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University Of Minnesota (:

Transcript: Basketball Volleyball Cross Country Cheerleading Hockey Golf Softball Rowing & ETC U Of M Location Fun FACTS (: Diversity ! African-American 1,384 American Indian 390 Asian/Pacific 3,489 Chicano/Latino 858 White 21,666 International 2,642 Unknown 353 Federal government ethnicity and racial definitions U.S. states represented 50 Countries represented 143 Out-of-state students 36% In-state students 64% Female 50.9% Male 49.1% UofM traditions Unique Buildings Each year, residence hall students are invited to vote for their favorite cereals, and the top vote getters are offered in all residence halls throughout the year. More than 2,700 students voted, and the winners are: •Frosted Flakes •Cinnamon Toast Crunch •Lucky Charms •Reese's Puffs •Apple Jacks •Cap N' Crunch •Honey Nut Cheerios •Life •Frosted Mini Wheats Room and board costs $8,312 for double occupancy and 14 meals per week and $100 in FlexDine dollars per semester. FlexDine Dollars University of Minnesota is located in Minneapolis , Minnesota they have 2 main locations Minneapolis &St.Paul but the St.Paul location is the largest one. Faculty Info : Boy Sports VIDEOSSSS !!!!!! Hail Minnesota ! $240 million Capacity: 12,000 Soccer ,Football & Baseball Field Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Gymnastics Hockey Wresting &ETC FlexDine dollars are used to buy food and they can be purchased up to 25$ a roll , they are good until the semester is over or if you don't use them they stay in your account for up to a year . FlexDine dollars are held on a university of minnesota U-pass. Shoe Tree- Located near the southwest corner of the Washington Avenue Bridge, the tree's branches are loaded with the shoes of University alumni who tossed their kickers into the tree to celebrate their graduation. Spring Jam-Spring Jam is a week-long, campus-wide celebration in April that celebrates warm weather and the end of another great school year. The U of M student-run event features concerts, a student band competition, Ballyhoo (a dance competition), sports, an art festival, philanthropy, contests, free food, and an outdoor campus community block party. Capacity: 50,805 334 million in 2014 to build the university of Minnesotians baseball (NCAA) has won 3 major baseball national competitions. One in 1956 , 1960,&1964. University Of Minnesota (: Athletic Info The renovation of Walter Library, designed by Minneapolis architectural firm Stageberg Beyer Sachs, began in December 1999 and was completed in December 2002 at a cost of $63.4 million. The building now houses the Science & Engineering Library, Digital Technology Center, Learning Resources Center, Digital Media Center, CSE Dean’s office, and the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Minnesota Residence - 13,620$ North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Wisconsin residents - $13,620 Nonresidents - $19,870 Minnesota, Hail to thee! Hail to thee, our college dear! Thy light shall ever be A beacon bright and clear/ Thy sons and daughters true Will proclaim thee near and far. They will guard thy fame, and adore thy name; Thou shalt be their Northern Star! - Will White Room $ Board Girls Sports Tuition !!! Capacity:39,021 $545 million to build A testament to its growing prominence and appeal, the U’s enrollment has reached 64,964 but a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures plenty of attention.

University of Minnesota Presentation

Transcript: Holistic Greatness Evaluate/Assessing student's needs Developmental levels Various backgrounds Variety of views and beliefs they hold Making the right choices "Esteem" Being Diligent The application of knowledge requires persistence and consistency. Inclusion & Love/Belonging Living & Learning Communities •Gender Identification •Transfer •Cultural •Honors •Career •Year Experience Ripple Effect Identifying purpose Paying it forward Righting a wrong Means to an end “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Student Staff Support Professional Staff Support It's meant to be shared "Physiological & Safety" Providing comfortable, well-maintained living environments and nutritious food Housing & Dining Services Developing well rounded citizens of the future Professional Staff to Student Staff to Residents Transformational and educational experience Building A Foundation Discovering the 'Why' Watering the Seeds of Happiness Examine own values, beliefs and background to understand own biases. This understanding of self will help better understand others. Equipping Community Advisors with the language Strength's Quest to maximize strengths and full potential "Taking care of ourselves as much as we take care of others" Balance isn't something you achieve once and for all and then check off your "to do list." Balance comes in those everyday interactions Emotionally Alone time •Knowing when to say no. Physically Making sleep a Priority •Exercising •Eating Well Maintenance Socially Getting off of campus and connecting with outside community

University of Minnesota:

Transcript: Deadline: The end of this academic year (May 9, 2014) Resources Deadline: Beginning of Spring Semester (January 21, 2014) Study Abroad Volunteer Internships Work Experience School Clubs Talk to Experts My plan is to get information from CLA Career Services about how to start forming my resume. Once I think I have the main staples, I will visit the staff at the office to help me look over it; I am very open to feedback and advice. "You have plenty of time to find your 'dream job' and you never know what curve balls will inspire you to change your path along the way." Chelsea HOW I know that I will need to have a resume in my future. Putting together a resume has always sounded like a daunting task to me, so having a goal to complete it will help keep me accountable to completing the task rather than putting it off until I'm job searching! As of this moment, I have already followed CLA Career Services on Twitter. I plan on checking in on their posts for different information or services they they are offering! Goal 2: Create a Resume I want to do three things by the end of freshman year that will prepare me for my future career... Create a "My Career Plan" binder Create a resume Follow CLA Career Services on Twitter Thank you for taking time to watch my Prezi. I enjoyed using this new-to-me tool! Have an awesome week! Trisha Goal 1: Create a "My Career Plan" Binder The career center offers many tools and resources within its office to help students decide their paths to the future. I found a woman who gave her educational/occupational testimony under the "Alumni Careers" database. This woman went to college here at the U, pursued a major of interest, and currently works in an area of work that touches her heart. Let me introduce you to Chelsea! I plan to get all the necessary tools: a binder, labels, clear sheet protectors, etc. After getting the tools, I will start by designating specific areas in the binder to keep it organized. I will be collecting course syllabi, descriptions of volunteer opportunities that I've had, internships, award, and degrees. I have learned in the past several months that the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts has many resources and tools that are provided for the best success of every student! I will be talking about one of the resources in this presentation! WHY Deadline: immediately HOW Career Checklist What interested me about Chelsea was that she pursued her passion regardless of her circumstances. Chelsea had decided on a certain major as an undergrad, but continued to take on new opportunities throughout that time. After college, her passion was in something that related more to her college study-abroad experience rather than her particular major. I admire Chelsea's drive toward a job that she has a heart for. WHY It's important to be organized, and this way, even if I'm not directly sing my major, like CHELSEA, along with my degree, I can also show my potential employers the experiences that I've had! Advice from Chelsea: Opportunities We're in a technologically-driven society; I think I would benefit from being connected with the CLA Career Services and their tools via Twitter. By following their posts, I will be reminded of the availability of their tools and services and possibly feel more comfortable visiting the office and taking advantage of the resources. Goal 3: Follow CLA Career Services on Twitter Chelsea CLA Career Services "Chelsea Wisdom" Urban Studies B.A. 2005 Current Field: Education Job Title: Team Development Specialist WHY University of Minnesota: College of Liberal Arts HOW

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