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University of Nottingham

Transcript: Arguably, the main work of partnership and a a central purpose of the collaboration it involves, is to support the journey of trainee teachers towards qualified teacher status. However, our partners at the University of Derby have been telling us that the process of engaging with ITE impacts on their own learning and development. Student teachers are not the only ones doing the learning. Their school based colleagues also learn and develop as a consequence of working with students. BUT this kind of professional development could be so much more than just a by product of ITE. It could be its central purpose and its core work. HEIs through the medium of ITE could help bring about a culture change Imagine........ .....if university link tutors moved beyond a moderation and quality assurance role, even beyond the role of promoting reflection among student teachers. What if they facilitated research activity within partnership schools with the focus being issues of interest to the partnership? Therafter, what if our partnership developed as an enquiring community that was able to assert itself and the professionalism and professional knowing of its practitioners? Imagine a partnership where student teachers were inducted into a professional community where sustained critical enquiry was a 'bread and butter', necessary and traditional part of its culture? And this brings us to the heart of the matter. ITE and CPD could come together through a model of partnership with HEIs so that EVERYONE learns. Most importantly, the work of the partnership should directly benefit the children within it. A set of workshops and lectures on personalised planning that students seemed to agree with and take on board??? The dangers of a medical model All children have a starting point from which we can build further learning Focus on what the child CAN DO rather than DEFECITS and find CAPACITIES to learn. He has come from another school and we know he has SEN but not what the diagnosis actually is. When you are observing me today you will meet Charlie, this boy, and I need to warn you that he has absolutely no language. He can't do anything independently and has an attitude problem. We do have to wait for the diagnosis before we can work out how to help him and what to do so don't criticise me if you see him misbehaving. The module that students seemed to love and learn from wasn't playing out in school. Attainment Data, Exit surveys and TDA surveys also seemed to demonstrate that students were still leaving their training with relatively low levels of confidence in SEN. This is the case nationally too. ‘if a partnership team of school-based and university based teacher educators agrees that a new practical idea, even a complex idea such as inclusive pedagogy, merits a place in the ITE curriculum, then student teachers will not only be introduced to the relevant practical suggestions (clearly conceptualised and rigorously justified) in the university, but will also have opportunities in the schools to explore their feasibility and to debate its merits of practicality.’ McIntyre, 2009, p.605 An action research project seeking ways to develop ITE for SEN and Inclusion during periods of School Based Training in Partnership Schools. The research process was based on the model of INCLUSIVE ACTION RESEARCH which strives to be: Research about Inclusion Research for Inclusion Research as Inclusion Meaning that it's modus operandii should be participative, collaborative and potentially emancipatory. The group collaborated to draw up a description of; Shared aims Shared definitions Shared aspirations The group also collaborated to design and plan the implementation of specific actions that may develop ITE for SEN and Inclusion within the school. We investigated our project actions with reference to the data we collected 2 critical incidents from the research process My view of the purposes of the poster presentations by participants to other colleagues at the school was different to the participants. I saw it as a learning opportunity and a chance for critical friendship and dialogue. A week after the poster presentations, participants reflected on the experience but they didn't mention learning at all. They were being critical of their own presentations in terms of the extent to which they had 'sold it' and the extent to which they had presented well. Is our profession (ITE included) likely to prioritise perfomativity over learning? End of phase 1: A mentor's comment: For me, this project has been like a chance to get off the hamster wheel for a while and look about me. Seeing the data and talking about it has helped me view myself differently. I am a professional and rather than being not good enough or knowledgeable enough to respond to SENs, I am good enough and I know more than I thought. I am not an amateur and I am not dependant on experts to tell me what I should be doing. I am proud of my commitment to including my children. The

