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university of manitoba

Transcript: You should join U of M because of all of the great programs they have at the university. What high school courses/marks required, costs, deadline dates for applications, etc by jamal Student Demographics Overview of the school What popular programs does U of M offer? What is it well known for? Our students. At 97 and counting, the University of Manitoba has produced more Rhodes Scholars than any other university in Western Canada. Student success shows up everywhere, from kinesiology students earning Canada's highest success rate in their certification exam to pharmacy students pulling in a number 1 ranking in their licensing examinations. How to find out more information Why should a student pick this school? Classical Studies Commerce Computer Engineering Computer Science Criminology Education Engineering English Procedures for early admission, regular admission and mature student admission. university of manitoba location- Winnipeg,MB city-Winnipeg province- Manitoba country- Canada history- The First Years. The University of Manitoba is Western Canada's first university, founded on February 28, 1877 just seven years after the province of Manitoba and only four years after the City of Winnipeg If you are an international student, please see the Study in Canada website. If you are applying to a graduate or professional program, consult your faculty for more information about the admission process. If you are a current UAlberta student applying to change programs, consult your faculty for more information about the admission process. Type of school The university of Manitoba is a university. General admission to the University of Manitoba requires Manitoba high school graduation (5 full credits at the Grade 12 level in courses designated S, G, or U), plus a designated set of program-specific requirements (or equivalent). All other candidates applying for admission on the basis of graduation from high school must make their own arrangements to submit complete, official high school records, including proof of graduation, to our office. Office of Institutional Analysis Office 37 Modular Facility 56 The University of Manitoba R3T 2N2 P: 204-474-8191 F: 204-474-7612

University Of Manitoba

Transcript: The University Of Manitoba football team has a 99 man roster. Team Record Brian Dobie University Of Manitoba "The Home of the Bison" 2013-2014 2013-2014 This year the Bison's went 6-4. There overall record throughout all the years is 163-198-4. In 2002, 2006, and 2007 the University of Manitoba Bison's went undefeated in regular season. Accomplishments Denise Gill University Of Manitoba Alumnus Israel Idonije - started playing professional football with the Browns as a practice player in the year 04-05. After he led the NFL in blocked punts/field goals from 05-07. He has 272 career tackles and is currently a member of the Detroit Lions. Team Roster The colours of the University of Manitoba are gold and brown, and there mascot is the bison. Leslie Lear - started his professional football career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League and helped the team to two Grey Cup victories. In 1944, he signed 3 years with the Cleveland Rams of the NFL becoming the first Canadian-trained player to play in the NFL. Played his final last season for the Detroit Lions (1947-1948) as well. School Uniforms and Colours Offense This field the University of Manitoba play on is the same field the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play on. This field is all turf, and had a maximum capacity of 33500 people. Rushing yards 153.2 Yards/G Passing yards 332.5 Yards/G Total yards 485.6 yards/G Points Allowed 30.5 Points/G Tackles made 59.9 Tackles/G Interceptions 8 Fumble Rec 6 Sacks 14 Rushing yards 1809 yards Passing yards 2550 yards Total Yards 3784 yards Total Points 310 points P.P.G 38.8 PPG First Downs P.G 29.1 The University of Manitoba football team was first established in 1920. They are one of the only three teams to win back to back Vanier Cup Championships in 1969 and 1970. After that the only Vanier Cup they on was in 2007. 2013 the longest playoff run since 2007, advanced to Canada West Championships. Hardy Cup 10 times. (1923, 1924, 1927, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1973, 2001, 2007) Churchill Bowl 3 times. (1969, 1970, 2001) Mitchell Bowl (2007) Vanier Cup (1969, 1970, 2007 Home Field of the Bison's Team History Stan Pierre Defense These 2 players are the only players to play in the NFL from the University of Manitoba. Coaching Staff

