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University of Washington

Transcript: Mascot Majors Offered and Popular Degrees For nonresidential students, the total cost for the first year is between $46, 608-$50,814 Financial Aid- Wash U only really offers financial aid for people that really need it. Admissions checks families to see how much they can contribute before they consider giving financial aid. Scholarships- 1. Academic Scholarship- only given to 900 students per year. Need to have academic achievement and a need for financial aid. 2. UW Academic Excellence Award- only for UW undergrads that have shown academic achievement, are residential and have a need for financial aid. 3. Mary Gates Scholarship- only goes out to one or two Washington residents a year. Covers tuition and books. Clubs: Dawg Daze- which helps incoming Freshman get settled and feel welcomed. Leadership- helps give back to the community and be leaders of the community. UW promotes leadership and community service. Sports- HUSKY SPORTS! There's Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Field, Golf, Soccer, and most importantly Cross Country! The campus is 703 acres Student to Faculty Ratio is 12:1 Most students are in class for only 3-4 hours a day. Administration looks at everything to see if you would be a good student; no minimum GPA, and test scores aren't the only thing they look at. Extra Curricular Activities University of Washington By Catherine Masatani The Cost Enrollment Figures Other Information/Interesting Facts Majors- Biochemistry, Astronomy, Medicine, Nursing, Music, Art, and many many more. Popular Degrees- Social Science,Biology, and Medical Engineering. The Location Total enrollment 43,762 Undergraduates 28,754 / 66% Women 52% Men 48% Average Age 20.8 Graduate & Professional Students 13,695 / 31.3% Non-Matriculated (non-degree) 1,313 / 3% Washington' Mascot- Harry the Husky! He represents Seattle and it's symbol of being the "Gateway to the Alaskan Frontier." Lots of people adored the husky because he could easily be cartooned and many thought it was a good athletic name. UW is a multi-campus school. Some buildings are in Seattle,Tacoma and Bothell. In the surrounding areas are many small cities and the forest. UW has many environmental leadership programs and a great medical program.

University of Washington

Transcript: the university of Washington is ranked 16th in the world, also it is ranked 14th in U.S. Universities. UW Sports History Location and Details Of Campus Alumni The university of Washington was founded in 1861 they were gifted a 10 acre land grant they gained it by the Alaskan Yukon expo Student Life University Of Washington Degrees Specializations & Rankings Michael P. Anderson, a NASA astronaut crew member in the space shuttle Columbia disaster. Richard S. Gordon Jr., NASA astronaut crew member of Gemini 11 and Apollo 12. School Logo The university of Washington has 1,471,012,997 total sponsored graduates and grants.60% of bachelor degrees are for arts and sciences. And 21% of UW PhD degrees are from A&S, 50% of in state applicants are accepted.In the spring of 2011 Specializations Graduate Studies UW Graduate School Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students and the UW Foster School of Business Ph.D. Program Policies and Procedures. classes are in session during fall, winter and spring quarters, and weekly during summer quarter. The UW has many sports football and basketball being the two most known huskie sports. The Husky mascot was chosen as the mascot in 1923 it replaced the old mascot the sun dodger it referred to the weather in the area Degrees and Programs Academics University of Washington is located in downtown Seattle with views of the Cascade range.The new husky stadium was finished august 31st to host Boise state M.S. in Accounting and Management M.S. in Human Resource Management M.S. in Leadership M.S. in Management M.S. in Project Management UW's School mascot is the husky. Their colors are purple and gold. Rankings Programs one of the old state supported institutions of the west coast and on of the preeminent research universities in the world. Leadership Preparation

University of Washington

Transcript: 3) If English is your second language, you don't have to take a class but you still have credit. Only if you speak that language at home or first six year. He is a handsome president..tee hee !!!! The Required GPA. The total freshmen of this year is 47247. She is my favorite soccer player =)) the soccer field ( only for soccer). That is some awesome dorm to live in^.^ This is the picture of him and his Wife *The Athletics Director is Todd Tumer. * The Executive Associate Athletic Director is Jeff Compher. *Senior Associate Athletic Director is Marie Tuite Soccer~!! School SAT 520-653(critical reading) 580-710(math) 450-650(writing) There are a lot of restaurants, espresso, cafés, and street food on campus. The Required ACT. University of Washington 2) If your major doesn't need foreign language, but you still take it, then it'll count toward VLPA(Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts) There are a lot of vice presidents for many courses.!!!!!!!!~ You can visit them at anytime but not when you have class. =) =D =P ____________ /It is the oldest \ /university on \ /the West Coast\ /___________\ By: Hong-Van Dinh The amount of money is actually depend on you, what you study. FACTS ABOUT THE SCHOOL!~ The largest campus is in Seattle, Wa. Hope Solo Leslie Weeks Tami Bennett Theresa Wagner Caroline Putz School ACT 24-30 My project is about University of Washington. 2,128 mi, 33 hours from Austin,TX. to Seattle,WA. You can sit down and eat at a restaurant on campus or you can grab a cup of coffee on your way to class. You can always have lunch after your class is over. FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Required SAT. This is what the university look back in the old time His name is Michael Young Men's Sports Baseball Basketball Crew Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Tennis Track & Field University of Washington is a public school. The present soccer player that attended to this University. Their Mascot is a Husky They Have a HUGE Campus!!~ HUGE PRESIDENT!!~ University of Washington was found in 1861. School GPA 3.63 1) You don't have to take a foreign language but if you do, you have to take a test to see the level that is perfect for you. And you will get credit in college if you take a language. Women's soccer!!!!!! THE END HUGE *Women 53.3% Men 46.7% *African American 2.8% Asian American 29.4% Other or Not Reporting 1.1% *Washington Residents 67% Nonresidents 33%. The president of the University of Washington name Michael K. Young. *He became President in July, 1, 2011. *He is also a Professor of Law. her name is Marti Young Lunch Time!!~ This is a model of their dorms. THANK YOU Women's Sports Basketball Crew Cross Country Golf Gymnastics Soccer Softball Tennis Track & Field Volleyball The coach. You can actually see everywhere on the campus in your dorm Their color is Purple and Gold. Sports University of Washington have 3 campuses.

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