University of Nottingham

Transcript: Nottingham castle &museum and art Gallery Great places in Nottingham Your name Afnan/Becky/Baraah/Rachel City of Caves City of caves City of Caves is a visitor attraction in Nottingham based on a network of caves, carved out of sandstone that have been variously used over the years as a tannery, public house cellars, and as an air raid shelter. The newer City of Caves name refers to the fact that the city of Nottingham has hundreds of man-made caves, which have been in use for over a thousand years. Picture wollaton park Wollaton Park It located at the center of Wollaton Hall. It covers 3.2 Km^2 originally but due to such land sales, the area has been reduced to 2.0 Km^2. The Nottingham Natural History Museum is included in this park, a great museum that demonstrate Nottingham history. Nature of Wollaton Park The nature of Wollaton Park 90 red and 120 deer move randomly and freely in the park. A lake has a perfect place to walk around and look out for local wildlife. Pictures National Justice Museum National justice museum Introduction Based in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market, the National Justice Museum is housed in Nottingham shire’s Grade 2 listed old Shire Hall and County Jail. The Museum uses original Courtrooms, dungeons and prison cells, along with a number of more contemporary galleries to exhibit collections relating to justice, the law, crime and punishment in a fun and interactive way. When visiting the museum you may also meet a variety of colorful historical characters with different stories of justice to tell. Subtopic 3 Nottingham castle museum art Gallery : Nottingham castle is castle in Nottingham is also known as castle Rock it has 130 cliff feet high and has art Gallery which is the base for the city important collection of fine and Decorative Arts.the first floor of the Gallery spaces has the temporary exhibitions of regional and national, international artists. i would like to visit it because i read that had lots of paintings and one time i went there it was closed. it located in Lenton Rd , NG1 6EL

University of Nottingham

Transcript: 大一 大三 上學期: - Media and Society (媒體與社會) - Communication and Technology (傳播與科技) - Languages 1a (第二外語) 下學期: - Communication and Culture (傳播與文化) - Cultures of Everyday Life (日常生活文化) - Languages 1b 上學期: - International Communications Dissertation - Language 3a - 選修 下學期: - International Communications Dissertation (40credits) - Language 3b - 選修 *上學期選修30學分,下學期選修20學分 Conclusion 上學期: - Researching Communications 1 - Language 2a - 選修 下學期: - Researching Communications 2 - Language 2b - 選修 *上下學期選修加起來須達60學分 畢業時,將依照大三和大四成績分級 為一等學位、二等上、二等下和三等,畢業證書上會標明。 畢業出路: 記者、編輯、廣告、文創、教育、翻譯口譯、娛樂(電影、電視等等)、公關部門、政府機構、社群網路營銷等。 寧波諾丁漢大學 國際傳播學系 大二 University of Nottingham International Communication Studies 上學期: - Undergraduate Reading and Writing in Academic Contexts (學術閱讀與寫作) - Undergraduate Listening and Speaking in Academic Contexts (學術聽力與口說) - Introduction to Information Technology (信息科技簡介) - Media and Texts: Society (媒體與文本:社會) 下學期: - Undergraduate Academic Oral Presentations (學術口頭發表) - Undergraduate English in Specific Academic Contexts: Arts& Social Sciences (藝術與社會科學領域英語) - Introduction to Analytical Thought (分析式思維簡介) - Media and Texts: Culture(媒體與文本:文化) 大四

