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Transcript: -Remarkable leaders believe in everyone's creative potential: We try to support, draw it out, and help people find IT! (Elkenberry, 160) -Allows for highest possible function of any organization -Maximizes following -Allows for the addition of creative, and great new ideas! - Foster It Properly! Without Innovation.. Innovative Leadership -Open ended Questions, no "coldwater" comments! -Ethical leadership positively related to employee creativity, through knowledge & self-efficacy. (Weibo,41 ) -Lack of proper tools creates dependency of followers on the leader in turn leading to lack of personal creative growth. (Eisenbeiß & Boerner, p.24) - No personal growth -Detachment from your followers -Attenuates the positive influence of transformational leadership on followers' creativity. (Brookhart, p.28) -Eisenbeiß, S., & Boerner, S. (2013). A Double-edged Sword: Transformational Leadership and Individual Creativity. British Journal Of Management, 24(1), 54-68. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8551.2011.00786.x -YUERU, M., WEIBO, C., RIBBENS, B. A., & JUANMEI, Z. (2013). LINKING ETHICAL LEADERSHIP TO EMPLOYEE CREATIVITY: KNOWLEDGE SHARING AND SELF-EFFICACY AS MEDIATORS. Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, 41(9), 1409-1420. doi:10.2224/sbp.2013.41.9.1409 -Brookhart, S. M. (2013). Assessing Creativity. Educational Leadership, 70(5), 28-34. -Verhaeghen, P., Joormann, J., & Aikman, S. N. (2014). Creativity, Mood, and the Examined Life: Self-Reflective Rumination Boosts Creativity, Brooding Breeds Dysphoria. Psychology Of Aesthetics, Creativity, And The Arts, doi:10.1037/a0035594 -Wai, Jonathon. "9 Ways To Be More Creative." The Creativity Post. N.p., 1 Dec. 2013. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. -William W. Maddux, PhD, INSEAD; Adam D. Galinsky, PhD, "Cultural Borders and Mental Barriers: The Relationship Between Living Abroad and Creativity,” Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 96, No. 5. -Elkenberry, Kevin (2007). Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill At A Time, p160-178 Unlock Your Inner Creativity! Personal Creativity Supporting Creativity In A Group Context "My goal is to help you become a Remarkable Leader by unleashing the leadership potential that is already in you." We Can Improve! -Create ULTIMATE Brainstorming Space -Reevaluate goals/expectations of the group -Communication: Allow followers clear understanding of purpose or focus -Encourage risks and mistakes -Adapt, modify, steal! Develop Your Creativity -Spend significant time offline -Do something different mentally (cognitive diversity) -Know when (and when not) to rely on outside intellegence -Use technology to amplify! (Wai, p.2) -Go Abroad! (Maddux, p. 97) -Kevin Elkenberry Sources -You are the leaders responsible for both group creativity and your own creative growth. -Self-Reflection leads to creativity. (Verhaeghen, Joormann, & Aikman) -Remote Associates Test


Transcript: Subject athlete performance Anxiety and stress Lazarus 2000 " the situation of facing an uncertain existential thread is anxitety The tools to understand and handle the situations The anxiety is an emotion that has isssue and relationship mood The psychological change, example: anxiety is related to an arousal in arousal levels The subjective experiences, example: a basket ball player experiences anger when he fails to cover a teammate concepts The tendency to action, example: joy can give a player the energy needed to face a situation and be encouraged to try The cognitive anxiety is an anxiety trait using the context of a situation, if being interpreted dangerous, the response to this situation increase the state anxiety The somatic anxiety is the state resulting on immediate emotion, if facing issue it increases physiology activity The trait anxiety is different from state anxiety If subject high level of competitive trait of anxiety facing real competition situation the response is high state anxiety level The self confidence is the degree of security that subject believes its abilities and achieve success The inverted U theory: Yerkes and Dodson 1908 The relationship between arousal, task difficulties, and athletic performance to reach the optimum, below or above are not positively related to performance If increasing the complexity of a task, arousal levels decrease for a successful athletic performance theories Beuter and Duda 1985: high arousal levels has a negative relationship with the performance of motor task's children The precompetitive anxiety Jones 2003 The directional of anxiety model Endler 1983 The factors anticipatory anxiety: fear of failure during the task, fear of negative social prejudice, fear of physical injury, decision ambiguity, interruption of the practice once it has begun The perfectionisme Normal Neurotic The stress Selye 1983 The stress is the physiological response generated if body triggered The coping strategies for stress and anxiety The interactions and the stress progress Situational assesment and personal ressources techniques The interactions and the stress progress The emotional responses


