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Use Case Presentation

Transcript: A Inventory Management System C B Visibility in the supply chain is a problem Most companies have visibility up to their Tier-1 suppliers only Piercing beyond the veil of Tier-1 suppliers is a challenge Upstream Inventory Visibility Inventory Planning Visibility Barrier N-Tier Development Cycle Execution 1 Working with the target audience to understand their pain points in day-to-day life which is until now they didn't had visibility to their upstream inventory to better plan and avoid excess/low stock situations Understanding the key players involved in their supply chain which includes suppliers, DC's and their own stores Based on the total no. of integrations involved phase wise on-boarding has been prepared Planning & Analysis 2 As part of pilot phase, identified few suppliers and limited number of distribution centers, stores to on-board Data Integrations have been carried out to bring the data from all relevant parties and fed to the product Aggregation of numbers is done in the integration layer before feeding the absolute inventory numbers to the product Design & Implementation 3 After the implementation, users have been trained & provided with documentation to understand the product and how product can be used in their day-to-day life operations During Hyper-care, any issues reported or data discrepancies are being monitored to address Post Go-Live Support Corporate planners would have now visibility of Inventory to the lowest level possible in their supply chain Taking into account the shipments & order data to integrate & provide the in-transit inventory The Nuts and Bolts How It Works Data Flow Re-order Level - would let you know if there is a critical supplier from who multiple Tier-1 suppliers are buying from - would be able to identify if the suppliers of a particular component are located in specific geographic location like coast etc. - allows you to see if your end-to-end supply chain responds quickly in case of disruptions or changes in demand New Insights from this tool - Analyze your Tier-1 delivery performance correlation to its supply base structure Product Overview Take Away Alerts are generated if the inventory falls below safety stock Users can create incidents to communicate with suppliers or internally between teams Alerts & Incidents Thank You Q & A

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