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Transcript: What will this Look like? Subject Selection - Flash surveys to 15 staff members. Refining study - Informal discussion with staff member. Time tallys Looking at priorities up next... Research and Analysis of Data “Are schools environments conducive to reflective practice?” Are teacher reflective practitioners? How does Will spend his PPA? Why does William not mark his books in his PPA Time? Why is William unproductive in PPA time. What is my question? Refining my study Observations and Time Logs In respecting the school and others I have anonymised all mentions of people and place. finally... School Context Objectives William has agreed to granting me academic freedom in the analysis of my findings. I return i have agreed to open access to the work throughout. next... Practice Based Inquiry The Person - Following the BERA guidelines for respect for the person i have made full disclosure to William and received voluntary consent as described in BERA 2011. How will I do this? Shane McLaughlin Practice Based Inquiry To monitor and evaluate Williams time usage during his PPA allotted time Qualitative Interview begin... What are my Intentions? Male. White. 26 years old. Maths Teacher. Fourth Year of Teaching. Second second post qualifying. Who is William? Carry out and interview with William examining his long and short term priorities as a teacher. . Identify the Barriers that exist to productivity. Understand the level of control teachers have over barriers within a school environment To see what knowledge is transferable, particularly to new teachers to the profession who entry teaching through 'Learning on the job' models. Eg Teach First, Schools Direct. Time Line I have made reflections from he literature and have sought to adopt the empathetic stand of Sikes 2010 and the ethical issues of representation that Jones and Stanley 2008 mention. To explore Williams priorities as a teacher in long and short term scales. To understand how William spends his time during his allotted PPA time To examine barriers William faces in regard to his productivity in his PPA time.. 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

The University of Nottingham

Transcript: Academic Strength General Information About The University of Nottingham Student Facilities 1970,the university established the UK's first new medical school of the 20th century The university was named Times Higher Education "University of the Year" in 2006 and Times Higher Education "Entrepreneurial University of the Year" in 2008 Internationally, it was ranked 74th in the 2011 QS World University Rankings.(QS is Quacquarelli Symonds , a British company specialising in education and study abroad. •The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education awarded its highest possible judgement to the university for the quality of learning opportunities provided to students and its systems for ensuring high academic standards. •Nottingham is ranked one of the top universities,placed 72nd in the QS World University Rankings 2012–13. •The innovative Developing Solutions scholarship programme is one of the largest of its kind, helping students from the developing world to study at Nottingham. •In the latest National Student Survey, Nottingham received its highest ever result with an overall student satisfaction score of 88%. Faculties/Departments/Courses/Campuses Eight libraries (on UK campuses) provide access to more than a million printed volumes and journals, 18,000 ejournals, 70,000 ebooks, four million manuscripts and special collections. Libraries are open 24 hours a day at exam time Several of the libraries have been refurbished with group work spaces, study rooms, silent study zones, PCs, laptops, plasma screens and a cafe with sofas in Hallward Library Student Services Centres provide a wide range of academic and pastoral help and advice on everything from personal difficulties and childcare to issues around health, disability and financial support. There is a Student Services Centre on every campus. The Language Centre is open to all students and offers the opportunity to learn 12 languages, including British Sign Language, at different levels The university’s Lakeside Arts Centre offers theatre, exhibitions, dance, classic and chamber music concerts, comedy, literary events and other events FONTS Other Facilities THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM University Status/Rankings and Reputation "A city is built on wisdom" The University of Nottingham is a public research university which is located in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom It was founded as University College Nottingham in 1881 ıt was granted a Royal Charter in 1948. Its main campus, University Park, is situated on the outskirts of the City of Nottingham International campuses also were opened in Malaysia in 2000 and China in 2005 Nottingham is organized into five constituent faculties, within which there are more than 50 departments, institutes and research centres. It has around 44,000 students and 9,000 staff offers more than 360 undergraduate courses and over 380 postgraduate courses. The university has over 320 partner institutions in more than 44 countries UK Campuses:University Park Campus,Jubilee Campus,Sutton Bonington Campus and King's Meadow Campus International Campuses:University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and The University of Nottingham Ningbo China Three state-of-the-art sports centres provide resources for sports, with the university offering 7 full-sized sports halls, a multi-purpose room, practice rooms for martial arts and table tennis, a snooker room and a bar. The facilities include swimming pool, gym facilities with 400 gym stations, floodlit 3G and artificial pitches, plus 40 grass pitches for rugby, football, cricket and lacrosse Five of its graduates won medals at the 2012 Olympic Games, making Nottingham the 2nd most successful UK university at the London 2012 Olympics. It is the first UK institution to engage a Disability Sport Officer and annually host a nationally recognised series of sports disability programmes

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