The University Of Manitoba

Transcript: By: Chloe Balog The U of M is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 66 Chancellors Circle, in a city that has a population of 633,450 people. There are about 30,00 students in the whole University, and about 26,000 are undergraduate students and about 4,000 are graduate students. The average number of students in a first year class is 149 and the average senior classes have between 30-100 students. The Programs Costs There are many different types of expenses to attend the U of M. The application fee is 80$, the annual tuition fee is 4000$ but the cost can change depending on the field you are interested in entering, books and supplies will cost around 1,800$, a parking pass (optional) is 530$, Residence (optional) is =8,000$, A gym membership (optional) is 154$ and Medical Insurance is 264$, so in total if you were to purchase all of these things your tuition would be around 15,000$ and if you were not interested in residence it would be around 7,000$. The U of M requires Manitoba High school credits (5 full grade 12 credits ) The co-op program is where you go to school but you also work in the field that you are interested in. For Example, in the field of engineering the co-op program is available in all the undergraduate programs including; bio-systems, civil, computer, electrical and mechanical. There are opportunities for students to travel and study abroad in 36 different countries. There is a volunteer program at the university where people can help out and volunteer around campus There are many sports options like: basketball, volleyball, golf, hockey, soccer, swimming, football etc. Staff and Support Services At graduation you can buy class rings, pictures/portraits, degree frames, In class do you do many group projects or do most things by yourself? What kind of styles do the professors use? Fun Facts "there are many types of restaurants and other food services for the students, there are many sports activities and teams to participate in, there are many different types of clubs, and there is lots of interaction with people and other students on the campus, so you get to know a lot of new people and learn more other options in the world." The cost of residence is broken down into different sections. The total cost of residence is 8,000$. There are many different types of meal plans at the university, there is an option for 10 meals a week and you receive $500 in food-bucks, which is $1,164, the 1st payment and then $1,137 for 3 more payments. There is a 15 meals a week and you receive $500 in food-bucks, which is $1,250 the first payment and then $1,225 the next 3 payments. There is an unlimited meal plan with 125$ in food-bucks, which is $1,289 the first payment and then $1,262 the next 3 payments, and there is a premium plan with 2,800$ in food-bucks, which is $725$ the first payment and then $700 the next 3. The University Of Manitoba Is there a wide variety of things to do on the campus? There are 100 degrees offered at the University. There are the Bachelors, Masters and doctorate. An example of a field that has all 3 is the engineering program. Bachelor of Science in Engineering - 4 years, Master of Engineering, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy. "there are many different ways of teaching and it also depends on the professor, but some of the types are class participation, lecture style and the students would take notes, discussions, and the classes from first year differ from other years because there are many more students in first year, so many professors usually teach with the lecture style in class." Academic Learning Center: • Offers quality academic support to all students through accessible and adaptable programming that will facilitate learning and enhance writing University Book Store: • Where students can buy books and textbooks for class, there is also options for resell There are about 9,000 total staff in the university, and about 5,000 are academic staff and about 4,000 are support staff. Alumni "the choice depends on the professor and the type of class, but in business they do a lot of group projects because it prepares them for the real world, but the style of group work or independence will differ for each field of interest ." It was founded more than 137 years ago The University The U of M ranks 15th among Canada's top 50 research universities.

