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University of Washington: College Admissions

Transcript: University of Washington Seattle, WA Mackenzie Sylvester Transfer Students Admission Process Matt Bishop, UW Assistant Director of Admissions says that authenticity is what he looks for most in applications. Having unique activities and perspectives can only help students stand out in their applications. However, he describes the importance of academic records. An academic foundation must be present to indicate success as a student. Stats and Requirements Statistics/Requirements 19% admission rate for 2-year and 4-year institutions 2019: In the US, out of 3,852 applicants, 1,214 were admitted. Internationally, out of 1,847 applicants, 423 were admitted. Required credits: 4 English, 3 math, 3 social sciences, 2 world languages, 3 science, 1 quantitative course, .5 both visual arts and elective. 3.53 average transfer GPA, personal statement (narrative essay), review major requirements, and transcripts. Campus Environment 19:1 student-teacher ratio. 48,149 students. The UW Seattle campus has over 500 buildings, including more than 26 university libraries, as well as the UW Tower, lecture halls, art centers, museums, laboratories, stadiums, and conference centers. The university offers degrees through 140 departments in various colleges and schools. Student Life Student Life At UW, there are lots of resources available to students, such as Health and Wellness programs, a counceling center, as well as student publications (The Daily). Some of the student clubs and activities I found interesting were the Friday nights activities, such as rollerskating and rockclimbing. There's also ASUW, which is the Associated students of UW. It is ran by students; elected and hired employees work to represent student voices on campus and provide programming, events, and resources in order for students to succeed, flourish, and enjoy college. Popular Programs Programs at UW Some of the most popular majors at University of Washington include Social Sciences, Communication, Journalism, Psychology, Physical Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts. Arts of UW Catherine Cole, Divisional Dean of the Arts states, "while students receive advanced training in artistic craft and technique, they are also being challenged in the histories, theories, criticism, and cultural significance of the arts." Arts of UW offers connection to the community each year by gathering to witness hundreds of performances, exhibitions, and programs produced by students. Did You Know? UW Interesting Facts UW is a hub for innovation - bubblegum, vinyl, synthetic rubber and the color TV tube were all invented on campus. UW has produced a few comedians, including Rainn Wilson from The Office, who later transferred to NYU.

University of Washington

Transcript: Mascot Majors Offered and Popular Degrees For nonresidential students, the total cost for the first year is between $46, 608-$50,814 Financial Aid- Wash U only really offers financial aid for people that really need it. Admissions checks families to see how much they can contribute before they consider giving financial aid. Scholarships- 1. Academic Scholarship- only given to 900 students per year. Need to have academic achievement and a need for financial aid. 2. UW Academic Excellence Award- only for UW undergrads that have shown academic achievement, are residential and have a need for financial aid. 3. Mary Gates Scholarship- only goes out to one or two Washington residents a year. Covers tuition and books. Clubs: Dawg Daze- which helps incoming Freshman get settled and feel welcomed. Leadership- helps give back to the community and be leaders of the community. UW promotes leadership and community service. Sports- HUSKY SPORTS! There's Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Field, Golf, Soccer, and most importantly Cross Country! The campus is 703 acres Student to Faculty Ratio is 12:1 Most students are in class for only 3-4 hours a day. Administration looks at everything to see if you would be a good student; no minimum GPA, and test scores aren't the only thing they look at. Extra Curricular Activities University of Washington By Catherine Masatani The Cost Enrollment Figures Other Information/Interesting Facts Majors- Biochemistry, Astronomy, Medicine, Nursing, Music, Art, and many many more. Popular Degrees- Social Science,Biology, and Medical Engineering. The Location Total enrollment 43,762 Undergraduates 28,754 / 66% Women 52% Men 48% Average Age 20.8 Graduate & Professional Students 13,695 / 31.3% Non-Matriculated (non-degree) 1,313 / 3% Washington' Mascot- Harry the Husky! He represents Seattle and it's symbol of being the "Gateway to the Alaskan Frontier." Lots of people adored the husky because he could easily be cartooned and many thought it was a good athletic name. UW is a multi-campus school. Some buildings are in Seattle,Tacoma and Bothell. In the surrounding areas are many small cities and the forest. UW has many environmental leadership programs and a great medical program.

University of Washington

Transcript: the university of Washington is ranked 16th in the world, also it is ranked 14th in U.S. Universities. UW Sports History Location and Details Of Campus Alumni The university of Washington was founded in 1861 they were gifted a 10 acre land grant they gained it by the Alaskan Yukon expo Student Life University Of Washington Degrees Specializations & Rankings Michael P. Anderson, a NASA astronaut crew member in the space shuttle Columbia disaster. Richard S. Gordon Jr., NASA astronaut crew member of Gemini 11 and Apollo 12. School Logo The university of Washington has 1,471,012,997 total sponsored graduates and grants.60% of bachelor degrees are for arts and sciences. And 21% of UW PhD degrees are from A&S, 50% of in state applicants are accepted.In the spring of 2011 Specializations Graduate Studies UW Graduate School Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students and the UW Foster School of Business Ph.D. Program Policies and Procedures. classes are in session during fall, winter and spring quarters, and weekly during summer quarter. The UW has many sports football and basketball being the two most known huskie sports. The Husky mascot was chosen as the mascot in 1923 it replaced the old mascot the sun dodger it referred to the weather in the area Degrees and Programs Academics University of Washington is located in downtown Seattle with views of the Cascade range.The new husky stadium was finished august 31st to host Boise state M.S. in Accounting and Management M.S. in Human Resource Management M.S. in Leadership M.S. in Management M.S. in Project Management UW's School mascot is the husky. Their colors are purple and gold. Rankings Programs one of the old state supported institutions of the west coast and on of the preeminent research universities in the world. Leadership Preparation

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