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Transcript: Can you think of another Canadian case in which contaminated or unclean drinking water has been an issue? How might urban design play a part in this? How Will Corrective Actions Help? Symptoms include: severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and fever 15% of the young and the elderly who get sick develop hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) Symptoms tend to last longer for children (about 3 weeks) than adults (1 week or less) Pregnant women are at high risk of developing serious complications Walkerton, Ontario --> May 2000 Heavy rainfall --> surface runoff E.coli contamination of a well 7 dead, hundreds hospitalized, thousands affected Urban design behind well location and run off risk was not properly planned and thought through Marisa Quintal Lindsey Soon Ellise Truong Adam Vassallo Aside from water systems, what do you think is the most important urban design factor to consider? Ontario government and City Council Municipal water managers Regional health organizations Land developers Discussion Question design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Employees and managers Public health authorities Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Urban design planners How Did It Arise? Sources What is the Problem? Improper practices and systematic fraudulence by public utility operators Recent privatization of municipal water testing Absence of criteria governing quality of testing Lack of proper urban design strategies to support heavy rainfall and/or well issues Who Needs to Be Involved? Who and What is Responsible? What are the Health Implications? What Needs to Happen? Discussion What would be your first course of action to handle the Walkteron outbreak? Environmental assessment Adequate training Daily monitoring Urban Design Multiple protection barriers Investment into municipal water systems Consider natural landscape & prior surroundings when planning Who & What is Affected By It? Estimated 2,300 people became seriously ill and seven died Infections occur among people of all ages Symptoms are more likely to be severe among very young and the elderly Pregnant women and people with weakened immune system are also at high risk Potlotek First Nation, Cape Breton Discussion: Walkerton Clean Water Centre Safe Drinking Water Act Source Protection Urban Design: Walkerton, Ontario Case Study

Urban Design

Transcript: Urban Design Plot D: Re-Imagined Journey within an Urban Farm Concept Rama Taha - 1059186 Diana Enab - 1057895 Description Brief Program Description Brief Brief Our proposal design for Site D, in area E25, aims to create public realm that will enhance the user comfort through creating a new experience that takes the user into a journey. The design deals with walkability and accessibility along with environmental solutions such as urban farming. These design elements aim to enhance the social connections and promote a healthy life style for the benefits of individuals and government. Program - Part 1 Program Part 1 Program- Part 2 Program Part 2 Program - Part 3 Program Part 3 Urban Farming Concept Components Research Hydroponics Winter House Gardening Green Facades Green Roofs Preserving Current local Trees Hydroponics: Definition Hydroponics Herbs Units Reference Local Implementation : Aero Fresh Farm Crops Grown at Aero Fresh Farm Hydroponics Definition Hydroponics Definition • Hydroponics, the process of using a nutrient-rich water solution to sustain plants without the need for soil. • New way of growing that put less pressure on the planet’s natural resource. • Plants grown using the hydroponic method might have their roots suspended in the air and then sprayed with a solution mist or placed in glass for support and flooded with the solution. Hydroponics Herbs Hydroponics Herbs • Basil • Parsley • Sage • Coriander • Oregano • Rosemary • Mint • Dill • Thyme • Chives • Chamomile Units Reference The Green Wall: Vertical Farming Reimagined farm project by NYU. Aero Fresh Farms Aero Fresh Farm • Aero Fresh Farm LLC is a UAE-based company introducing vertical farming along with aeroponics & hydroponics. • It allows eradicating the need of pesticides & herbicides while reducing the water consumption when compared to conventional soil-based farming. • Expandable, reproducible, and scalable Crops Grown at Aero Fresh Farm 1 Crops Grown at Aero Fresh Farm 1 Crops Grown at Aero Fresh Farm 2 Crops Grown at Aero Fresh Farm 2 Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Links to Existing Site 1 Links to Existing Site 2 Project Drawings Plans (2) Section Shots (5) Project Drawings Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Section A-A Scale 1:150 Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Shot 4 Shot 5

Urban Design

Transcript: K Z X 4 S 5 e e Urban Design G Rahaf Almalki Fatima Mubarak Heba Osman Asma Alsuwaiji h W Principles for Urban Design Influential Planning and Design Movements Universal Design New Urbanisim New Urbanisim Well-connected network of streets Urban plan of Tokyo, Japan. Satellite view of the Champs-Elysees, Paris. Uptown Mirdif, Dubai. Walkable neighborhood Sustainable Design Sustainable Design Urban and rural planning Smart Growth Smart Growth Preserving treasured landscapes, agriculture, and other rural industries, natural open space… Universal Design Visualizing Urban Design Visualizing Urban Design Physical Modeling Aerial Views Eye-level Views Digital Hybrid Media Plans Plans Illustrative Plan Patch (Illustrative plans are often created by several urban designers) Proposed Building Types Open Space Framework Parking Plan Sections Sections Block Street Elevations Elevations Elevations drawn during the urban design phase begin the discussion about architectural language and the relationship between the specific project and the surrounding city. Computer Modeling Computer Modeling Model with computer Model with mix reality Physical Modeling The model enables everyone to participate in the design of their community and understand what's going on Assembling information constructing the view preliminaray Development final drawing final color final scaning and printing Perspective Illustration Perspective illustration example Street view illustration of urban residential area with overground metro line Aerial Views Visualizing Planning Concepts for a Small Town Eye-level Views eye level sketching views Digital Hybrid Media Urban Park of Palouriotissa Architecture for Urbanism Architecture for Urbanism Principles and Application UDA'S Process for creating Architectural Design Each city has its own unique image & tradition , expressed through the character of it public spaces. Architectural characteristics are an important part of what makes cities liveable, unique , and delightful . Evolution of Urban Architecture Evolution of urban Architecture Architecture of the building itself Building Placement It is important to consider the surrounding to place the building . Burj khalifa, Dubai Urban buildings are often the most successful when the architecture responds to the surrounding . Guggenheim Museum, New York Principles and Application Embrace Sustainable Design Techniques and Strategies Shape Spaces Connect the interior and the exterior COMMUNITIES EVOVLVE IN RESPONSE TO MANY FACTORS INCLUDING ECONOMIC FORCES , GEOGRAPHIC & CULTURAL INFLUENCES, DESIGN TRENDS, AND INVIRONMENTAL CONTEX. UDA follows a set of principles that keep the architectural practice rich, engaging , and applicable to modern life Respond to local context 1. Respond to local context Paris Amsterdam 2. Embrace sustainable design techniques and practices Masdar city , Abu dhabi sustainable design techniques 3. Shape spaces Nørrebro district of Copenhagen 4: Connect the interior and the exterior Kanagawa, Japan UDA'S Process for creating Architectural Design CONCEPTUAL DESIGN : 1-understanding the problem 2- understanding the need of the client and the context 3-developing the principles 4- exploring option and ideas SCHEMATIC DESIGN : DESIGN DEVELOPMENT : 3D URBAN PLANING DESIGN SECTIONS PRICING SCHEDUALE

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