Interest targeting connection Strategy & Theory Create relevant events based on Academic Workshop & First step to Career. Peer sharing @ Share their own feeling, set a discussion on their future and career & how to be professional. (Produsage) Rationale Focus on private relationship One of the most used communication platforms (Kaya & Bisen, 2016) Target Audience's Communication Behavior People use Facebook as a communication tool as instant communication is very important What people say about us References What people say about us Our target audience are primarily students from University of Sydney; with the main focus on those who just graduated from high school. They are mainly in the 16-23 age group, and consist of both domestic and international students. Their main form of communication style is via social media, especially for interacting with friends as opposed to academic-related purposes (Gallardo-Echenique, Bullen & Marqués-Molías, 2016). As a student in the Australian context, my main sources of social media platforms with my peers include: Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, WeChat. In contrast, Twitter and LinkedIn are more orientated towards industry professionals, academic members. Couldry (2013) suggests that social media has become the centre of our everyday routines and people adapt their social and cultural processes around it through our habits. The kinds of behaviours include taking selfies, posting food pictures (Sensis, 2018). According to Sensis (2018), for 18-29 years old, they spend average amount of 6hrs time online on social media. It is evident that social media has caught the majority of university students’ attention on a daily basis. What people say about us What people say about us


Transcript: American Hanes Brands acquisition proposal potential challenge: consistency Brand High brand awareness & heritage value Ethnocentric & engaged customers Distinct logo and name Customers reminded when need arises Brand identity Product At the heart of the brand equity Diversified portfolio and simple designs For prestige products move to other competitors Brand Architecture Company Overview Synergies between the two sides of the pyramid Current Campaign (Comedic relief & Nostalgia) Past vs. Current RECOMMENDATIONS Marketing Mix Brand Hierarchy (today) CBBE PYRAMID Founded in 1915 by George Alan Bond Headquarter: Wentworthville, NSW, Australia Subsidiary of Pacific Brands Holding Pty Ltd Industry: Clothing 2016 : Hanesbrands Maintain Australian attributes Company Overview structural changes discount campaigns:customers reason: shift of product manufacturing(China 60%) consequence Brand Graphics Marketing Mix (con'd) Improve customer service (at store/online) Improve retail stock availability Brand extensions (line/category) New store design and location choice Bonds in the Marketplace BRAND AUDIT Brand Associations Evaluation of CBBE Brand Extensions & Competitive Landscape Wholesaler to Retailer AGENDA Deterioration of product quality Brand Name KEY CHALLENGES Brand Hierarchy (forecast) Vision: "To be Australia's most loved brand, worn by everyone, shopped globally and experienced fully" Brand Proposition: "bringing Aussie life (relaxed, egalitarian, optimistic and a 10 % shift on the expected) to 'everyday basics'" Company Overview Key Challenges Brand Inventory Brand Exploratory Recommendations Product: Variety of categories within clothing for "everyday use" Chesty Bonds singlet Target: Average middle-income family Promotion: Clearance on aged & excess inventory Aim: Stabilize inventory levels Logo: Changed over time BRAND EXPLORATORY Resonates well amongst: Middle income earners Teenagers and young adults Loyal customers base & positive brand equity Acceptable new brand extensions & channels Asia Resch Ivan Fen Qin Minahil Khurshid Nicolas Battistella Rose Binbin Wu Represent 45% of Pacific Brand's sales 10,5% Mkt Share (retail value) in women's underwear 12,6% Mkt share (retail value) in men's underwear Optimize sales channel Brand identity in jeopardy (if acquired by Hanesbrands Advertising and campaigns to re-establish brand positioning ('The Australian Bonds') Leverage secondary brand associations - celebrity endorsements Past Campaigns (hipster) 2010: Bonds Summer Hipsters campaign Amanda Ware Kelsey Martinovich 2011: Microfiber & mesh Hipsters Rachel Taylor Aim: -Reinvigorate the segment -Reinforce market leadership -Attract attention & loyalty BRAND INVENTORY Brand is losing its ‘Aussie’ identity Customer complaints Late deliveries Deteriorating quality "The Boys" Directed at grabbing men's attention "100 years" Australia iconic song "What you need" Directed at consumers of all ages Pay tribute to the everyday Australians who have made bond what it is today Different "vibe" Past: More focus on product attributes Present: Portray a playful and humorous image with emotional appeal Authentic Australian Image Reinvigorate the Brand George Allan Bond "Creating bonds and relationships" Issue with the name when making research online Pricing: E.g. T-shirt $15 to $25 Target average middle-income families Distribution: From luxury to discount sores Consistent quality standards Quality management team and assessment system More self-owned manufacturing sites Mental Map Recent changes in perception

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