Transcript: To enhance the productivity of research, learning and teaching in UK higher and further education. Everything happens somewhere search for place by name? get back what: a dot on a map? Simple Usage Data Sources Construction Loading Ordnance Survey open data into PostgreSQL/PostGIS database OS vector products come in two handy formats for uploading in PostgreSQL/PostGIS database: ESRI Shapefiles ( e.g. Boundary-Line, Strategi, Meridian 2) CSV files (e.g. 1:50k Scale Gazetteer, Code-Point Open) Using Unlock Full documentation, parameters on website... Future Work Postcodes have only been in modern standard form since the early 1970s + html / web map preview ADS ArchSearch CSV Import Ordnance Survey British Geological Survey SeaZone LandMark Hierarchical feature typed spatial gazetteer. RESTful web services with multiple APIs to search for features in different ways. Digimap Q) Can you geocode historic addresses? ... the hidden potential in your resources Step 1: extract references to places from text JISC funded National Datacentre based at the University of Edinburgh A) Not really... Shapefile Import Java, Apache Tomcat Spring MVC framework Postgres + PostGIS Javascript with jQuery OpenLayers Python Other Open Data Place tags for all kinds of media (audio files, video files, image scans) Ordnance Survey data provides full multipolygon geometries / footprints Thank you! Many millions of points worldwide Assembled from various sources - began with declassified CIA data (GNIS) “Show me all the photos within 5 miles of the river Severn” Time GeoParser supplied by Language Technology Group at School of Informatics To get started, use your browser to send a GET request to retrieve a feature... shp2pgsql My next project is AddressingHistory Registration required for: Codepoint, Boundary Line, 1:50,000 gazetteer, Meridian2, MasterMap For notable figures, maybe DBPedia - Unlock Hints and Tips: Tools and resources for Higher and Further education: reference, maps, data, multimedia... Work-in-progress at the Language Technology Group, University of Edinburgh EDINA National Datacentre Use psql and copy data from CSV file into the newly created table. Unlock is... People • nameSearch? & nameAndFeatureSearch? • spatialNameSearch? + lots more ~240 feature types For academic authors, maybe Names service at MIMAS - Finally, we add a new column for populating and storing geometries. "named entity recognition" techniques are getting quite good at extracting personal names from texts Q) Can you search for historic placenames? Joe Vernon Places A) Yes and no. XML, JSON, KML, CSV Only for subscribers to OS Collection in Digimap Code-Point Open Boundary-Line Open 1:50,000 gazetteer Unlock Time. Sounds good, doesn't it? shp2pgsql some_os_shapefile.shp myschemaname.mytablename | psql -d mydatabse -U myusername -p db_port_number -h myhostname + more... Text What happens when a building is destroyed? Is there a MasterMap changes file? >450M Geographic objects 1.5M Maps/month generated First, you need to create an empty table with the right number of columns of the right data type. Our data from OS is all contemporary ~1.6M postcodes Post Office Directories, Valuation Rolls, all kinds of civic registers are pre-postcode era Ordnance Survey Open Data - a command line utility, part of PostGIS Go-Geo! Frequently Asked Questions ~1.2M places Extracting references to dates ("8th March" or "last Tuesday") "grounding" them against a timeline, connecting dates to events mentioned in a text. Ordnance Survey Data Visualising Urban Geographies EDINA Outputs Lines and shapes Excellent coverage in urban areas Lacking detail in rural areas


Transcript: CRITICAL THINKING WHILE READING WATCH & LISTEN * White boards * Wireless keyboards * PROBLEMS WRITING TASK * A Discovery Education video * The most interesting part of the book for our students * What problems did we have last year? * Alternative ways to use video part? * Blank page terror * Always bored students * How can we help them write? INTENSIVE or EXTENSIVE READING? * Lead-in/Warm up/Ice-breaker activity * Using visuals, title, subheadings * Alternately? Make a summary of the text Write a response to author Add missing last paragraph Make notes under the following headlines Give a headline to each paragraph in the text Find appropriate places in the text to reinsert some sentences which are excluded before GROUP WORK * Writing skills * Genres * Common errors * Paragraph/Essay Organization * Brainstorming * Introduce the topic * Get students interested * Introduce and summarize the main writing task * Generally academic texts, magazine articles and essays. * Reading 1 & Reading 2 Main problems when trying to read a text LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT The rules are that when you say ‘start’, they should: • start writing about the topic • not stop writing • not put their pen down at all • not worry about spelling, grammar, etc. • write ‘um, um, um’ or ‘rubbish’ or something else if they can’t think of what to write • not stop to go back and read what they have written • keep writing till you say ‘stop’ (which will be after five/eight/ten minutes or however long you think is appropriate for your group). ACADEMIC WRITING SKILLS ORGANIZING STRUCTURING GIVING SAMPLE TEXTS GIVING IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK * WHEN? * HOW? POST-TEXT READING * Reading methods * Texts are magazine articles, webpages or authentic materials * Shorter and more entertaining texts * A follow on task * Tie up loose ends * Closing READING 1 * Skimming * Scanning * Making inferences * Reading for main ideas * Reading for details * Reading between the lines * Production part * Use brainstorming/critical thinking and learnt grammar, vocabulary, type during the unit * In class writing / Guided writing * Feedback PRE-TEXT READING UNLOCK YOUR KNOWLEDGE READING STAGES GRAMMAR FOR WRITING READING 2 * Vocabulary * Grammar * How much time? WRITING * An essay or an academic article * Designed as a model for following writing task * Opportunity to work on grammar of the unit Fast Writing * Warm Up to Unit * Where content is given * What can we do alternately? * I don't know enough vocabulary * I need the dictionary all the time * It's very slow, it takes ages just to get through a few sentences * I often get to the stage where I understand all the individual words, but the whole thing eludes me completely, * Because it is slow, the pleasure or interest in the subject matter is soon lost. UNLOCK READING & WRITING * Unlock your knowledge * Watch&Listen * Reading 1 * Reading 2 * Language Development * Critical Thinking * Grammar for Writing * Academic Writing Skills * Writing Task * Objectives Review & Wordlist WHAT'S IN THE BOOK READING TEXTS * Present and practise grammatical structures which will be used in writing task

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