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UQ Marketing

Transcript: To understand me...You must know my history During my Junior year, I entered into the Marketing program, DECA: a Marketing Competition, National Honor Society, two more jobs as a Barista in the High School Coffee Shop and a concession worker at a local pumpkin farm and pursuing college courses in my High School. In DECA, Hospitality Service Management was my specialty which led me to receive 4th place in the district as a Junior. The Marketing program brought out my creative side by forcing me to step outside of my element and explore new talents that I have not discovered yet about myself. Senior year was an exciting and scary time for me. I was learning new things to prepare myself for college and not wanting to live outside of my comfort zone. DECA again was my passion so Hospitality Service was a primary focus. In 2009-2010, I was ranked 1st in my district, 2nd in the State and 7th in the Nation for Hospitality Service Management. This accomplishment alone was one that I will never forget and It has also helped lead me to my career paths. I excelled immensely in all of my goals when I neared graduation in National Honor Society with over 400 service hours, maintaining three jobs, DECA, Marketing, and graduating with Magna Cum Laude. Costa Rica. An Island full of Adventure So Where Am I now? Ohio State has given me opportunities that only some people have been provided. Going into my Sophomore year at Ohio State, I was given the opportunity to study abroad again in the beautiful country of Ecuador. For over three months, I explored every aspect the country has to offer while studying the language and culture of the area. Being thrown into a situation of uncertainty is some what of a culture shock. You do not realize how different every place is until you get the opportunity to experience it. Being out of my element, I thrived to learn and experience new cultures and customs of the country. I definitely found out more about myself that I ever knew. What the Future has in store for me.... As an incoming junior in High School, traveling and studying abroad was not a top priority, but given the opportunity I was able to explore new surroundings and adventures. At first I am a quiet and reserved person, but traveling abroad has brought me to a new "Maria" that thrives on new experiences. Costa Rica brought out my passion of traveling and interacting with new people. Back into the rest of High School... In High School, I was actively involved in every aspect that I could be. As a freshman, I joined Spirit Club, Spanish Club, coached cheer leading and participated in Musicals. Sophomore year came along and I kept up with the same activities but added in a Customer Service Representative and telemarketer position at Nationwide Insurance and also hosted a foreign exchange student from Costa Rica. My passion for Ohio State as you know is overwhelming. The deciding factor to choose Ohio State as my school was a no brainier. Yes, I passed up a full ride to The University of Akron, but it wasn't my dream, nor my passion. I did not love Akron U as much as I loved Ohio State all of these years. I even named my puppy after Ohio State; Sophia Scarlet. And my second will be named Brutus Greyson. I have explored and experienced as much as I can at Ohio State since I moved to Columbus. I try to attend new events and join new clubs as often as possible. Plus the Ohio State Buckeye Football season isn't too bad either. Like I said, I was born to be a buckeye. Ohio State has provided me with more opportunities than I can imagine. All About Maria Nagel Junior at The Ohio State University. 20 years old. Degree in Humanitarian Services and Liberal Arts. Pursuing a duel degree in International Studies: World Economy and Business and Hospitality Service Management. Pursuing minors in Entrepreneurship and Spanish. Bubbly, infectious personality. Outgoing and determined. Creative and Innovative. Thrives on out-of-box experiences. Loves traveling. Family comes first. Meeting new people is a goal everyday. Craving to expand my knowledge and understanding of the world around me. Moving on to my later years Senior Year: Where new beginnings start From the beginning... Being a UQ Marketing Virtual Intern would be great honor for me. Marketing is my passion so given the opportunity to be able to work for a company that their goals align with mine is a spectacular feeling. The Ohio State University holds a major part of my heart. I put my all into my school and my school work to become one of the greatest alumni status I have always dreamed of. I am passionate about my school and my profession that I will do anything possible to achieve my dreams. I would put as much passion into the internship as I do with everything else that involves Ohio State. My dedication and determination has helped me persevere through financial struggles and set backs in life. As an intern, I will push and expand the company name to as many college students that

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