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Transcript: University Powerpoint Deion Howell 3/31/11 period 7 Table of content Title page.................................. page 1 table of contents....................... page 2 list of colleges/universities...... page 3 Rollins College.......................... page 4 picture of Rollins....................... page 5 information about Rollins 6 admission form for Rollins........ page 7 extra........................................... page 8 The college I chose to do for this project is listed below followed by a little information about the college. Rollins College is a liberal arts institution and the oldest recognized college in Florida. it is located at Winter Park, Florida 32789-4499 Orange county I chose this college because it is one of the oldest colleges in Florida Bordering Lake Virginia, Rollins occupies a lush, 70-acre campus in a quaint community near Orlando and is characterized by its traditional Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. The campus is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Orlando and at least 30 minutes by car from Orlando International Airport. Admission to Rollins is highly selective. Many factors are considered in the admission process, including each candidate’s academic record, talents, interests, and potential to contribute to the Rollins and local community. Common Application On-Line Application ($40.00 application fee) Common Application Paper Application ($40.00 application fee). A representation of your strengths, talents, or interests—anything that helps us better understand who you are and your potential to contribute to the Rollins community. Your representation is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Examples of submissions from past applicants include the following: YouTube videos, DVDs or slide shows of their athletic or artistic talents; power points or scrapbooks of their backgrounds, interests or accomplishments; music or poetry they composed. It is very important that your representation is prepared specifically for your Rollins admission application and is not something you used for another purpose. Please note that your representation will not be returned. Scholarships Applicants who expect to be considered for Cornell Scholarships (full tuition), Deans’ Scholarships (up to $20,000 per year) or Donald Cram Scholarships (for natural sciences majors) should submit a completed application by January 5 for priority consideration. Applicants who expect to be considered for Centennial or Presidential Scholarships (ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year) should submit a completed application by February 15. Early Admission If you are an extraordinary high school student, you may be considered for admission at the conclusion of your junior year, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied. Early Admission candidates should apply through the Regular Decision cycle. This is the inside of one of the theaters at Rollins College. The Annie-Russell Theater. Rollins College mascot is Tommy Tar. the dean of the department of art and art history is Debra K. Wellman. They also have beach festivals. The End

University of Manitoba

Transcript: Since 131 years of being in the system, our university became very noticed. On average every year we have 22,000 undergraduate students apply. Fun fact: During the wars our facility served as a training ground for troops Housing Fees are due September 4th for fall classes and January 7th for winter classes. The average class costs $1,000 All rooms come with benefits such as high-speed internet, laundry rooms, and reserved parking! Prices range between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on meal plans and other benefits. Attractions and activities. Thank you for listening, we hope you make the best choice for you. We encourage you choose our school. Good luck! We offer our education to any student interested in one of our classes as long as you graduate before you're 65. You need a minimum grade of 60% in high school to join a math course. Apply before deadlines and try your best to get into our fantastic learning environment. University of Manitoba Location Who can apply We are school recruitment officers for the U of M. The University of Manitoba is a faculty of education located in Winnipeg. We offer programs many programs to your interest. For our list of programs and more info go to Who we are We offer extra-curricular activities for those who sign up in their first year. Many attractions near our university include restaurants, malls, libraries etc. Thank You More information . Our history Campus Map Website: Phone: 1-800-432-1960 Requirements

University of Manitoba

Transcript: Music Ensembles Musical Theater Radio Station Sororities Student Newspaper Symphony Orchestra 23,929 students Arthur V. Mauro Residence (AVM) Mary Speechly Hall (MSH) Pembina Hall Residence (PHR) University College Residence (UCR) Athletic Information % of Accepted Students University of Manitoba SAT Scores Campus Students applying based on high school courses who have graduated from a Canadian high school curriculum. High School Requirements Choral Groups Concert Band Dance Activity Drama/Theater Fraternities Government or Political Activity Jazz Band Student Statistics Degrees Offered: Certificate Diploma Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Honors Program Independent Study Internships Liberal Arts/Career Combination Teacher Certification Cooperative Education Double Major English as a Second Language Study Abroad Cost Academic Information Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA Ratio Student - Faculty Activities Offered Total Number of Undergaduate Students Location 23,929 students Additionally, the University of Manitoba does not require an application essay or SAT & ACT scores. Annual tuition fees for Canadian/permanent residents $3,700-$20,500 International students $12,900-$23,800. Books and supplies $500-$16,500. Hockey - Women's & Men's Soccer - Women's & Men's Football - Women's & Men's Basketball - Women's & Men's Diving - Women's & Men's Cross Country - Women's & Men's Skiing - Women's & Men's Swiming - Women's & Men's Track & Feild - Women's & Men's Field Hockey - Women's Weightlifting - Men's

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